Does Rafael Nadal Fake Injuries & Make Excuses When He Loses Tennis Matches?


David Ferrer of Spain blasted Rafael Nadal off the court 6-4 6-2 6-3 to advance to his first Australian Open semifinal.  Ferrer denied Nadal from winning all four grand slams in a row! Ferrer is only five foot nine but he is very aggressive, has an excellent return of serve, and is very mentally tough. Ferrer has beaten Nadal in a grand slam before at the 2007 US Open. The media will create excuses for Nadal losing to Ferrer but they are simply tarnishing Nadal’s legacy. It is very ungracious for Nadal  and the media to exaggerate his injury just because he is losing.

Every tennis player loses matches including the great champions like Rafael Nadal. The truth is, David Ferrer just overpowered Nadal tonight. Nadal wasn’t injured he was faking it to save his face.

Nadal has a history of constantly making excuses when he loses matches. The result is still the same though a loss is still a loss.

Rafael is a great tennis champion I am not disputing this fact. However, Nadal’s propensity to create and exaggerate his injures is very disconcerting and reeks of unprofessionalism. If Nadal is so injured then why did he bother playing the match at all? Once Nadal sets on the tennis court, he must give his opponent credit.

The media must give David Ferrer credit. Ferrer is extremely talented but he doesn’t get respect even though he’s been ranked in the top 10 or 20 for most of his career. Ferrer simply outplayed Nadal and this is the truth. Ferrer mixed his game up and kept Nadal off-balance. Ferrer deserves credit for maintaining his aggression and not allowing Nadal back into the match.

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2 responses to “Does Rafael Nadal Fake Injuries & Make Excuses When He Loses Tennis Matches?”

  1. justice says :

    I agree-ferrer just right out beat nadal at his own game. I never believed that nadal was injured-if you are injured why play-

  2. thomas schmitz says :

    and once again nadal is at it again at wimbledon.. this guy is so full of it it’s not even funny! yeah, first he has a small minor muscle tear in one of his thighs and now he thought he might have a broken bone in his foot because it was so painful? hmm, shocking that the mri showed “NOTHING!” …. trust me if you have either one of these injuries you should in hell are not running and sprinting like a deer playing world class tennis! and what the pain killers he’s supposedly taking are so powerful and work so long for 3 hour matches. and wouldn’t the painkillers if they were that powerful affect your vision, your mind and body in other ways that you could NOT play world class tennis? yeah, he’s jogging to his chair after games, jumping up and pumping his fists 3 feet in the air ( oh wait, maybe he’s landing on his one good leg and his one good foot!) and hmm, he’s not limping after matches once the suppposed painkillers he’s taking wears off? isn’t that shocking! just another long, long list and example of nadals’ gamesmanship and mind games! i find it interesting that none of the tv commentators have brought this up either? cowards! lastly, his faking injuries are right up there with his gross addiction to picking his ass in and on a public stage!

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