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Can The Haters Get A Life & Leave Whitney Houston Alone?

Whitney Houston has received negative reviews from some Australian fans after her performance in Brisbane. However, I also read some Australian newspapers and some  fans in Sydney Australia  fans say her singing was  solid.

Whitney was the first modern black female pop star to crossover and become a superstar. Now some people say Diana Ross achieved this before Houston but I disagree. Ross was successful in the Supremes but she had moderate success as a solo artist. Houston’s debut album was huge in the mid 1980s. Houston was popular in the African American community, mainstream America, and across the world. Houston opened the door for Beyonce, Rihanna, Mary J Blige, and Janet Jackson.

I am tired of the  haters picking on Whitney Houston.

Houston is a recovering drug addict, and it is obvious some fans don’t understand how serious drug addiction is.  Whitney is giving 110%, but  the drugs has affected her vocal cords. The jazz singer Billie Holiday  was a drug addict but I doubt Holiday received this kind of scorn and hatred.

Whitney is trying her best. Some people need to get a life I am serious! If people think Whitney is going to sound like she did twenty years ago when she was young they will be very disappointed. I feel sorry for the people that actually think Whitney can belt out “I Will Always Love You” and hit the high notes. Some fans need to return to the real world those days are over.

Whitney’s voice is lower and more husky because she is a smoker. Whitney is forty-six years old, she is healthy, but she is also a mature woman. Whitney’s voice was going to change anyway.

She is trying her best people need to lay off Whitney and let girlfriend sing!

Why Are First Wave Black Feminists Invisible?

Mainstream white feminism presents the image that Betty Friedan she is the leader of the modern feminist movement. Friedan”s 1963 book

“The Feminine Mystique”, ,is an  important historical document because she was presenting the fact that white middle class heterosexual women felt imprisoned in the home.

However, Friedan was also a homophobe, she said that lesbianism was  “the lavender menace”.  However, Friedan work obscured difference and ignored the issues of race and class.

Since the days of slavery in America, black women always had to work to support their families they did not have the luxury of being stay at home moms. In fact, the white middle class women Friedan’s book focuses on ignores the fact black women cleaned their houses and raised their children.

“The Feminine Mystique”, is a reminder of the legacy of  racism within the mainstream feminist movement against black women.

Meanwhile, the first wave black feminists tend to be ignored. For instance,  black women such as Ida B Wells Barnett she campaigned for black women’s rights. Barnett  realized that black women encounter multiple forms of oppressions in relation to their race, class, and gender. Barnett she was ahead of her time, she was a journalist and feminist. Barnett she campaigned against lynching in the United States and against the sexism of white and black men.

However, how many Women’s Studies courses talk about Ida B Wells Barnett and her work?

The Biggest Underachievers In Women’s Tennis Since 1990.

1.  Gabriela Sabatini

2. Elena Dementieva

3. Jana Novotna

4. Kim Clijsters

5.  Dinara Safina

6.Amelie Mauresmo

7. Jelena Jankovic

8. Dinara Safina

9. Svetlana Kuznetsova

10. Mary Joe Fernandez


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