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Do You Believe The Rumour Prime Minister Harper’s Wife Laureen Is In A Lesbian Relationship With A Female RCMP Officer?


                          Is Laureen Harper the Canadian version of Eleanor Roosevelt?  Eleanor was the wife of  former American president  Franklin Delano Roosevelt. However, Eleanor was a lesbian and there was a huge political scandal when it emerged she had an affair with another woman. In fact,  Eleanor was involved in a relationship with a female journalist Lorena Hickok. According to  Lillian Faderman, author of the book To Believe in Women, Elenaor and Lorena had an intense lesbian romance.

In the year 2011, the new rumour is Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s marriage to his wife Laureen is just a facade.  Prime Minister Harper isn’t popular with the gay community he is not supportive of gay rights. Wouldn’t it be hypocritical if Harper knew his wife was a lesbian and his marriage was a fraud?

In North American politics, political leaders have to present the image of heterosexuality in order to reach the top position.  A Prime Minister has to present the image to the Canadian public that his or her’s family is a stable nuclear heterosexual family unit.

Some people will argue image doesn’t matter. However, would Canadians accept a leader that was divorced? I doubt it. Would Canadians be accepting if  Laureen Harper was indeed a lesbian? Does it really matter if the rumour is true or not?

On the internet, stories emerge that Laureen is having an affair with a female RCMP officer. The mainstream Canadian media are not covering the alleged rumour. However, I have a series of questions to ask my readers.

First,  should it matter to Canadians if Prime Minister Harper’s wife is in a lesbian relationship? Since Prime Minister Harper and his family are public figures, does the Canadian public have a right to know if his marriage is just a sham?

CBC Star Rick Mercer Talks About Gay Teens Suicide & Bullying But Does Not Discuss His Homosexuality.

Some people are upset that CBC star Rick Mercer did not discuss his own homosexuality while talking about a gay teen that recently committed suicide.

Mercer is “out” of the closet, but I agree with the critics. I think Rick’s  words would have more “power” if he talked about his own life experience as a gay man in the video.

Why didn’t Rick discuss his own homosexuality in more detail in the video?

He mentions that gay adults should come out of the closet but he only indirectly talks about being gay.

Isn’t Rick being a bit hypocritical? He says the world should be more accepting of homosexuality “now” yet he doesn’t really discuss being gay.

Just imagine how powerful it would be if Rick did discuss being a gay man in the video.

I notice that Rick is reticent about discussing his homosexuality. He rarely talks about being gay in interviews this was a moment I feel he needed to talk about being gay.

Gay teens watching the video might not know that Mercer is indeed a successful gay man.

Young people  need to know they are not alone and although Mercer did a good thing I feel he needed to go a step further.


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