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Justine Henin Blasts Zie Zheng to reach the Australian Open final.

Justine Henin of Belgium, crushed Zie Zheng of China 6-1 6-0 in only fifty-one minutes. Zheng said before the semifinal that Henin was her idol, perhaps Zheng was nervous? I don’t know?I think the combination of Henin’s talent and Zheng’s nerves contributed to the lop sided scoreline. I picked Henin to beat Zheng anyway. However, I didn’t expect the match to be a blow out.

Henin is serious and she will be a tough opponent for Serena Williams when they meet in the Australian Open women’s final on Saturday night. Serena and Justine are the two best female tennis players of their generation.Women’s tennis needs this rivalry.

I know some Williams Sisters fans may not agree with me but I do not believe Venus is Serena’s true rival. I feel Venus has lost some mental toughness in the last few years. For instance, Venus incredible collapse against Li Na the other day is proof she is on the decline. I think Venus is on her way out.

My comment is not a  a misprint, I firmly believe, that Justine is a better tennis  player than Venus. Justine is mentally stronger than Venus and more consistent.


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