Is Australian Tennis Star Samantha Stosur A Closeted Lesbian?

On the internet, rumours are swirling that Australian tennis star Samantha Stosur is a closeted lesbian.

I don’t know if Samantha is gay. However, I know Samantha’s close friend Australian doubles champion Renee Stubbs is a lesbian. In fact, a few years ago Stubbs came out to the Australian newspaper “The  AGE “. In the interview, Stubbs  talked about her romance with the American tennis doubles  star Lisa Raymond.

Everyone knows there is a lesbian doubles network on the WTA Tour. Some female tennis players play doubles with their lesbian lovers. It just makes sense doesn’t it? Since professional tennis can be lonely for athletes a gay doubles team can spend more time together and make money!

I think women’s tennis is very accepting of lesbians, so if Samantha Stosur is a lesbian the WTA Tour will accept her. Tennis fans don’t care if a female tennis star is gay anyway. The problem is on the ATP Tour, most tennis fans and the media have a problem with male homosexuality. The only gay male tennis player that I know of is the late Bill Tilden. I find it very hard to believe that Tilden was the only homosexual to compete in men’s tennis history.

On the WTA Tour, lesbians have reached the top of women’s tennis.  Gabriela Sabatini, Jana Novotna, Hana Mandlikova, Billie Jean King, Amelie Mauresmo, Conchita Martinez,  Martina Navratilova are grand slam singles champions.  Gigi Fernandez, Renee Stubbs, Lisa Raymond are grand slam doubles champions!

I find it very hard to believe that no gay male tennis player was a tennis champion in the past twenty years?

How is this possible if there is an abundance of lesbians on the WTA Tour? The imbalance doesn’t make sense. Since professional tennis is an individual sport, I believe it should be easier for a gay or bisexual male tennis player to come out of the closet. After all, tennis is not a team sport.

List Of WTA Lesbians Tennis Stars:

1. Amelie Mauresmo

2. Samantha Stosur

3.Billie Jean King

4. Conchita Martinez

5. Lisa Raymond

6. Renee Stubbs

7. Martina Navatilova

8.Gabriela Sabatini

9.Nicole Pratt

10. Jana Novotna

11. Hana Mandlikova

12.. Virginia Wade

13. Maria Bueno

14. Mary Carillo

15. Gigi Fernandez

About orvillelloyddouglas

I am a gay black Canadian male.

7 responses to “Is Australian Tennis Star Samantha Stosur A Closeted Lesbian?”

  1. jessie says :

    Likely Sammy is a lesbian. If not, my gaydar is on the fritz… wouldn’t be the first time. But, yes, most fans are interested in Sam’s phenomenal talent and admirable composure on the court and just wish for her much happiness – however she finds it – off court. As for the guy’s side, I’d thought French superstar, Yannick Noah, was a queer boy…no? That’s fairly big time in my book.

  2. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Yes I agree I think Samantha is a lesbian. The WTA Tour has a history of openly lesbian tennis stars.

  3. Rick Snelgrove says :

    I hope not. What a loss to the male population if she were to be!

  4. Anonymous says :

    I thought Sam and Lisa Raymond were publicly dating during their doubles partnership (as Lisa had been with Stubbs as well)….

  5. Anonymous says :

    I’d like to see her come out and win the Australian open

  6. Barry O Rourke says :

    Of course she is a Lesbian and HGH abuser

  7. Fedor says :

    The fact that the WTA has a lot more gays than the ATP is totally logical. Lesbian women have more male hormones, they are hence stronger and have better chances than straight women of making it to the top of a sport. This is so obvious, I’m thinking that the author of this article is either extremely young or extremely naive/clueless, or both.

    Lumping male gays and lesbians into the same basket is often a rather ridiculous move. There are huge differences, as well as obvious similarities.

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