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Adam Giambrone Quits Mayoral Race Due To Interracial Sex Scandal!

Disgraced Toronto mayoral candidate Adam Giambrone quit the Toronto mayoral race  today. I am surprised, I thought  Giambrone would stick around. I thought Giambrone was hoping the interracial sex scandal would blow over.

The  interracial sex scandal with the Asian female university student Ms. Lucas really damaged Giambrone’s reputation.

Why didn’t Adam Giambrone just say he was single? He has admitted to several affairs with multiple women.

In politics, it is clear the image of compulsory heterosexuality is very important. The politician must

present the heterosexual nuclear family image to attract voters in North America.

Adam Giambrone is not married nor does he have any children.  I thought he would fight back.

However, I think some people are upset that Giambrone used his female partner for political reasons.

Another reason people are mad and  disappointed is due to the fact he presented the image he is a family

man when he isn’t. Giambrone is just a young man, he  doesn’t have the political experience or maturity to be the mayor of Canada’ largest city.

Giambrone’s recent You Tube clip is proof of his immaturity.

He  has bigger issues to deal, he is the Toronto Transit Commission’s Chairman.

The TTC is in shambles and needs to be fixed ASAP!

I think people want Giambrone to quit his job at the TTC as well.

The TTC is a complete mess, I am mean this literally and figuratively!

The last few weeks the TTC has received so much negative publicity. I think Giambrone needs to regain the public’s trust.

It is obvious that Giambrone’s attention should be on the TTC .

How can Giambrone run Canada’s largest city if he can’t run the TTC properly?


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