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Eastenders Interview:Preeya Kalidas & Marc Elliot Talk About Their Characters Amira & Syed.

Preeya and Marc are so cute they look so hot together! I wonder if Marc and Preeya are dating in real life?  I love the Syed and Amira’s storyline there is going to be so much drama for the next couple of months!!

BBC Eastenders Clip: Amira Plots Her Revenge She Wants Her Gay Husband Syed To Fall In Love With Her Again!!

Last year, on Eastenders Amira lied to Syed she told him she wasn’t pregnant even though she was. Amira left England and returned to Pakistan, but now she is back and she still loves Syed.  Syed and Amira are still married and now the secret is out they have a daughter!!!

When Syed told the Muslim community he was gay this was considered a disgrace. Amira’s reputation was destroyed in the South Asian culture because her husband is gay. Amira still loves Syed and  wants him  back despite the fact she knows her husband is a homosexual.

Syed feels guilty, he loves Amira but he is not “in love” with her anymore.

BBC Eastenders Clips: Amira Drops A Bombshell: She Tells Syed He Is A Father Of Her Child & His Gay Lover Christian Must Take Out Of Child’s Life!!!

I love this Syed, Amira, Christian, love triangle because it illustrates how difficult it is for some South Asian men to be openly gay. Amira loves Syed so much, she just wants her husband back. Some people will say Amira is the enemy, but is she really? Yes, Amira knows Syed is gay, but they have a child together and they are still married. Of course, Amira wants her husband back and she will do everything in her power to get Syed back.

I wish there was an alternative solution, so Syed can have a relationship with his daughter and Christian can also be involved in raising the child.

Syed is still the father of Amira’s child so he  feels he needs to be with her.  In the western world, we have this discourse that to be gay is simple and coming out of the closet is a magical experience.  I love this BBC Eastenders storyline because it demonstrates for some  gay men of colour there is so much to lose by coming out.

Syed must make a decision, he either loses his parents respect  and continues his relationship with Christian, or he returns to Amira.

Family honour is very important in South Asian cultures and Syed is struggling to be openly gay yet also be a proud Muslim.

Syed loves Christian but he still feels that he is not being a proper South Asian Muslim man since he is a homosexual. Syed’s parents know he is gay, but they don’t accept his interracial homosexual relationship with Christian.

Syed is still conflicted about his homosexuality and his Muslim identity. Amira is back in the picture after feeling humiliated last year when she found out that Syed is gay. Amira still loves Syed and they have a daughter together. I fear that Syed will dump Christian and return to Amira not because he loves her but because of duty.

Wonderful News: Evelyn Lau Is Named Vancouver’s New Poet Laureate!!!


Evelyn Lau - Evelyn Lau | Alex Waterhouse Hayward

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Evelyn Lau named Vancouver poet laureate


VANCOUVER— From Saturday’s Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Oct. 14, 2011 12:30PM EDT
Last updated Friday, Oct. 14, 2011 1:11PM EDT

Vancouver author and poet Evelyn Lau has been named the city’s third poet laureate, taking over the position next week.

“This is an incredible honour,” said Lau in a statement released by the City of Vancouver. “And I look forward to continuing my predecessor’s work – raising the profile of local poets and bringing poetry into public spaces and public discourse in Vancouver.”

Lau’s first memoir, Runaway: Diary of a Street Kid, published when she was 18, was a Canadian bestseller and was adapted for television (with Sandra Oh in the starring role). Since then, Lau, 40, has published a second memoir, five volumes of poetry, two short-story collections and a novel.

You Are Not Who You Claim won the Milton Acorn People’s Poetry Award and Oedipal Dreams was nominated for the Governor-General’s Literary Award for Poetry. Her most recent collection, Living Under Plastic, won the Pat Lowther Memorial Award for the best book of poetry by a woman in Canada.

Her work has not been without controversy: A Vancouver Magazine piece she wrote about her former lover, Shoeless Joe author W.P. Kinsella, led to a highly publicized lawsuit (which was ultimately settled).

As poet laureate, Lau said she plans to offer poet-in-residence consultations with aspiring poets, and will continue work on her sixth poetry collection.

The position is an honorary one, but Lau’s predecessor, Brad Cran (who will hand the reins to Lau next Saturday at the conclusion of the Vancouver 125 Poetry Conference), says it carries with it some weight.

“When I first became poet laureate, I’d been doing stuff around poetry activism for a long time and I had tried to do stuff with the school board before,” he says. “When I called and said I was the poet laureate … I went to a meeting and it was like, ‘Oh, you’re the poet laureate. We’re glad to work with you. How much money do you want?’ I was in and out of there in 15 minutes with a budget to put poets in schools.”


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