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BBC News: Why Can’t Beautiful, Black Women Find A Quality Boyfriend Or Husband?

Black and single in New York 

By Nina Robinson BBC News, New York

Yellow taxi on the street of New York Single black women in US say they face a shortage of eligible men to marry

Bene is a young, bright and beautiful black woman in Manhattan. But she thinks that finding a decent black man who could be marriage material may not be so easy.

“I’m looking for someone who is smart, funny, ambitious, someone who is in his career or actively working towards a career,” she says.

Single, college-educated, black women like Bene are playing a tricky numbers game when it comes to finding a suitable marriage partner in the US.

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“Start Quote

There are not many college-educated black men out there and black women are aware of the numbers”

End Quote Averil Clarke Yale University

‘Education gap’

In a Yale University study by Nitsche and Brueckner, about 22% of highly educated women – both black and white – between the ages of 20 and 45 were single in the 1970s.

But that number has diverged over time, between the races.

It has remained the same for white women, but now 38% of black women have never been married.

The study argues that this is hindering the progression of the black middle classes.

Averil Clarke, assistant professor at Yale University, has written on the subject, and sheds light on one of the reasons behind the statistics.

“There are not many college-educated black men out there and black women are aware of the numbers,” she says.

The education gap is wide between the sexes, with 40% more black women than black men continuing in education and going on to college.

According to a Columbia University study, boys who drop out of high school are 60% more likely to end up in prison.

Blind date

On a date Forty per cent more black women than men go to college

Bene agreed to go on a blind date to explore some of the issues involved.

Andre is a 25-year-old African-American man who has been in and out of prison on drug and gun charges.

He was offered a full scholarship at a university, but it was withdrawn after he got arrested.

If Andre had taken up his scholarship and not ended up in prison, he could have been on a similar income and education level to Bene at this point in their lives.

“As long as he’s intelligent, I do not mind about his past background. Everyone makes mistakes and in society, quite often we do not give each other a second chance,” Bene says.

‘Totally dysfunctional’

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“Start Quote

Some of these men have no idea what a healthy relationship with a woman is all about”

End Quote Mark Goldsmith Getting Out and Staying Out

A third of African-American men, at some point in their lives, spend time behind bars.

But there are problems with dating men who have been in prison according to Mark Goldsmith, who runs a non-profit organisation called Getting Out and Staying Out, which helps young men who have just come out of prison.

“Some of these young men come from totally dysfunctional families,” he says.

“They come from neighbourhoods with terrible schools which they leave in ninth grade (age 13-14) to sell drugs on the street. It’s an epidemic of young men of colour.”

Mr Goldsmith thinks this background feeds into the relationships these men have when they’re older.

“They have no idea what a healthy relationship with a woman is all about – remember they may have never seen one. They see women as sexual objects and women have a low opinion of them too,” says Mr Goldsmith.

Inter-racial relationships have increased in America but more men are going down that route then women.

While 14% of educated African-American men in the US tend to marry outside their race, only 4.5% of women choose that route.

Bene and Andre meet at a basketball game as Andre is the team coach.

Single women in New York Thirty-eight per cent of black women have never been married.

After the date, Andre makes it clear that there is chemistry between them.

“I like her as she’s intelligent and she’s street smart too and I like that, but it’s in her power,” he says.

Bene is impressed with Andre’s honesty and intelligence.

“He’s polite, cute and a good guy, but I could not date him. And let’s be realistic – what kind of job is he going to get as an ex-felon?” Bene says.

But given his current situation, Andre has been effectively taken out of the dating market.

And there are many men who are in a similar position to Andre.

“In the community that I come from, it is really normal,” says Bianca van Hadren, who works at Getting out and Staying Out.

She says she would consider dating ex-convicts, despite the fact this would not be the ideal scenario.

So not all is lost for men like Andre.

But for Bene, the struggle to find an eligible man from her own race, socio-economic and educational background carries on.

Toronto Star Article: Is The Commonwealth Games In India A Disaster?

Canada protests conditions ahead of Commonwealth opening ceremonies

Published On Sat Oct 02 2010

Canada's flag bearer for the last Commonwealth Games, Alexandra Orlando (left), hands over the flag to compatriot Ben Pereira in New Delhi on Friday.Canada’s flag bearer for the last Commonwealth Games, Alexandra Orlando (left), hands over the flag to compatriot Ben Pereira in New Delhi on Friday.



By Randy Starkman Olympic Sports Reporter
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NEW DELHI—Just when Canada’s athletes finally arrived in the village for these beleaguered Commonwealth Games, there’s some concern about whether they’ll show up to march in Sunday’s opening ceremonies.

Canada was among several countries to strongly protest at a morning chef de missions’ meeting the adverse conditions athletes were facing for the opening ceremonies – standing in the heat for hours without any cover, a lack of water and a dearth of bathroom facilities.

While Canadian officials stopped short of using the word boycott, they made it clear to the organizing committee and the Commonwealth Games Federation where they stood on the issue

“We would do nothing which would ultimately imperil the well-being of our athletes,” said Dr. Andrew Pipe, president of Commonwealth Games Canada.

Pipe said the president of the Commonwealth Games Federation, Mike Fennell, and the Games organizing committee have given them assurances the situation will be rectified. He said their plan is to be among the 71 nations marching.

“But we will constantly monitor the situation in exactly the same way that we constantly monitored the situation prior to arrival here in Delhi,” added Pipe.

One gets the sense the ongoing problems here will be just that — ongoing — throughout the Games. The village was deemed “uninhabitable” just over a week ago, a bridge near the main stadium collapsed, snakes have been found at the village and the tennis venue, and the use of langur monkeys as security guards to keep the athletes village free of smaller nuisance monkeys has drawn snickers worldwide.

About 150 Canadian athletes are expected to march in the opening ceremonies at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

Scott Stevenson, director of sport for Commonwealth Games Canada, said they have been told that athletes will be able to leave the stadium after they march as opposed to having to stay around for the finish. That would allow them to get more rest.

It’s clear there’s a definite willingness on the part of cheerful and proud Games volunteers to make things work for the Oct. 3-14 event, but a lack of planning by the organizing committee means that everyone’s constantly playing catch-up.

“In order to host a major Games, you’ve got to do ordinary things extraordinarily well,” said Pipe. “There has to be a certain rigor applied to the timing, the completion, the organization, the integration of a whole array of areas of responsibility in order for a Games to be successful.

“I think from a Games organization lessons will be that we need to identify ways in which we can ensure performance according to predictable timelines and completion of fundamental responsibilities.”

Is The Death Of Tyler Clementi A Hate Crime & Should Ravi & Wei Be Charged With Second Degree Murder?

Sad Tragic News: Black Gay Teen Raymond Chase Commited Suicide.

Raymond Chase, 19 Year Old Gay Male Is 5th Suicide In Last 3 Weeks

Posted by Brian Krassenstein on Oct 1st, 2010 and filed under Featured News. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry

Raymond Chase Suicide19 Year old Raymond Chase Commits Suicide

What’s with all the young gay males committing suicide in the last few weeks? Is it that support systems at colleges in America are breaking down or is it all just a coincidence? It is being reported that Wednesday, September 29th, 19 year old Raymond Chase committed suicide via a hanging in his dorm room. The Sophomore at Johnson & Wales seemed happy, but clearly there was more going on inside than he showed outside.

Yesterday, the Vice President of Johnson & Wales, Ronald Martel emailed all students the following message, “Today I contact you with the deeply sad news of the passing of Raymond Chase, sophomore, 19, culinary arts major. The campus community is mourning the loss of this vibrant young man who leaves many JWU friends and teachers, and a loving family of Monticello, New York. Funeral arrangements are not available at this time. As we obtain more information that can be shared, we will do so. Ray’s JWU friends and the university are planning a memorial service for the campus community. Those details will be forthcoming”.

Johnson & Wales University is fairly large with over 16,000 enrolled students. it is located in Providence Rhode Island, and was founded in 1914 as a business school. Today the university has programs for business, culinary, equine management, hospitality, education, and technology.

Does something need to be done in America to set up support groups for not only young homosexual men, but for those youngsters looking for people to talk to, someone to air their daily frustrations about life to? Our hearts go out to the family of Raymond Chase, as well as the other 4 young men who took their own lives in the month of September.


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