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Author & Economist Dambisa Moyo Book “Dead Aid“ Challenges Celebrities,The Western World, & African Dictators. Ms. Moyo Says Foreign Aid Actually Hurts Africans.

Dambisa Moyo she is the author of the incendiary book `Dead Aid“.  Ms. Moyo she was born in Zambia, she currently lives in London England. She is an economist, she holds a doctorate degree from Oxford University.

Ms. Moyo graduated with a Masters degree from Harvard University. In addition, Ms. Moyo  she has a MBA in finance and a bachelor of science degree in chemistry from American University in Washington D.C.

Ms. Moyo has a cogent argument, her question is why haven’t African countries become economically independent? After all, she

argues African nations have been free for over sixty years.

Her answer is, foreign aid is another form of colonialism. it is a  vicious cycle of dependency when  African countries depend on  foreign

aid from the western world.

Ms. Moyo utilizes the analogy that foreign aid is like an “addiction“ and African countries must wean themselves off of this “drug`.

The pernicious African governments are in collusion with the western world and this only hurts the African people.

The African dictators are not providing the health care, social services, infrastructure which is their responsibility.

Unfortunately, the occident, are so heavily involved in African economies there is a Eurocentric focus where the money is being

exported out of Africa instead of being utilized to develop African societies.

For example, 90% of Ethiopîa`s budget is from foreign aid. Ms. Moyo clearly loves the African people, she is a very courageous woman to

write this book.

Ms. Moyo says in the year 1970 only 10% of Africans lived on $1 dollar per day now she says 70% of Africans survive on only $1 dollar

per day.

She strongly believes that  African governments are to blame for depending on the western world for foreign aid.

Ms. Moyo says there is no incentive for African governments to develop their countries economies when they basically steal the

foreign aid for themselves.

It is so refreshing that Ms. Moyo is providing her perspective because she is an African woman speak about the African economics and

politics.  Ms. Moyo she actually has the  real life experience and the expertise to understand this issue of African politics and economics

better than they can.

Ms. Moyo says in  book“Dead Aid`,` that people should question where their money is going when they send their money to non-profit


She  believes that foreign aid is actually hurting African economies and she believes the distribution of the billions of dollars are not

reaching Africans.

Ms. Moyo`s perspective is  foreign aid from governments should be cut off from the African continent within ten years.

Some people may believe that Ms. Moyo’s ideologies are drastic, but she is serious. Ms, Moyo is not against all NGOs because she believes

there are African people suffering that require humanitarian assistance. Ms. Moyo she  is questioning the distribution of the foreign aid.

Her book `Dead Aid`,  challenges the  corrupt African governments, the western world, and Hollywood celebrities.

Ms. Moyo argues that the western governments, African dictators, pop stars such all contribute to creating a culture of corruption and

dependency in Africa economies.

She criticizes  pop stars such as Madonna,  Bono, and Bob Geldof are not altruistic they want to position themselves as

“white saviours.“ The danger is these “white saviours” actually have a lot of influence in relation to policies that affect the lives of

African people. Ms. Moyo she believes western  celebrities are a part of the problem not the solution to the African continent.

She says foreign pop stars only  focus on the negative aspects of African nations and not the positives.

Ms. Moyo also focuses her argument on the culture of “othering“ and neo colonialism that exists when foreign governments and

celebrities discuss the African continent.

The Africa continent is not a monolithic group, it consists of over  fifty-three independent  countries.

For instance, Nigeria is one of the world`s largest oil exporters and South Africa is the most richest country on the African continent.

Ms. Moyo says pop stars treat the African continent as a fetish to promote themselves and their

own agenda.  Ms. Moyo she is correct, foreign pop stars have no right to discuss African foreign aid when they are not education to

understand the nuances of economics.

According to Ms. Moyo ,she says African governments should look to new markets in China and India to develop their countries



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