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Why Are Darker Skinned Black Men Viewed As More Masculine Than Lighter Skin Black Men In Pop Culture?

I think darker skinned black men are viewed as more masculine, attractive, and as real black men.

In pop culture, lighter skinned black men are not given the same amount of respect in the black community.

I know some people think Kanye West is a jackass, but the guy is still hot! I love Usher  too! I must say I can’t believe Denzel Washington is fifty five years old he doesn’t look fifty five! Denzel is hot!

I must admit, I tend to be more attracted to darker skinned black men that are my skin tone or darker. I don’t know why? Is it because lighter skinned black men are viewed in pop culture as effeminiate and not masculine? Are these just stereotypes projected on to  lighter skinned black men?

I just love darker skinned black men but I think some light skinned guys are good looking as well. I remember this  dark skinned African guy I saw on the TTC bus one day, I almost passed out he was so fine!

Anyway, I think there are  some good looking liked skinned men in this world. I am curious what do you think?  I am cognizant that Dwayne Johnson, Wentworth Miller, Corbin Bleu, Terrance Howard, and Lenny Kravitz are  mixed race but they do have black heritage. All these men are absolutely gorgeous!

Roger Federer Wins The Australian Open, the ESPN.COM tennis experts are xenophobic racist idiots!!

Roger Federer of Switzerland blasted past Andy Murray of the United Kingdom 6-3 6-4 7-6 to win his fourth Australian Open title. Federer now has sixteen grand slam singles titles in his illustrious career.

However, the stupid tennis experts at ESPN.COM did not pick Roger or Serena Williams to win the Australian Open. Federer is the best player of his generation for a reason, he has incredible consistency. Federer has reached twenty two grand slam finals and he’s won most of them.

Rafael Nadal is the only player that is Federer’s rival. It is not Roger’s fault that Rafael  is not playing at his best at the moment.

The problem for Rafael is the fact his body is breaking down and he is only twenty three years old. Nadal needs to slow down, play less events, and allow his body to heal from the chronic knee injuries. Nadal needs to listen to his body and take care of himself.

The media need to stop hyping Andy Murray and make excuses for him. Murray just doesn’t have the firepower necessary to beat the Federer in a grand slam. I also want to point out, Murray is the only player in the top five to not win a grand slam. Murray is 0-2 in grand slam singles finals both times he lost to Federer in straight sets.

Wow the ESPN.COM editors are so dumb, why would anyone pick Andy Roddick to win a grand slam? Roddick hasn’t won a major since the 2003 US Open that’s almost seven years ago.

The hatred ESPN.COM has for Serena Williams is not only illogical it is just abhorrent. The ESPN.COM editors did not want Serena Williams to win the Australian Open despite the fact she is an American. I have to point out ESPN.COM is an American website. Serena Williams is a consistent grand slam singles champion and Andy Roddick is a one slam wonder.

The reason ESPN.COM editors chose Roddick over Serena is because Roddick is viewed as a “real American” because he is a white. Roddick’s results in the grand slams demonstrate is in the second tier behind Federer and Nadal. The only way Roddick will win a grand slam is when Roger and Rafael lose early. I just cannot see Roddick winning a slam without Roger and Rafael losing early that will be his only chance to win another major.

However, ESPN.COM picked the Belgians Justine Henin and Kim Clijsters to win the Australian Open women’s event. No one at ESPN.COM picked Serena Williams even though she is the most mentally tough female tennis player of her generation.

Serena is the best because of her mind, her serve, and her return. Serena’s mind is her greatest asset, she refuses to lose. Serena also has the best serve in women’s tennis history of women’s tennis. The serve is the most important shot it is a shot a tennis player has control over. Justine Henin is a great champion but her serve was a liability in the final.

Serena Williams is a legend and she deserves respect from the American media. The USA media take Serena Williams for granted this is disappointing. It is pathetic that ESPN.COM hates Serena just because she is a black female tennis champion and not white.

The ESPN.COM tennis writers hate Roger Federer because he is the best male tennis player of his generation. The ESPN.COM editors resent the fact that since Rafael Nadal is injured Federer is winning all the grand slams. It is not Roger’s fault that he is healthy, picks his events carefully, and takes time off to heal his body. The  anti Roger Federer attitude at ESPN is ludicrous! Too bad for ESPN.COM!  Congratulations to Roger Federer and Serena Williams the Australian Open champions!!

Link to the stupid predictions by the ESPN Tennis Writers:

Serena Williams is a tennis Legend she wins her fifth Australian Open singles title. However, why is she still disrespected by the tennis media?

Serena Williams of the United States, defeated a determined Justine Henin of Belgium 6-4 3-6 6-2 to capture her fifth Australian Open singles title. The victory gave Williams her twelfth grand slam title of her incredible career. Serena  has  now  equaled the great Billie Jean King’s tennis accomplishments they both have twelve slam singles titles.

Serena is the first female tennis player to have won five Australian Open singles titles in the Open era. The Open era of tennis started in the year 1968. Steffi Graf, Monica Seles, Margaret Court, and Evonne Googlagong Crawley have four Australian Open titles. Serena’s accomplishment today is incredible and proves once again she is the queen of the WTA Tour.

Serena silenced her critics in the tennis today they obviously don’t know that she is the best female player of her generation. Mary Carillo an ESPN Tennis commentator once again criticized Williams during the ESPN television broadcast yet she has never been ranked higher the number 33. Would Carillo admonish Williams if she was a white American woman and not a black American woman? The disrespect Serena has received from the USA tennis media is racist, sexist, and pathetic.

Serena is a great champion, she is a tennis legend yes Serena can be cocky but she also has the results. I have never seen another tennis legend  disrespected by the media as Serena Williams. The question remains why?

The sad part is, it is the American media that are so critical of Serena Williams. If Serena was a white American woman would she receive this much scorn? I doubt it.

Serena proves once again whenever she is motivated and serious she is better than every woman on the WTA Tour. Serena also won the women’s doubles title with Venus for the fourth time at the Australian Open the other day as well. Serena continues to soar into tennis history while Venus is left in the dust. Venus should seriously think about retirement she is on her way out.

Movie Review: Crazy Heart Is Very Overrated.

Last night, I went to see the independent drama Crazy Heart at the Varsity theatre in downtown Toronto with my movie group.

The only reason I decided to see the film is because I love Maggie Gyllenhaal she is a very talented actress.

I am a big huge fan of Maggie Gyllenhaal!

Maggie will win an Oscar one day she is the best actress of her generation.

However, I was yawning during the film and looking at my watch I was bored.

I hate watching  the fifteen minute commericals before a  films starts.  The acting in  Crazy Heart was solid, but the pace of the film is extremely slow. Jeff Bridges performance as the alcoholic over the hill country singer was excellent.

Maggie Gyllenhaal’s  performance was good but she was the wrong casting choice. Why didn’t the casting department choose an older woman to be the female lead someone in her late forties or early fifties?

It is very hard to believe that  Gyllenhaal’s character, the young journalist Jean Craddock, would fall in love with a wrinkled old man. I felt like I was watching a grandfather seducing his grandaughter. The sex scenes between Bridges and Gyllenhaal are creepy and gross.

Hollywood is so sexist, casting these old men like Jeff Bridges with attractive young women like Maggie Gyllenhaal. The best part of the movie was the last thirty minutes but then I felt the ending was forced and rushed.

I give Crazy Heart a six out of ten the movie could of been a lot better. I wasn’t impressed with  Crazy Heart.

Roger Federer Rolls Over Jo Wilfried Tsonga In Straight Sets & Advances To The Australian Open Final.

Roger Federer easily defeated Jo Wilfried Tsonga of France 6-2 6-3 6-2 and he advances to the final of the Australian Open. Federer’s consistency is remarkable, he is through to his twenty second grand slam final.

Justine Henin Blasts Zie Zheng to reach the Australian Open final.

Justine Henin of Belgium, crushed Zie Zheng of China 6-1 6-0 in only fifty-one minutes. Zheng said before the semifinal that Henin was her idol, perhaps Zheng was nervous? I don’t know?I think the combination of Henin’s talent and Zheng’s nerves contributed to the lop sided scoreline. I picked Henin to beat Zheng anyway. However, I didn’t expect the match to be a blow out.

Henin is serious and she will be a tough opponent for Serena Williams when they meet in the Australian Open women’s final on Saturday night. Serena and Justine are the two best female tennis players of their generation.Women’s tennis needs this rivalry.

I know some Williams Sisters fans may not agree with me but I do not believe Venus is Serena’s true rival. I feel Venus has lost some mental toughness in the last few years. For instance, Venus incredible collapse against Li Na the other day is proof she is on the decline. I think Venus is on her way out.

My comment is not a  a misprint, I firmly believe, that Justine is a better tennis  player than Venus. Justine is mentally stronger than Venus and more consistent.

Serena struggles but advances to the Australian Open women’s final.

Serena Williams defeated  Li Na of China 7-6 7-6 the match was a two hour marathon. Serena advances to the Australian Open final. Li played well, she fought off four match points but the end result was never in doubt. Despite the loss, Li will reach the WTA top ten for the first time next week. Li is a tough opponent for Serena she has beaten a lot of top players in the past. For instance, Li has defeated Venus Williams, Maria Sharapova, and Kim Clijsters and Serena in the past. Li should be proud of her result she will be in the WTA top ten next week.

Roger Federer & Jo Wilfried Tsonga Advance To The Australian Open Semifinals.

Nikolay Davydenko lead 6-2 3-1 with break points for a 4-1 lead in the second set. However, Roger Federer is a fifteen times grand slam champion he turned the match around and won 2-6 6-3 6-0 7-5. Roger has now reached twenty three consecutive grand slam semifinals in his incredible career. The last time Roger lost before the semifinal of a grand slam was the 2004 French Open almost six years ago. Federer’s opponent in the semifinals will be Jo Wilfried Tsonga of France, he defeated Novak Djokvic of Serbia 7-6 6-7 1-6 6-3 6-1.

Serena Survives Advances To The Australian Open Semifinals.

Serena Williams almost lost her quarterfinal match today at the Australian Open she was  6-4 4-0 down to Victoria Azarenka. However, Serena is such a mentally tough champion she turned the match around 4-6 7-6 6-2.

Victoria has a lot of maturing to do if she wants to become a champion. A champion never chokes a 4-0 lead and loses a match.

I got to give Serena a lot of credit, she has the  mental toughness necessary to believe in her talent to win.

Serena is a fighter, she is not quitter.

Serena was very upset about Venus loss earlier in the day. In fact, during Serena’s press conference she said she was “incredibly disappointed” that Venus lost in her press conference. Serena loves her older sister Venus but Serena is a better tennis player.

Venus can learn so much from her younger sister. Venus serve is pure trash, and her forehand is garbage. Why doesn’t Venus ask Serena for advice? After all, Serena has the best female server in the history of women’s tennis. Serena never gives up ever yet Venus implodes. I think the mental side of tennis is the reason Venus has not progressed in the last few years. Well done Serena for not giving up.


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