Is The Tennis Player Akgul Amanmuradova Male, Female, Or Intersex?

Svetlana Kuznetsova of Russia defeat Akgul Amanurandova of Uzbekistan in the second round of Wimbledon 6-2 6-7 6-4. However, I was stunned when I looked at Amanumuradova she looks like a man!  Amanmuradova is six foot three and she serves huge.

Amanmuradova has an extremely butch masculine appearance she has no hips, no breasts.  It is hard to believe this tennis player is a female. Just look at Amanmuradova she has broad shoulders just like a man. I thought to myself, is this person really a female tennis player?

Amanmuradova does not  wear a skirt, even though all the other women tennis players at Wimbledon wear skirts. Amanmuradova wears shorts just like the male tennis players.

I wonder if the WTA tour needs to complete a gender verification test on Amanmuradova?

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15 responses to “Is The Tennis Player Akgul Amanmuradova Male, Female, Or Intersex?”

  1. David says :

    My thoughts exactly…
    Another Caster Semenya maybe…

  2. Sam says :

    Looks like Wimbledon is going to have to start a special category for trannies.

  3. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    This player looks like she is intersex or something she definitely doesn’t look like a real woman that’s for sure.

    • G M K-d H says :

      I am greatly surprised at the “she…doesn’t look like a real woman” comment. Whose definition of “real women” are we applying? My husband loves me the way I am whether in heels and a dress or tennis shoes and shorts getting a sweat on. And, it has been my experience that in genuine, intelligent relationships (whether love interests or friends), there is never a need to fit into a physical parameter or definition belonging to another! Certainly, everyone is allowed to have their own opinion, but I wonder why people in American society feel the need to shy away from and/or criticize differences in others’ that they either don’t understand or they are afraid of.

      The high-heeled, long sweeping hair, full facial make-up, etc. “real woman” is a social construct–the Barbie doll. My hope for humanity is not to look at each others’ bodies and question their gender, but to take an opportunity to learn from different situations we encounter and to treat each other, as human beings, with more civility! Tx 4 hearing me out!

  4. Oomshik Tooshik says :

    Wow! this needs some verification. How come no one noticed or suggested anything? Isn’t such testing mandatory on the WTA tour?

  5. Jack says :

    She is female. It doesn’t help that she wears a cap and sunglasses. She has to wear masculine clothes to cover most of her body because of her religion and her home country of Uzbekistan. If she wore a low cut top and a skirt she would look a different person.

  6. L says :


  7. Elisa says :

    Just found this poor excuse for an ‘article’ via Google and I am so shocked by the rude and small-minded comments in here :( Do we live in a society where women are forced to wear skirts and cosmetics? No we don’t, women (and indeed everyone) has the right to be who they are, wear what they want and to not be critised for that. So what if she does wear shorts? I can just imagine the comments you would all make if she chose to wear a little pink tennis skirt instead….that wouldn’t be right for most of you people either.

    The amazing thing about women is that we come in all different shapes and sizes, some curvy, some tall, some thin, some short…..and women, in all their forms should be celebrated, and not insulted just because they don’t fit into some superficial stereotype. Afterall, the world would be a very boring place if we all looked the same.

    Akgul is a good friend of mine, none of you know her personally and I find it terrible how you can all make such judgements about someone you know nothing about. How would you feel if people said these things about your friend or your sister? Some of you need to take a look in the mirror at yourselves….if you can say such insulting things about someone, what are other people saying about the way you look…

    btw – And a note to the author of this so called ‘article’……Akgul is NOT the only female to wear shorts at Wimbledon. Many other female players wear shorts on court too including…Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Tatiana Golovin, Sveta Kuznetsova to name just a few. But, then again you would know that, if you actually was a true follower of tennis and WTA Tour.

  8. Angelika Sabine says :

    Wow !
    I have not read this much ignorant crap than I have in just 2 minutes on this site than I have the last 12 months from whoever the idiots are from comment 1-6.

    You guys are a bunch of morons ! What are you so so dumb because you are blond or is your car so large for another specific reason. In case you do fit into another stereotype, I suggest you grow up. Grow a brain, maybe get a life or an education !


  9. Jacqui says :

    Really? It frightens me that our culture is so ingrained into these ideas of normal and abnormal. Venus is 6 foot 1 and Serena is 6 foot 3. Certainly if Amanuradova wore the clothing the two of them wore she’d have breasts–and obviously Natalie Portman must be a man if we go by these standards. Jesus, grow up people and accept that some people should not have to buy into the clothing society tells us to wear–don’t be damn lemmings, looks aren’t everything.

  10. YES says :

    Serena is only 5″8.
    And Amanmuradova still is a he/she.

  11. Anonymous says :

    I am not sure that Amanmuradova is a convincing female! I will certainly evidence to believe it!

  12. BlackRussian says :

    As long as her ranking stays low, she flies under the sex police radar. However, if she ever starts winning like Semenya, there will certainly be an outcry about any possible advantage that she have by being transgendered.

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