Powerful Scene From The Film The Human Stain: Wentworth Miller’s Mixed Race Character Coleman Silk Denies His Black Heritage.

I love this movie The Human Stain, it reminds me of the wonderful 1959 film Imitation of Life expect this is the male version of the story.

Wentworth Miller’s character Coleman Silk is a mixed race man who is so full of self loathing he tries to pass as white.

It is interesting that Wentworth Miller is also multiracial so I think he understood the pain that Coleman Silk experienced.

Of course, “passing” seems like it exists in an anterior time, but up to the 1960s many mixed race people with black heritage did pass for white.

Some mixed race people believed their lives would be easier if they were white and not black.

I wish Wentworth would make more dramatic movies his performance in the movie is excellent.

About orvillelloyddouglas

I am a gay black Canadian male.

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