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BBC Radio: White People Talk About Converting To Islam.

Today in my class, a white queer male classmate  talked about his decision to convert to Islam.  It was interesting to learn more about Islam. My classmate said that he often gets stares when he goes to the Mosque to pray. Here is a BBC Radio interview about white people deciding to covert their religion to Islam.

Shocking News:Chris Brown Smashes Window After Closeted Black Dyke Robin Roberts Asked Him About Rihanna!!!

Today, Chris Brown was interviewed by Good Morning America host the closeted black lesbian Robin Roberts. During  interview, Robin asked Chris Brown about the domestic violence assault case involving his ex girlfriend Rihanna. Chris Brown flipped out after the interview and smashed his dressing room window.

Good Morning America wants higher rating so they used Chris Brown and he fell for the bait.

It is unfortnate that Chris and his publicity department haven’t taught the kid that the media will always bring up the Rihanna incident.

Chris did not handle the situation very well at all! It is not acceptable for Chris Brown to break a window because a journalist asks him some tough questions. He needs to get more mature and learn to handle pressure situations.  However, Robin Roberts is pathetic she is a  a black woman and she knows how society wants to construct young black men as violent and deviant. I thought Robin stepped over the line attacking Chris and I have lost a lot of respect for her.

On live television a black woman attacked a black man. I believe Robin’s actions are disgraceful, she attacked Chris when he was simply trying to promote his new album.

Robin knows how young black men are stereotyped in society. Would Robin like it if Chris Brown

asked her if she is a dyke? I am asking a serious question. Since Robin Roberts decided to go on the offensive about Chris Brown maybe Chris should have asked Robin her sexuality?

The  racist double standards of the white media are deleterious.  Chris has  to realize since he is a black male celebrity there are different standards for black and white male entertainers.

Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen can beat women, smoke dope, use racial slurs, and still have A list careers.

First, Robin Roberts questions about Rihanna are tacky since the domestic violence incident was  two years ago. Chris has paid his dues and he even passed a course to deal with his anger issues. Robin Roberts was tacky for picking on Chris!

After all, since Robin Roberts decided to get personal with Chris he should have asked her a very personal question about her sexual orientation. Everyone knows Robin Roberts is a closeted black lesbian yet she chooses to hide in the closet.

Since Robin Roberts doesn’t mind asking Chris Brown sensitive questions he should of inquired why she hides her lesbianism?


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