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Naomie Harris Is Being Considered For The Female Lead In The Next James Bond Movie & Racism Emerges!!!

  According to Entertainment Weekly, the British actress Naomie Harris is being considered for the female lead in the next James Bond movie. Harris most high profile mainstream film roles are   28 Days Later, Miami Vice,  & Pirates of the Caribbean. Meanwhile, Harris is starring in the indie film The First Grader is about an 84 year old Kenyan man that decides to attend primary school. The First Grader is based on a true story.
However, I read some  racist comments about Naomie Harris on the Entertainment Weekly message board and the E online message board.  Naomie is a beautiful woman and a very good actress!
I guess for some people since Naomie isn’t the blonde white girl, she doesn’t have the right look to be a Bond girl. I know the James Bond films aren’t serious movies. However, I sincerely hope if Naomie is offered the part, it is a juicy role with substance.

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