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Shocking News: The Queen Of Soul Aretha Franklin Wants Halle Berry For Female Lead In A Biopic About Her Life!!!

New BBC Interview: Zambian Author & Economist Dambisa Moyo Talks About Her New Book How The West Was Lost.

Here is a new BBC interview with the talented Zambian author and economist Dambisa Moyo! Dambisa has a new book coming out next month called How The West Was Lost. Two years ago,  Dambisa released an  incendiary manifesto called Dead Aid and it became an international best seller.  Dead Aid challenged the paternalistic and racist attitudes the western world has towards to the African continent. According to Dambisa Moyo, the problems on the African continent are due to the influx of foreign aid. Dambisa believes a radical strategy is needed and foreign aid must be cut off except humanitarian aid, for the African nations. Dambisa argues, African dictators do not have an incentive to develop their economies when the western world pours billions of dollars of foreign aid. The pernicious African dictators would be forced to assist and develop the economies on the African continent if foreign aid was cut off. Now, Dambisa Moyo’s new work is focusing on the  problems in the economies in the developed world.


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