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Is CP 24 News The New South Asian Network & Racist? Why Are There So Many South Asian Reporters On Television Compared To Other Minority Groups?

I have noticed a paucity of black, Aboriginal, and East Asian anchors on the CP 24 network in Toronto. Although, City TV claims to be a multicultural network there appears to be an over saturation of  young, thin, photogenic, South Asian reporters.

The  young South Asian reporters look very “cookie cutter” but they also fulfill  CP 24′s  “race quota”.

Of course, CP 24 is concerned about ratings and I guess people who do not conform to CP 24 beauty standards are not palatable.

The producers at CP 24  realize that since the greater Toronto’s area’s South Asian population is “exploding” they can attract more South Asian viewers.

I believe the ideology is, if the South Asian audience in Toronto sees more “South Asian” reporters on the air they will “tune into” CP 24.

The hiring committee at CP 24 can claim they are “not racist” because they hire a lot of South Asian reporters. However, just because South Asians are hired by CP 24 doesn’t mean the network isn’t racist.

In fact, the silencing of black, East Asian, and Aboriginal voices on CP 24 illustrates a subversive form of racism.

It is no secret in the greater Toronto area that there has been  South Asian “explosion” due to the influx of South Asian immigrants  moving to Toronto.

For instance, Rubina Ahmed, Reena Heer, Gurdeep  Ahulwalia, Pooja Handa, and Farah Nasser, are a  part of the “South Asian invasion” on the  CP 24  news station. I think the young South Asian reporters have been hired by CP 24 for “political reasons”.

However,  where are the other  visible minority communities  been ignored by CP 24? There are other visible minority communites besides the South Asian community in Toronto.

Premier Dalton McGuinity, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper have reached out to the South Asian community in Canada because they are a growing force in Canadian politics.

Meanwhile, McGuinty and Harper certainly haven’t reached out to black and Aboriginal communities in the province of Ontario.

Perhaps it is just good marketing and business by CP 24 to increase the “South Asian invasion” on the news?

There are two old black male reporters on CP 24, one old black guy Dwight Drummond has worked at City TV forever!

Nathan Downer he is a former employee of Canwest global but he is also a seasoned journalist and he certainly isn’t young or attractive.

Where are the young Aboriginal, black, East Asian reporters on CP 24?

Drummond has been an employee of CP 24 for over a decade so his presence certainly is not progress.

Next, there is a black female entertainment reporter Tracy Melchor but she’s also old and pathetic!

Melchor is not a serious journalist, she just reports celebrity gossip journalist. Melchor  is just the  stereotypical  gossiping black woman she reminds me of the “In Living Colour” character Ms. Bonita Betrell.

Tracy Melchor ‘s face also looks different, her face  looks very weird and bizarre.

There are hardly any black reporters or anchor people  on CP 24 news. I thought CP 24  is supposed to be representative of the entire greater Toronto area. It appears to me that  CP 24 is the new South Asian network.

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Poem: The Depression By Orville Lloyd Douglas

He looked down from heaven and  remembered that he talked to Jesus Christ this morning.

He stared at the archipelagos they  look  like splintered  fragments of time.

The boulders, the sand, the water,  are separated by silence.

Swept on the shore is this anguish, this  doubt,  this void.

If the Lord is the almighty and is the divine one then why is he this way?

This affliction has caused him some turbulence, some fear.

He pleaded with God for an answer but he said nothing.

What was the reason behind this breath, this essence?

Should he return to the sea and plunge deep into the murky ocean?

Will an epiphany emerge from the Lord?

Is anything real or is everything just philosophy?


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