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Is Adam Giambrone Too Young To Be Toronto’s New Mayor? What Is Your Opinion?

I surfed the internet today, and the latest controversy is that 32-year-old TTC chairman  Adam Giambrone wants to become Toronto’s new mayor.

The TTC is the Toronto Transit Commission. Some people argue, the TTC should become a private business.

There are a plethora of reasons why people are upset that Adam Giambrone wants to become the new mayor of Toronto.

The quandary for Giambrone is, how can he prove he is a good candidate if the TTC  is currently receiving so much negative press?

For the past week, the Toronto media are splashing photos of TTC employees either sleeping on the job, smoking cigarettes,

or taking unscheduled breaks.

Last month, the TTC raised the cash fare for adults to $3.00 one way. The TTC has a lot of problems. People are upset because the TTC cash fare is more expensive yet the quality of the service is just not good enough.

For example, sometimes people push innocent bystanders in front of trains and sometimes people attempt to commit suicide on the subway lines.

The TTC needs to become more professional and spend the money they receive more wisely.

Ontario’s Premier Dalton McGuinty deserves some of the blame. The media are letting Mc Guinity off the hook. The Liberal government  isn’t providing enough  funding for  the TTC. The TTC is the economic engine of Toronto. Toronto is Canada’s largest and most important city and deserves respect.

When the TTC isn’t running there is chaos in the city. Does anyone remember the previous TTC union strikes?

People need the TTC for work, school, to run errands, shopping, to purchase groceries. The TTC is very important to the people

of Toronto.

The TTC  subway line also isn’t open late enough on the weekends. Why does the TTC subway  close on 1:30am on a Saturday night

does this make sense?

I hate paying $70 to $100 dollars for cab fare just to get home if I plan to stay out late on the weekends.

Well Toronto, here is your chance, we have the opportunity to force Adam Giambrone to make serious changes to the TTC.

First, some people say Adam Giambrone is far too young and doesn’t have the life experience necessary to run a big city such as Toronto.  Is this ageist?

Why does someone have to be forty, fifty or sixty years old to be the mayor of Toronto?

Some folks on the internet are saying that   the Toronto Transit Commission is in shambles.

I have to admit,  the washrooms at Finch, Bloor, Kipling, and Union stations are disgusting!

There is so much trash  in the TTC’s men’s washrooms.

Here is a plethora of crap I noticed last week at various TTC subway stations.

The bad smell inside the men’s washrooms is abhorrent. Next, I noticed the   lack of soap, garbage scattered everywhere,   smashed pop bottles, trashy old newspapers on the ground, and  graffiti smeared on the walls!

The TTC must do something about their unsafe and dirty washrooms this is  totally unacceptable!

The TTC needs to scrub the washrooms  clean and make sure the washrooms are clean for human consumption!

I am serious! I do not mean a little cleaning here and there! The TTC men’s washrooms need a complete make over!

I wonder what tourists think when they use the TTC facilities?

The TTC has the money they need to make the washrooms clean. I don’t know maybe the TTC needs to pay someone to watch over the washrooms? I am serious,

the men’s washrooms are aborrent they are not clean!

Another incendiary issue is,  some TTC needs to get tough with their  employees. The unscheduled cigarette and coffee breaks are upsetting the public.

The citizens of Toronto are speaking up about the terrible customer service. Some people are  complaining they say the TTC workers are rude and inconsiderate to the public.

However, I have also spoken to TTC employees and they say the citizens of Toronto are part of the problem.

Some TTC employees say the people of Toronto are rude they

spit, are verbally, and physically abuse to  the TTC workers.

I think the TTC workers do need to be protected from violent or mentally disturbed customers.

Since Giambrone is the TTC chairman he needs to do a better job.

If Giambrone can’t fix the TTC how can he possibly fix the problems in Canada’s largest city Toronto?

What do you think? Would you vote for Adam Giambrone or not? Let me know thanks!

Are Oprah & Gayle Just Friends Or A Lesbian Couple?

I know this is none of my business, but I have always wondered about something. Lesbian star Rosie O’ Donnell she says Oprah and Gayle are a lesbian couple but they hide their lesbianism. I don’t know about Rosie’s comment? Remember,  Rosie is a comedian and sometimes she just likes to stir the pot.

Are Oprah and Gayle just friends or a passionate lesbian couple? What do you think?

I know Oprah and Gayle have been best friends since 1976. However, Oprah has gone beyond the call of duty for her “friend.” Gayle is a successful journalist prior to meeting Oprah in the late 1970s.

For instance, Gayle’s talk show in 1997 was cancelled but the rumor is Oprah helped Gayle acquire her own talk show. Gayle is the  the editor in chief of O Magazine. Gayle is divorced, and Oprah is still with Steadman Graham  her long term  male companion. Maybe, Oprah and Gayle are just two women that are very close and they are like sisters and not lesbians?

I Got Called “Colored” Wednesday Evening At The Informal Social Anxiety Group.

If you have social anxiety,  you may want to check out Earla Dunbar’s amazing informal Social Anxiety Support Group meetings at the Centre For Addiction & Mental Health. The meetings are on Wednesday evenings at 7pm to 8:30pm at the College Street site in Toronto.

Last year, I attended Earla’s group frequently. Although later in 2009, I was involved in intensive group therapy called “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” at the Centre For addiction & Mental Health. I give Earla a lot of credit, for helping me to think about becoming more social and moving in the right direction.

I think Earla deserves a medal for the excellent work she does for the Toronto’s social anxiety community. Anyway, at last week Wednesday’s meeting, I decided to return and Earla made this amazing comment “I thought I needed a man to make me happy.”

I replied “Earla you are right, I thought the same thing. I  thought I needed a man to make me happy too. It took me a real long time to realize my happiness is my own  responsibility. I don’t need a man.” I replied.

Earla and I both laughed, because she knows the bullshit drama I went through last year with the Punjabi gay man.

It took me a long time to realize that my happiness is not “based” on having a “man” it is about doing things that make me happy.

Next, at the end of the meeting this rude woman Wendy she says “hey you the colored guy with the glasses can you say your point again.” I was shocked, because first off I am not “colored” I am “black”. I didn’t know what to say? I said to myself “did this woman just call me colored?” I decided not to make a scene and I repeated the comment I had made to Earla.

After the meeting, Earla and I had a chat and she was pissed she said “have we returned to Gone With The Wind? I am going to talk to Wendy.” I said “no Earla don’t talk to Wendy because then she will think I told you to talk to her.” Earla said “no Orville, Wendy was out of line and she needs to know that kind of language is unacceptable to the group.” Earla replied.

I thought about it, after the meeting I did become angry because I told Irina, Dave,  and Ron at Tim Hortons when we had coffee “did we return to the 1960s?”

Dave said “even though Toronto is a multicultural city, some white people live in a bubble. Some of  these all white neighbourhoods are like this they don’t have any sense.” By the way, Dave is a white man and he said this.

Ron and Irina agreed that Wendy’s comment was totally inappropriate. Earla e-mailed me to ask “are you coming back to the group?” She also let me know that she had a talk with Wendy. Wendy claimed her “anxiety” was the reason she called me “colored”. Earla told Wendy ” the comment is totally unacceptable.”

I replied back to Earla “of course, I wil return to the group and yes Wendy’s comment was totally unacceptable.”  I am glad that Earla “immediately” was aware that the word “colored” is not only offensive the word is archaic and obselete.

The word “colored”, is a term racists used in the twentieth century to treat black people as though we are less than human. I felt less than human when Wendy made the racist comment. Well, at least I know what Wendy is all about. If she tries to talk that way to me again, I will make sure that I to speak up.


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