Serena Williams is a tennis Legend she wins her fifth Australian Open singles title. However, why is she still disrespected by the tennis media?

Serena Williams of the United States, defeated a determined Justine Henin of Belgium 6-4 3-6 6-2 to capture her fifth Australian Open singles title. The victory gave Williams her twelfth grand slam title of her incredible career. Serena  has  now  equaled the great Billie Jean King’s tennis accomplishments they both have twelve slam singles titles.

Serena is the first female tennis player to have won five Australian Open singles titles in the Open era. The Open era of tennis started in the year 1968. Steffi Graf, Monica Seles, Margaret Court, and Evonne Googlagong Crawley have four Australian Open titles. Serena’s accomplishment today is incredible and proves once again she is the queen of the WTA Tour.

Serena silenced her critics in the tennis today they obviously don’t know that she is the best female player of her generation. Mary Carillo an ESPN Tennis commentator once again criticized Williams during the ESPN television broadcast yet she has never been ranked higher the number 33. Would Carillo admonish Williams if she was a white American woman and not a black American woman? The disrespect Serena has received from the USA tennis media is racist, sexist, and pathetic.

Serena is a great champion, she is a tennis legend yes Serena can be cocky but she also has the results. I have never seen another tennis legend  disrespected by the media as Serena Williams. The question remains why?

The sad part is, it is the American media that are so critical of Serena Williams. If Serena was a white American woman would she receive this much scorn? I doubt it.

Serena proves once again whenever she is motivated and serious she is better than every woman on the WTA Tour. Serena also won the women’s doubles title with Venus for the fourth time at the Australian Open the other day as well. Serena continues to soar into tennis history while Venus is left in the dust. Venus should seriously think about retirement she is on her way out.

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I am a gay black Canadian male.

5 responses to “Serena Williams is a tennis Legend she wins her fifth Australian Open singles title. However, why is she still disrespected by the tennis media?”

  1. Colette R. says :

    Yes, I am so overjoyed that Serena won. Her match with Li Na was incredible and further solidified her standing as a great champion and futher confounds these idiot commentators.
    I prefer Martina Navratilova commentating for Tennis Channel to the entire ESPN staff.

    Nadal needs to take some notes from the Serena v. Li Na. A true champion doesn’t give up!

  2. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Serena proved once again she is the best female tennis player of her generation. Now Serena has 12 slams she is tied with Billie Jean King. Serena is a great tennis champion!

  3. Ashley V. says :

    Orville, I absolutely agree with you when you say that Serena is disrespected by the tennis media because she is a black woman who has had a great deal of success. These people don’t want to see a black person do well.

    I’m from England, so I saw the Australian Open tennis via British Eurosport instead of ESPN. When Serena beat Justine Henin in the final, the commentators were so demure; they clearly wanted Henin to win.

    As you know, Serena had strappings around her thigh and knee throughout the tournament. Before the match began, Michael Stich (whom I don’t like at all) implied that Serena was strapped up for no reason other than to make excuses in case she lost to Henin. It really baffles me when a nobody (Stich) has something negative to say about a legend (Serena).

    Orville, my one grievance with this article would have to be the comment you made about Venus. I’m not ready to see her retire yet. I don’t think she is ready to retire. She has done a lot for the sport, but there is still more that she can do (i.e. win the Australian Open & French Open singles competitions).

  4. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Ashley, I have a question, do you think Venus can come back? Why did Venus lose to Na Li when she served for the match? I love Venus but I am tired of her blowing matches due to a lack of mental toughness.

    • Ashley V. says :

      I don’t know how to explain Venus’s loss to Na Li. I watched the match painstakingly from start to finish. I was utterly disgusted at the end of the match, thinking about all the chances Venus wasted (serving for the match & being up a break so many times in the 3rd set). It really was a low-quality match from both players, expecially Venus.

      The only good thing about that loss is that she didn’t have to face Serena in the semis. Venus & Serena are my favourite players, so I prefer to see them play each other in finals.

      Regarding the question you asked me about whether or not Venus can come back, I think she will. I hope she will. The year has just started, so we should all look out for her upcoming tournaments. I know that Venus’s last half of 2009 was dreadful, but we must remember that her knee gave her hell during that period. People have written her off so many times in the past and she has proven people wrong. My only concern is her age (she turns 30 this year) so I hope she will make big things happen in the grand slams before time runs out.

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