Archive | Monday , April 11 , 2011

Muslim Women Challenge France’s Racist & Sexist Niqab Ban!!!


French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s decision to ban the Niqab is racist, sexist, offensive, and deleterious! Muslim women in France are targeted due to white supremacy! The French philosopher Michel Foucault discussed the web of power and biopolitical management of human bodies. The French government is attempting to force Muslim women back into the private sphere!

Muslim women in France have the right to wear the Niqab! The real issue is, some French citizens have anxieties about France’s  Muslim population which  is the largest in Europe.

Over five million Muslims live in France. France is changing from a white Catholic nation to a multicultural country. The right wing politician Jean Marie Le Pen and his supporters support the Sarkozy regime! French Muslim women deserve the right to live their lives on their own terms!  According to media reports, between 500 to 2000 French women wear the Niqab. The Niqab ban is racist, sexist, a complete disgrace to French Muslim women human rights!!


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