Do You Believe The Rumour Prime Minister Harper’s Wife Laureen Is In A Lesbian Relationship With A Female RCMP Officer?


                          Is Laureen Harper the Canadian version of Eleanor Roosevelt?  Eleanor was the wife of  former American president  Franklin Delano Roosevelt. However, Eleanor was a lesbian and there was a huge political scandal when it emerged she had an affair with another woman. In fact,  Eleanor was involved in a relationship with a female journalist Lorena Hickok. According to  Lillian Faderman, author of the book To Believe in Women, Elenaor and Lorena had an intense lesbian romance.

In the year 2011, the new rumour is Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s marriage to his wife Laureen is just a facade.  Prime Minister Harper isn’t popular with the gay community he is not supportive of gay rights. Wouldn’t it be hypocritical if Harper knew his wife was a lesbian and his marriage was a fraud?

In North American politics, political leaders have to present the image of heterosexuality in order to reach the top position.  A Prime Minister has to present the image to the Canadian public that his or her’s family is a stable nuclear heterosexual family unit.

Some people will argue image doesn’t matter. However, would Canadians accept a leader that was divorced? I doubt it. Would Canadians be accepting if  Laureen Harper was indeed a lesbian? Does it really matter if the rumour is true or not?

On the internet, stories emerge that Laureen is having an affair with a female RCMP officer. The mainstream Canadian media are not covering the alleged rumour. However, I have a series of questions to ask my readers.

First,  should it matter to Canadians if Prime Minister Harper’s wife is in a lesbian relationship? Since Prime Minister Harper and his family are public figures, does the Canadian public have a right to know if his marriage is just a sham?

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9 responses to “Do You Believe The Rumour Prime Minister Harper’s Wife Laureen Is In A Lesbian Relationship With A Female RCMP Officer?”

  1. Nadine Lumley says :

    Nadine’s Notes: So the Harpers are Separated. It was no Big Secret.


    So the Harpers are Separated. It was no Big Secret.

    Spector’s never been one of my favourite columnists, but why should he be fired over something so silly? And why pull the story? Most of us already knew and nobody cares.


  2. nwwoods says :

    I looked into this today, calling a friend who is married to a lifelong civil servant and currently employed by an opposition MP and the answer was that it is widely known in Ottawa among politicos and the press that she’s living with her lover at Rideau Hall.
    She left Harper in 2010, which explains the photoshopped 2010 official Christmas card in which the Harpers were wearing the clothes from the previous year and obviously (and amateurishly) pasted into an exterior shot of Sussex.

  3. says :

    Harper, Gordon Campbell and quite a few right wing politicians get free passes from corporate media. Campbell marriage was a sham but the BC media didn’t utter a peep. Right-wingers are the biggest hypocrites. Heck, never mind Laureen’s infidelities….what of Harper and his “special” aide Novak?

  4. alidor says :

    there is no way she is living with her lover at Rideau Hall… That’s the governor general;s residence.

  5. Nadine Lumley says :

    Rumours are the only thing that interests me. I believe them and spread them. Facts are highly overrated.

  6. nadinelumleyn says :

    If Laureen left Harper, then that would lead to a doubing of security would it not?

    The budget for the RCMP security detail assigned to protect the PM and other VIPs has jumped from about $10.7 million in 2007 to $18 million this year. Part of the rise in cost (they’re claiming) is the frequency and duration of the PM’s overseas trips.


  7. Forward Thinker says :

    I think it matters that the Harpers are trying to present a false image of who they are. Would the voters accept Harper if he acknowledged the truth and divorced his wife? By and large they would, but his core support would not. Since it is his core support that elects him not the general voters ( who have other reasons to vote against him) it is they who matter most to Harper thus the facade.
    As for accepting a divorced Prime Minister, I think the public would accept that. Indeed, if my memory is correct, the Trudeau’s were divorced. What the public will not accept is dishonesty.

    • GoingGoingGooner says :

      The right hushes it up because their base would find it unacceptable

      The left hushes it up because outing someone is just mean and intolerant

      The centre is dead

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