Archive | Tuesday , April 26 , 2011

I Am Voting For The NDP Because Jack Layton Is The Best Candidate To Become Canada’s Next Prime Minister!!!

I am voting for the NDP because  I believe Jack Layton is a charismatic leader and he is a social activist. Layton is a friend of the gay and lebsian community. Layton supports gay and lesbian rights. The Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is anti gay and a homophobe!

Layton is married to fellow politician Oliva Chow. Ms. Chow is also a social activist. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper doesn’t care about young people, immigrants, or the poor. The Harper regime has existed for far too long!

Meanwhile, the Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff  I feel is insincere and he has an elitist attitude. I will never vote for the Bloc Quebecois and Gilles Duceppe because this man is a disgrace. I cannot believe that the Bloc Quebecois is even allowed to exist. Why should a party that wants to destroy Canada be allowed to become a political party?


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