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Hawthorne Second Season Finale: Jada Pinkett Smith & Michael Vartan Are A Hot On Screen Couple!!!

I love Jada Pinkett Smith and Michael Vartan,  their characters Christina and Tom have excellent chemistry!

I like the fact that Hawthrone is slowly developing the  interracial romance between Jada Pinkett Smith & Michael Vartan’s characters.

It is very rare to turn on the television and watch a television show that depicts interracial love in a sensitive manner.

I appreciate the fact that Jada Pinkett Smith and Michael Vartan’s characters are not stereotypes.

The passion Christina and Tom have for each other is definitely believable.

It is also very rare to see a black female and white male couple on television that is not pathological.

Halle Berry’s incendiary film Monster’s Ball presented a deleterious image of black female sexuality.

On The TNT show Hawthorne Jada Pinkett’s Smith’s character Christina is a nurse but she is also vulnerable.

Christina’s is still grieving the death of her husband but she is also afraid of falling in love.

Although some people want to believe we live in a post racial world, some folks have a problem with interracial romance.

I believe it is refreshing to see an interracial romance on television between a  beautiful successful black woman and an attractive white man.

It is also interesting that Hawthorne is on the cable network TNT and not on a mainstream television channel such as ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS. Is it because North Americans have anxieties about a black woman and a white man falling in love?  Jada and Michael have excellent chemistry and I wish the show well!  The new season of Hawthorne starts in June 14th 2011 on the TNT network.


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