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Gabourey & Mo’Nique Are Nominated For Best Actress & Best Supporting Actress. Is This Just Hollywood Racism & Sexism Against Black Women Or Progress?

Gabourey Sidibe and Mo’Nique are nominated  for best actress and best supporting actress for the incendiary film “Precious Based On The Novel Push ” by Sapphire.

However, I am not impressed. The last time a black actress was nominated in the best actress category was almost a decade ago. Halle Berry won the Oscar for best actress in 2002 for Monster’s Ball. Berry’s character Leticia Musgrove was a filthy, disgusting, slut, and a whore!

Of course, I think it is nice that Gabourey and Mo’Nique are nominated for Oscars. However, I feel this is also damaging and is a perfect example of white supremacy in mainstream Hollywood.

We must challenge the production and consumption of black images in the pop culture.

For instance, a few years ago there was a very good black film called “The Great Debaters” this film was an excellent,  positive, film, about black people rising up against white supremacy in America.

Of course, the racist  Academy ignored “The Great Debaters”.  After all, white liberals do not want to  be reminded sometimes they can be racist against black folks.

It is just a shame that two talented black women Mo’Nique and Gabourey are  nominated for such racist and sexist stereotypes of black womanhood.

For example, in the film “Precious” the lead character steals and eats a bucket of fried chicken! My goodness, that image of Precious eating the fired chicken is disgusting and abhorrent!

I remember one reader, she left a thought-provoking comment   on my blog. The woman said   that  white Hollywood prefers the  racist images of the obese, sassy, black female  mammies, to be the ONLY  representation of black womanhood.

Where is the diversity? Where is the balance?  It is clear that black people we need to get involved in the movie industry to transform these racist and sexist images of black womanhood.

I am not suggesting that obese black actresses should not work in Hollywood. I want all black women in Hollywood to get good work and get consistent work. However, my argument is, I am not excited that Gabourey and Mo’Nique  are nominated for Precious. I  wish  Gabourey and Mo’Nique were nominated for their performances in a film that is a more positive representation of black womanhood.

I am not thrilled that two black women are nominated in a racist and sexist  film when the mother has sex with her daughter! The issue of incest in Precious is just abhorrent and yes this movie is pure fiction!

I think people make the mistake when they watch this movie and think it is a real representation of the black poor in America. The black poor in America is not like this racist movie!

The danger is, some people will think that the black poor families in America are like this! Are there black families where incest occurs? Of course, I am sure incest exists in any community in America. I am just not happy that two black actresses are receiving Oscar nominations due to racism.

For example, Jeff Bridges was nominated for his performance in the film Crazy Heart  and he deserved his nomination. Do you think white Hollywood would allow Jeff Birdges  love interest in Crazy Heart to be an older obese white woman? Of course not!

I saw Crazy Heart, and I believe the older and  more homely looking women in the film would be a good choice to be the female love interest. I like Maggie Gyllenhaal but I believe the casting director made the wrong decision. When was the last time you saw an obese white woman nominated for an Oscar?

The casting director chose a glamorous white actress Maggie Gyllenhaal to be his love interest. Jeff Bridge is an old man he is sixty and Maggie is twenty-eight years younger than he is! However, in Hollywood old white men get the hot young women in their movies.

Where are the images of sexy, glamorous, black women that are refined, soft, feminine,  delicate, and beautiful? Why can’t Gabrielle Union, Naomie Harris, Kerry Washington, or Zoe Saldana get complex film roles? Why can’t  beautiful, fragile, vulnerable, black women get nominated for Oscars as well?

Where are the next generation of black screenwriters and directors? Black writers and directors are not doing a good job of presenting positive images of black womanhood.

The film “Precious Based On The Novel Push by Sapphire”, is full of racist generalizations about the black poor in America. Of course, the racist Academy once again nominates black women for  negative characters that live in the ghetto because they see this as “authentic”.

The writer Sapphire, she admitted that the character Precious Jones is about a plethora of students she taught in Harlem.

Sapphire basically wrote a novel she created the  most negative racist and sexist stereotypes about black poor women and now she is profiting off it.  The character Precious was raped and impregnated  by her father, raped by her mother, poor, obese, illiterate, this is just not believable.  The character Precious is extraordinary to the point of not being believable!  I caution  the public to  understand this film  is not “real” it is “fiction.”

This movie “Precious Based On The Novel Push” by Sapphire is for white liberals that think “this” is the “real” image of the black community and that is false.


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