Why Are American Male Tennis Writers Racist & Sexist Against Serena Williams?

A familiar narrative emerges every year on high profile sports blogs and the usual target is tennis champion Serena Williams. Usually, after the US Open,

the American tennis establishment repeats publishing a series of articles blasting Serena Williams committment to women’s tennis. The theme is the same,

and the result is the same. Serena ignores the racists and misogynists and continues to dominate the game.

The fact remains, Serena Williams is the best female tennis player of her generation.

Serena has thirteen grand slam victories under her belt.

So why is Serena Williams the most disrespected American female tennis champion in American tennis history?

The answer is obvious, Serena Williams is not a white woman. If Serena Williams was a white female tennis champion she would make more money.

According to  Forbes Magazine,  the white, Russian, blonde, Maria Sharapova raked in $24 million dollars in endorsements last year.

Sharapova is not American, but she’s  young, white, pretty,  and blonde. Serena has a 6-2 edge against Sharapova in their head to head series.

The tennis public knows Serena Williams is a superior tennis champion but the discourse is race still matters.

Serena Williams has  thirteen grand slam titles and Sharapova only has three. Serena is currently number six on the all time grand slam female champions list. Serena popularized tennis across the world due to her talent, determination, and hard work.

Serena violates the American tennis industry’s ideologies about American tennis. Although the USTA claims not be racist, the truth is, the USTA is only

interested in developing new white American tennis champions. African-American youth are discouraged to play tennis.

The American tennis establishment has an insatiable obsession with pretty, young, blonde, white girls. In the 1970s, Tracy Austin and Chris Evert obtained a lot of media attention for wearing short skirts, being blonde, and their tennis talent.  Yes, Austin and Evert became  tennis champions but their thin, white female bodies also conformed to white American beauty standards.

The formula for American broadcasters and advertisers is female athlete + whiteness + thin+ talent = respectability.

In the 1990s and 2000s, Jennifer Capriati and Lindsay Davenport emerged as tennis champions. The bias, favoritism, the American media have for Davenport and Capriati over Serena Williams is abhorrent. The dilemma for the USA media is, Davenport and Capriati both retired from the WTA Tour.

No new white American girls have emerged so the USA press have to endure watching Serena rack up numerous grand slam titles.

The American tennis establishment doesn’t want black American female tennis champions  to dominate tennis.

The dilemma for the American tennis establishment is, Serena just doesn’t have the right look to be the face of American tennis.

The marketing machine of the USTA and the American sports media want to sell sex to white American heterosexual men.

Female athletes can’t be respected unless the male tennis commentator or writer can obtain an erection. If a female athlete is talented and attractive

this is perfect formula for heterosexual male sports fans.

Since many  heterosexual are sexist and racist the predilection is for a white, blonde, girl, to sell sex for white American male sports consumers.

A female athlete cannot just be an athlete she has to become a model.  Heterosexual American male tennis fans want to masturbate and watch tennis women’s tennis simultaneously.  The attitude of American advertisers is, female athletes should be pretty and white or this will not hold the interest of sexist heterosexual men!

Serena is not white, thin, blonde, and because she’s a black woman who is intelligent, hardworking, they feel  have a right to  demonize her.

Black women encounter multiple oppressions such as racism and sexism in this white supremacist world.

The Mythical Norm, which is the white, heterosexual male believes they are at the apex of society.

Since Serena Williams is a black female tennis champion, the attitude of white American male tennis writers is they are entitled to attack her.

The incredible misogyny and racism that is fired at Serena Williams constantly reiterated on sports websites such as MSNBC.COM, Sports Illustrated, Yahoo Tennis, ESPN.COM, Fox Sports, is disturbing and also deleterious. Once again, the jackass Peter Bodo at ESPN.com is complaining about Serena Williams and her so-called lack of committment to women’s tennis.

Why doesn’t Bodo and the rest of the racist and sexist American male tennis writers admit the truth?

Tennis fans across the world know male tennis writers hate women and do not respect women’s sports.

The reason the American male tennis writers hate Serena is because she is so talented and she knows it!

Serena only competed in six WTA tour events this year and she won the Australian Open and Wimbledon!

The WTA tour is a joke, the USA press are desperate, they want a young, blonde, white “it” girl to emerge.  This is the reason the American media made a big deal about Melanie Oudin reaching the US Open quarterfinals last year.

However, Oudin was unable to handle the media pressure and her ranking has slipped. I believe Oudin is talented, but she needs to improve her serve and fitness. Since Oudin is only a teenager, I feel I will wait a few more years to see if she will emerge and become a champion or end up being a journeywoman.

At this year’s US Open, did anyone notice the American media’s obsession with the Danish player Caroline Wozniacki?  The constant commercials, the tennis commentators praising Wozniacki’s game over and over like a broken record was annoying!

Yes, Wozniacki is only twenty years old, she won 10 WTA Tour titles, and reached last year’s US Open final. I agree that Wozniacki is  a very talented tennis player.

However, I am not convinced Wozniacki has the game to really dominate women’s tennis. Wozniacki has an inflated WTA ranking because her father pushes her to compete in over 20 WTA events a year. I am just not convinced she is mentally tough enough and her game is effective to dominate women’s tennis. I was stunned when Vera Zvonareva of Russia destroyed Wozniacki 6-4 6-3 in the US Open semifinals. Wozniacki was so nervous and tight she capitulated and made a million errors.

The USA Media do not respect female athletes for a variety of reasons. First, in the USA a female athlete is supposed to conform to Eurocentric standards of beauty to be palatable to white heterosexual men. The discourse is, since Maria Sharapova is white, thin, tall, and blonde she’s supposed to be the face of the WTA tour. The quandary is, Sharapova’s confidence has slipped she’s not winning any big events anymore. Sharapova’s serve now her Achilles heel. The next obvious question is, why are the American media upset at Serena Williams?

The American media hate Serena for a plethora of reasons. The USA press is racist and sexist against black women this is a fact. If you read blogs such as Chris Chase’s pathetic articles at Yahoo Tennis, Peter Bodo’s pieces on ESPN.Com, Matt Cronin’s articles at Fox Sports, the themes are the same.

My opinion is, there is a mixture of envy, anger, misogyny, and racism and this fuels the fire. Richard and Oracene Williams deserve credit for teaching Serena that tennis is not her life. Would the tennis writers prefer  Serena end up snorting cocaine like Martina Hingis or attempt suicide like Jennifer Capriati?  I personally believe, the resentment the USA press have for Serena is because she is so well-adjusted. Serena can handle the bigots and the misogynists because her parents raised her well.

A lot of the female tennis players live in a plastic bubble, they are surrounded by enablers that tell them tennis must be their life. However, a tennis player can only compete at the highest level until their early to mid 30s. Remember thirty years old is still very young in life terms. Some tennis players have no plan B they don’t know what to do with themselves outside of tennis and that is very sad.

Does anyone honestly think the American tennis establishment would care about Serena Williams if she was ranked 100 or 200 in the world? Of course not!

Serena angers the American tennis media because she gives hardly competes yet destroys the competition! Serena knows she can enter any grand slam besides the French Open and win the event!

The only rivals Serena Williams has at the moment are the Belgians Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin. However, Henin and Clijsters are also veterans and they are also limiting their tennis schedule. So why are the press fixated on Serena yet don’t admonish Clijsters and Henin?

The answer is obvious, since Henin and Clijsters are white they get a free pass for not supporting the WTA Tour consistently. Meanwhile, the racist and sexist attitude of the American tennis establishment is Serena should be “grateful” to be competing on the WTA Tour. The American press view Serena as an arrogant young black woman because she has high self-esteem and confidence. Serena is simply too mentally strong to allow racist and sexist male tennis writers to stop her from living her life on her own terms. Serena should be commended for living a balanced life not criticized for it.

About orvillelloyddouglas

I am a gay black Canadian male.

4 responses to “Why Are American Male Tennis Writers Racist & Sexist Against Serena Williams?”

  1. Menelik Charles says :

    I love Serena so much it hurts! No matter the time zone, I’m at the tv set focusing on my baby girl! I got her, let me tell ya!

  2. janine says :

    I don’t agree that tennis wants pretty women who appeal to hetrosexual men. For the most part tennis is populated by lesbians and is a gay sport in many respects. Transvestites play it too. The problem is tennis is about advertising & people the tennis customers are actually racist to serena & venus. Some of the prettiest women in tennis have failed careers. Tennis prefers foriegn women who are receptive to sleeping their way to the top with the males & lesbian who control tennis. A player has to strike a balance look hetro but be bisexual. Playing skill is optional matches can be rigged. Women’s tennis is all about creating marketing billboards not sport competition. Tennis is yet again another women’s sport allergic to real competition. Many Americans are being kept out of upper echelon especially the black women. See because black women are going to bring some real game and big-time competition—not use sex like white women and the foreigners. Tennis is racist and works hard to keep blacks out. The Williams sisters have never had suitable rivals. Tennis never gave alex stevenson or Angela Haynes a chance. By the same token a white player like Jelena Dokic has been jobbed out of a 1st rate career. It ain’t as it seems. Women’s sport is garbage its about conforming to images crawling into little boxes they create for females. I’m tired of it for this reason women’s sport is a big disappointng failure. Gymnastics,figureskating,tennis not even basktetball or track has delivered consistent competition. They don’t and cant’ take a black woman competing on a level playing field with white & other women. The world is not willing to embrace the excellence of black women in sport or elsewhere. I don’t like it when they keep attacking our little girls. Still we bring the excellence then its game over! Still we rise!

  3. Mike says :

    As a black american man I agree. If you ask most white american men, they will tell you they are not attracted to black women and would never date one. (Look how they try to say Michelle Obama is ugly) So, it would only make sense they would much prefer a white superstar to be the face of U.S. Tennis. Yes, I do believe you are onto something here.

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