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New Years Eve Went To Fynn Temple’s Bar With Friends

Wednesday evening, I got a phone call from my friend Irina, she wanted to know if I wanted to go to Fynn’s temple bar for New Years Eve.  Of course, I said yes.  Fynn Temple Bar is located at 489 King Street West in Toronto.

I arrived at Fynn’s Temple Bar around 8:30pm but Irina was late she forget to get a transfer when she left Davisville subway station.

Last night,  I  met Irina’s friends Jason, Leona, and Bevan.  I had a good time, it was nice getting out of the house and socializing.

Anyway, the food at Fynn’s Temple Bar was pretty good. I had a hamburger, fries, and sprite. At midnight, we all got  free champagne, sandwiches, and desert.

Jason wanted to go to Nathan Phillips Square for the City TV New Years Eve Party but we changed our minds. We wanted the free food!

The music was a mixture of Michael Jackson, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, 1990s techno music, and pop & rhythm and Blues.  We stayed until 1:00am and decided to head towards Spadina Subway station. Irina and Bevin decided to go their friend’s Randy’s place. Jason, Leona, and I went home.


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