The White Tennis Media Are Not Hiding Their Racism & Delight That Venus Williams Is Injured.

Hello tennis fans, if you think the white tennis media has an axe to grind against Venus Williams you are correct! After Venus retired from her third round match at the Australian Open she was  was booed off the court by the racist white Australian tennis crowd. Would Venus be booed off the tennis court if she was a white woman? The Australian tennis crowd have no class!

Justine Henin has played poorly since her comeback to the WTA Tour but Henin gets a free pass because she is a white woman. Henin dominated the French Open but last year her twenty-four match winning streak was snapped by Samantha Stosur. Where are the obituaries for Justine Henin? Kim Clijsters the countrywoman of Henin comeback is much more successful she won two US Open tennis championships. So why is Henin getting respect but Venus Williams is scorned?  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know white women have always been treated better in society than black women. Venus Williams may be on the decline but the negativity about her injury is deleterious and racist.

I have read numerous articles since Venus retired from the Australian Open on Friday. Matt Cronin a well known Williams Sisters hater wrote a obiturary here saying Venus is finished. Here is the link:

The white press are thrilled that Venus may no longer be a contender in Women’s Tennis. After all, if Venus retires then a young, white, blonde can have the spotlight on the WTA Tour.

Here is a conversation I had with a Montreal Gazette tennis writer Stephanine Myles. I e-mailed Stephanie because I objected to the harsh and negative article that was published about Venus Williams after she retired from her third round match at the Australian Open.Here is the link:

Justine Henin has played poorly since her comeback to Women’s Tennis after her self imposed exile. However, the white tennis media quickly make excuses for Henin.  If Venus is on the decline isn’t Justine Henin in the same boat? What about Maria Sharapova she hasn’t won a grand slam since the 2008 Australian Open! The white press seem to be very happy that Venus is injured  I bet the white press would be very happy and thrilled if she retired.

Here is the e-mail exchange I had with Stephanie Myles.

Sun, Jan 23, 2011 at 6:31 AM

Hello Stephanie, I think you are being a little bit too harsh on Venus Williams. Where is your article about Justine Henin’s decline? If Venus is on her way out so is Justine Henin because her comeback is not going that well. Henin is now more inconsistent than usual she’s losing to players she never lost to before. Henin’s serve is a liability she is double faulting more than usual too.

The Australian crowd’s attitude towards Venus was disgraceful and Wally Massur agrees with me. Venus is a classy woman and she went on court because she wanted to try. I agree that Venus is clearly out of shape and she probably shouldn’t have travelled to Australia but Venus is stubborn. I think Venus stuborn attitude is hurting her now. Venus is thirty years old and she has to come to grand slams fully fit and prepared to win. I still believe Venus can win one more grand slam I believe she is too talented to end up with only seven slam titles. Venus slams is not a bad number in this competitive era of women’s tennis but I’ve always felt if Serena wasn’t Venus younger sister she woulf of won a lot more slams.

Yes, Venus is thirty years old but Justine Henin is twenty eight years old and she’s isn’t playing great either. Henin lost to Samantha Stosur at the French Open and three times to Kim Clijsters last year. If Venus is on her way out isn’t Henin in the same boat? I watched Henin’s match was Svetlana Kunzetsova and I just was not impressed she tried to play a power game and made too many unforced errors. Also, Stephanie are you going to write an article about Maria Sharapova’s decline? Let’s be honest here, Sharapova may be twenty three years old but her loss to Andrea Petkovic of Germany was a shock. Sharapova just hasn’t played well at the slams since she won the Australian Open three years ago her serve is no longer a weapon and she double faults too much.

Sun, Jan 23, 2011 at 6:58 AM

Hi Orville,
To compare Venus and Henin is a bit unfair, because Henin was out of the game nearly two years.
You can’t say someone has declined when they are just coming back. They are in different situations.

The thing about the night-session crowds is that they aren’t tennis fans the way the day crowds are. Most are given tickets by companies and stuff. Those who booed may not necessarily have been aware of her injury. But they know this. The tickets are expensive, and there are only two matches available for the night-session people (as opposed to the day session, where you can wander around the grounds and see lots of matches).

So they got seven points (and the mens’ match before was a dud, as well).  You pay your money, you can boo whoever you like even if, as you quite rightly point out, it wasn’t very classy.

Of course Venus would have won more if Serena had never been born. And Roger Federer might have 25 majors if Rafael Nadal had never been born. Can’t use what-ifs.

I have written about Sharapova. But she also can’t be compared to Venus as she’s much younger. She’s dealing with a shoulder situation and she may never find her previous form.
She played terribly tonight.

Venus is in a different situation. As I mentioned, she has not won a major other than Wimbledon since 2001. That’s a decade. She’s been out there punishing her big body for 17 years even if she hasn’t played as much as the other girls.
It takes a lot longer to recover from injuries at her age and she has had leg issues for several years.

I will say this. With the Williams sisters out, women’s tennis loses some lustre even if there was a great display on today with Schiavone and Kuznetsova.

I just think we have to be realistic about Venus at this point. She hasn’t been a factor for years now – even at Wimbledon it has been a few years. Very, very tough to win seven matches at a major for her. And the “fear factor” is now diminishing, too.

I just don’t want to see her keep playing if she’s not fully fit. Nothing sadder than seeing an athlete who doesn’t know when to say goodbye. Some are quite satisfied with keeping on playing even though they won’t be contenders, just for the joy of playing. I’m not sure Venus falls into that category. What do you think?

Sun, Jan 23, 2011 at 7:12 AM

I think there is more negativity in the media about Venus Williams than Justine Henin. My readers on my blog GayBlackCanadianman agree with me. 

Nobody told Henin to retire that’s her decision and now she’s paying the consequences. People like to bash the Williams Sisters by saying that taking self imposed exiles from the game and comeback. But Henin disappeared for two years and was arrogant enough to believe she would reach the top immediately. Henin’s results demonstrate her comeback is not impressive.

I believe the delight of the media that Venus is on the decline is indeed racially motivated. We will never see another Venus or Serena ever again in women’s tennis two black women that dominated a white sport.

Sharapova may be younger than Venus but she hasn’t won a slam in exactly three years as well. Sharapova is not as talented as Venus but the media always make excuses for her decline. Sharapova’ s shoulder is fine the problem is she lacks strategy and variety in her game. Once, Sharapova’s serve is off the rails she is able to be beaten by the women because she is not a good athlete. The media seem to be treating Sharapova with kid gloves and I think it is a disagrace. Sharapova is the highest paid female athlete according to Forbes Magazine and that is because she is white and blonde.

Justine Henin may be from Belgium but she’s still a white woman and a white woman is more respected in tennis than a black woman. Henin’s comeback has gone one for almost a year and her results are not impressive. Meanwhile, Kim Clijsters has gotten better and better and the media need to be focusing more on Kim than Justine. Kim is a nicer person, a better personality than Justine Henin. Henin comes across as just a very unhappy person she seems bitter.

You may disagree with me, but the Australian people’s attitude towards Venus has never been positive. Tennis is still culturally a white sport, and quite frankly, I believe if Venus was a white woman the Australian fans would never treat her with such disrespect.

I think it is impossible to ignore the fact Venus is a black woman that once was at the top of women’s tennis which is a white sport. For some sports journalists I believe they are very happy to see Venus on the decline even though she is the best ambassador women’s tennis has had since the days of Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova. Venus is the one that forced the French Open and Wimbledon to pay women equal prize money. Yes, King and Navratilova pushed for equal prize money but they don’t have the star power and world wide appeal Venus has. In fact, the president of the French tennis federation admitted when Venus spoke out about the misogyny of women not getting paid the same prize money as the men he changed his mind. Venus Williams has a lot of power and a lot of fans Stephanie.

Sun, Jan 23, 2011 at 8:14 AM

Orville, there really isn’t anything I can say or facts I can bring out that will change your mindset about this. So given that it’s nearly 3 a.m. and I’m still working, I will say good night ;-)))

It would take far too long to debunk the myths and erroneous assumptions you put forth below, just to try to buttress your argument. It would never stand up before any tribunal.
I’ve heard it from you before and you have not come up with any fresh, factual material to argue your case successfully.

If you had paid all that money to see a match, and you got seven points, you have every right to boo. That’s capitalism. I’m not sure what colour has to do with it although it wasn’t really Venus’s fault; the tournament must accept more of the blame. I think the crowd was booing the situation more than the player in this case.

Venus, unfortunately, has never inspired much love from the tennis public despite her talent and accomplishments. In my personal dealings with her, I have seen that she really doesn’t try to court such love. So you can’t have it both ways.

But you are wrong that anyone is getting joy out of Venus’s decline. She’ll be 31 this year. Did you think she was immortal? Give me a break.

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