Last Night, I Read My Poetry At A Symposium For The First Time.

Although, my first book “You Don’t Know Me”, was published almost five years ago,last night was the first time I read my poetry to an audience.  A few weeks ago, during a heterosexualities lecture, the professor said there will be a symposium on campus  and the deadline to submit was on February 5th 2010.

The word “symposium”  originated from  ancient Greece and the word means a “drinking party”. Now in the modern era, academics, scholars, and artists, talk about their research and work to an audience.

I remember the cognitive behavioral therapy sessions group therapy from last fall and I told myself I have to do this. I want to be a successful poet and artist  I realize I got to “get out there” and learn to  perform in front of people. I can’t just submit poetry to magazines and get published.

Last night, I  conducted a presentation and read some poems to an audience.

My discussion was about the importance of confessional poetry. I write confessional poetry in the tradition of Anne Sexton and Syliva Plath.

I explained to the audience that I can’t just “write” a poem on the spot. My poetry emerges from my life experiences I have to “feel something” in order to write a poem.

Of course, I was a little bit nervous about reading my poems to an audience but I just told myself to try my best. I read five poems and I feel good. After the symposium,  I even got a certificate for presenting at the symposium!

About orvillelloyddouglas

I am a gay black Canadian male.

2 responses to “Last Night, I Read My Poetry At A Symposium For The First Time.”

  1. Ashley V. says :

    Well done to you Orville! I’m glad you were able to overcome any nerves you had and read your poetry at the symposium. Also, congratulations for the certifcate you received. There’s a first time for everything and hopefully you’ll continue to perform your artistry in front of audiences.

  2. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Hi Ashley, your comment is so kind. Thank you I really appreciate it. I felt good reading my poetry to an audience. I want to continue doing this.

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