Serena Survives Advances To The Australian Open Semifinals.

Serena Williams almost lost her quarterfinal match today at the Australian Open she was  6-4 4-0 down to Victoria Azarenka. However, Serena is such a mentally tough champion she turned the match around 4-6 7-6 6-2.

Victoria has a lot of maturing to do if she wants to become a champion. A champion never chokes a 4-0 lead and loses a match.

I got to give Serena a lot of credit, she has the  mental toughness necessary to believe in her talent to win.

Serena is a fighter, she is not quitter.

Serena was very upset about Venus loss earlier in the day. In fact, during Serena’s press conference she said she was “incredibly disappointed” that Venus lost in her press conference. Serena loves her older sister Venus but Serena is a better tennis player.

Venus can learn so much from her younger sister. Venus serve is pure trash, and her forehand is garbage. Why doesn’t Venus ask Serena for advice? After all, Serena has the best female server in the history of women’s tennis. Serena never gives up ever yet Venus implodes. I think the mental side of tennis is the reason Venus has not progressed in the last few years. Well done Serena for not giving up.

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