Is CP 24 News The New South Asian Network & Racist? Why Are There So Many South Asian Reporters On Television Compared To Other Minority Groups?

I have noticed a paucity of black, Aboriginal, and East Asian anchors on the CP 24 network in Toronto. Although, City TV claims to be a multicultural network there appears to be an over saturation of  young, thin, photogenic, South Asian reporters.

The  young South Asian reporters look very “cookie cutter” but they also fulfill  CP 24′s  “race quota”.

Of course, CP 24 is concerned about ratings and I guess people who do not conform to CP 24 beauty standards are not palatable.

The producers at CP 24  realize that since the greater Toronto’s area’s South Asian population is “exploding” they can attract more South Asian viewers.

I believe the ideology is, if the South Asian audience in Toronto sees more “South Asian” reporters on the air they will “tune into” CP 24.

The hiring committee at CP 24 can claim they are “not racist” because they hire a lot of South Asian reporters. However, just because South Asians are hired by CP 24 doesn’t mean the network isn’t racist.

In fact, the silencing of black, East Asian, and Aboriginal voices on CP 24 illustrates a subversive form of racism.

It is no secret in the greater Toronto area that there has been  South Asian “explosion” due to the influx of South Asian immigrants  moving to Toronto.

For instance, Rubina Ahmed, Reena Heer, Gurdeep  Ahulwalia, Pooja Handa, and Farah Nasser, are a  part of the “South Asian invasion” on the  CP 24  news station. I think the young South Asian reporters have been hired by CP 24 for “political reasons”.

However,  where are the other  visible minority communities  been ignored by CP 24? There are other visible minority communites besides the South Asian community in Toronto.

Premier Dalton McGuinity, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper have reached out to the South Asian community in Canada because they are a growing force in Canadian politics.

Meanwhile, McGuinty and Harper certainly haven’t reached out to black and Aboriginal communities in the province of Ontario.

Perhaps it is just good marketing and business by CP 24 to increase the “South Asian invasion” on the news?

There are two old black male reporters on CP 24, one old black guy Dwight Drummond has worked at City TV forever!

Nathan Downer he is a former employee of Canwest global but he is also a seasoned journalist and he certainly isn’t young or attractive.

Where are the young Aboriginal, black, East Asian reporters on CP 24?

Drummond has been an employee of CP 24 for over a decade so his presence certainly is not progress.

Next, there is a black female entertainment reporter Tracy Melchor but she’s also old and pathetic!

Melchor is not a serious journalist, she just reports celebrity gossip journalist. Melchor  is just the  stereotypical  gossiping black woman she reminds me of the “In Living Colour” character Ms. Bonita Betrell.

Tracy Melchor ‘s face also looks different, her face  looks very weird and bizarre.

There are hardly any black reporters or anchor people  on CP 24 news. I thought CP 24  is supposed to be representative of the entire greater Toronto area. It appears to me that  CP 24 is the new South Asian network.

About orvillelloyddouglas

I am a gay black Canadian male.

18 responses to “Is CP 24 News The New South Asian Network & Racist? Why Are There So Many South Asian Reporters On Television Compared To Other Minority Groups?”

  1. oc says :

    “The Asian Invasion” HAH!! I doubt that.. maybe they are trying to fill a quota, however has it ever occured to you that maybe they didn’t have any other ‘minority’ applicatants with talent/experience to choose from? or maybe all the other ethnicties just want to work for Muchmusic/mtv etc.. not news/journalism (if you can call city tv that).

  2. trina says :

    I agree with the author of this article. CityTv is racist, classist, sexist etc…just watch, if you have a conscious mind you will start to notice. I can’t stand Tracey Melchor or Dina Pugiese…two vaccuous airheads who act like the shows are their own personal news source…..CLUELESS!

  3. Anonymous says :

    Here’s a few clarifications….
    CP24 is not affiliated with Citytv anymore. CP24 is now owned by CTV. And in response to ‘oc’…. trust me, there ARE well-qualified minority applicants (outside of the South Asian category) that DO apply for positions with CP24 and other networks in Toronto, but they get nowhere. When an executive has a certain ‘anchor type’ in mind, if you don’t fit that bill….then there’s no way of breaking that glass ceiling.

  4. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Thank you for the clarification about CP 24 being owned by CTV. I agree that the producers probably had a specific “look” they are going for. Everyone knows the South Asian population in the greater Toronto area is growing and the producers of CP 24 are targeting this market.

  5. B. Tahir says :

    hey mr. gayblack guy. you seem to ask & answer your
    own questions in this articale. The answers to your
    questions are also very good. Keep up the good work!!!

  6. Salman Khan says :

    South Asians are generally more intelligent than the average air-head Much Music Anglo reporter. Does it hurt the white folk that their supposed dominance over minority groups is being threatened by more intelligent South Asian individuals?

    • Rossa says :

      Errr, no they’re not. One of our main offices is in India and I will tell you that they do a good job at parrot fashioning ideas and books, but they are not intelligent.

      Ever notice how despite the fact that India has 1 billion people that they never invented anything that’s of any use? That’s because they memorize and parrot fashion, that’s how they become doctors for example, they memorize. But intelligence, forget about it. They are less intelligent than Asians (our Shanghai office puts Bangalore and Mumbai to shame). Plus, they’re a lot less creative than caucasions.

      What Indians/Pakistanis do well is memorize and scratch and claw to get a job, cheat, steal do whatever is necessary. Quality? Not in their DNA.

  7. BrownMan74 says :

    Interesting point of view. As stated, the staff of CP24 do reflect the vast majority of the population in the GTA. For instance, would you see South Asian reporters on a local news station in Tweed, Ontario? Probably not! Also remember what the face of then Citytv was in the 80s and before. It was very white with the token black person. Is this deemed as racist?

    Furthermore, please remember that CP24 morning hosts are white! Transit specialist Mika is white. Most of the weather personel are white as well. Point is that depending on when you watch, your bias of South Asians will be shown.

    • Anonymous says :

      Indians are not more intelligent. In fact I have found through going to school in the UK that they parrot fashion most information.

      Truth is, Indians are opportunistic. That’s what happens when you come from a part of the world where cows have more value than poor people. People climb over each other in India, so Indians learn to be sneaky, it’s survival of the fittest over there. The same applies when they come to Canada – sneaky Indians.

  8. john matis says :

    I agree its like we live in India geez…everywhere u look theres a south asian on Canadian tv, look at our airport every employee from baggage handler to security guard is south asian..its like u landed in India not Toronto…cp 24 should have representation from all minority groups ….if i wanted to watch all south asians on tv I’d watch bollywood

  9. The Guru says :

    CTV tailors its news programmes appropriately: the CTV News at 6 has mostly mid-twenties white chicks (usually over 6’2″ tall). They also periodically employ a black anchor who is very good – Andrea Case. Yes, the South Asian chicks on CP24 are cookie-cutter, but face it, we’re better looking than the other main minorities – blacks and East Asians. Looks sell.

    • Vox says :

      South Asians are not better looking than East Asians and Blacks. If what I have seen on CP24 is the best you have to offer,you are truly pathetic. Go eat your curry and stfu.

  10. Shula says :

    Indians are not more intelligent, in fact I find they do a very good job at parrot fashioning what they learn. That is the reason nothing inventive ever comes out of India, Indians copy/cheat do anything to get the job and succeed. Do they add value? Yes, to their own pockets.

  11. Rider1 says :

    I stopped watching CP24, it’s the new Indian network.

  12. Gary says :

    CP24 has become grossly unbalanced with Indian anchors.

  13. Devon says :

    Dude whats it to you that this bothers you. How bout you be happy that In this day in age we can have networks where people all have opportunities. Cp24 which was owned by CityTV is now owned by CTV. In that, the transfer in this sale has obligated to keeping up the expectations that Moses had when it was under CityTV. That’s to continue the legacy of a multicultural platform. Let’s be real here once upon a time you guys were all complaining that all these networks were all generally predominantly white anchors and owners and guys like you complained and cried about it. Now there’s diversity and your still crying! How bout you grow up! CP24 does employ more than just south Asians! You just decided to count the coincidental fact that theirs more south Asians. Keep crying buddy! I personally think CP24 is continuing it’s great job.

  14. Mickey says :

    I just wanted to say to all the people who said that South Asians haven’t invented anything to take a look… then cry.

    Just because you have met a few people who are one way doesn’t mean the WHOLE of that nation is the same. That is like saying that since my black neighbour got knocked up at 15 all black girls must be young mothers too. Don’t be an idiot.. think for yourselves.

  15. john matis says :

    CP 24 should be called CanadianPakistani 24. When you come across CP 24 you only see a south asians with too much makeup (to look more fair)…and they all slur and talk fast to hide their accent..its funny……cp 24 prob has some indian working in hr..they probably all from same family too…Ive stopped watching it.

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