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Booker T Washington,W.E.B. Du Bois, & Barack Obama

Would Booker T Washington & W.E.B. Du Bois be proud of  Barack Obama  if they were alive today?  Washington died in the year 1915, but his memoir “Up From Slavery“ is a brilliant autobiography. Washington  was born in the year 1856 nine years before  slavery ended in America. Washington grew up to become a business man and founder of his own college the Tuskegee Institute.

I am cognizant that  Washington has been dead for almost 100 years, but  I think  he was gorgeous!  Washington  had a masculine, confident, charismatic, demeanor. Barack Obama is just so sexy, he is also a leader and not a follower.  I don`t always agree with Obama`s  politics, but he`s definitely the hottest president in United States history!

I think people have to realize Obama is not  Jesus Christ he is just a politician. Of course, Obama is America`s first African American president so a lot of people expect a lot from him. I believe people should judge Obama at the end of second year of his administration. Obama has only been in office for one year, it is obvious people are too unrealistic they expect change to occur overnight.

Obama is a shrewd politician, he realizes he cannot just placate to African Americans he has to include everyone. The more people Obama reaches the more political power he can obtain.  Booker T Washington was a pragmatist, some people say Washington was an “uncle tom.“ I think W.E.B. Du Bois was a snob, I don`t agree with Du Bois “talented tenth“ theory. Du Bois talented tenth analogy is that only the most “educated“ blacks could lead the black race to emancipation.

He also has a second famous ideology called  “double consciousness“.

I believe Du Bois  “double consciousness“ theory  is still very important in the 21st century. Du Bois theory is blacks are cognizant  that the  mainstream world views black people negatively. He was concerned that black people internalize the white supremacist ideologies the mainstream have about us and this controls how we view ourselves. He believed that black people interpret the racism and prejudice and thus believe we are automatically believe we are inferior due to white supremacist theories. Du Bois challenged white supremacy through his literary work and politics.

Du Bois was born in the year 1868, his father was half white  and his mother was an African American woman. Du Bois became a  sociologist and if you have read `The Souls of Black Folk“ some of his comments about the black poor was controversial. I remember reading Du Bois “The Souls of Black Folk“ and Washington`s “Up From Slavery“ and it is amazing how their views on race are so different. It is also interesting to point out that Washington, Du Bois, and Obama all are mixed race. Washington`s mother was raped by the white male slave master in 1856 right before the Civil War.

Washington did not know his white father. Du Bois was the first African American to graduate from Harvard University with a doctorate degree. Du Bois was one of the founding leaders of the NAACP. Some people believe Du Bois was a snob because he believed the “talented tenth“ could save the black race. I also learned Du Bois was very influential, he published a magazine called “The Crisis“, he was involved in politics campaigning for equal rights for black people. Du Bois died in Ghana in the year 1963.

Washington was more pragmatic, although also controversial,because he believed blacks should placate to the white elite in order to obtain freedom. Washington was very resourceful in acquiring funding from powerful white Americans to fund the Tuskegee Institute. Washington believed blacks should learn trades and forget about obtaining a liberal arts education.

I Thought Rahi Was A Nice Guy But I Think I Was Wrong.

I thought Rahi was a nice guy but now I just think he is selfish. For example, two weeks ago I saw the horrible Ninja Assassin film with him. I didn’t want to see Ninja Assassin but since Rahi wanted to see the movie I did.
I thought  “well I will try to be nice since Rahi really wants to see this movie I will see it.”
I hated Ninja Assassin that film  was so violent! I believe in reciprocity, two weeks ago I saw the horrible Ninja Assassin then I think it would have been “nice” if he agreed to see a movie I want to see. I am telling myself ” I only met  Rahi a few times and I’m just going to leave him alone”.
My viewpoint is, I believe  Rahi is very  selfish.
I went to see the movie because Rahi wanted to see it. I decided I am not going to respond to Rahi’s e-mail he sent me this morning. How can I possibly respond to Rahi’s message? I won’t!
At this point, I don’t care whether Rahi is straight, gay, or bisexual. All I will say is, two weeks ago Rahi certainly went overboard in trying to impress me.
Rahi picks me up, drives me home after we saw Ninja Assassin two weeks ago. He takes me out buys me something to eat.  Rahi told me two weeks ago to “keep in touch”.
However, my opinion is Rahi  is selfish he only cares about his “needs” and what “he wants”.
Whenever I see a movie with someone I will see a film even if I really don’t want to see it. The reason I do this is because I am sensitive to another person’s feelings.
I decided to take Eileen’s advice and I contacted Rahi on Tuesday. I wanted to know if he was wanted to see the Princess & the Frog because I WANTED to see this film. After all, I saw Ninja Assassin with Rahi. Well here is what Rahi said.
I contact Rahi via e-mail yesterday and he immediately responded:
Here is the message from Wednesday December 16th 2009:
Hey Orville,
I’m doing well thanks. How’re things at your end? Has your winter holidays started yet?
Not free this weekend, by I’ll be off work starting next Tuesday until January 04, 2009. We can definitely meet up.
I watched “A Single Man” last night with a coworker. It was about a gay man grieving the loss of his partner. It was shot well and the acting was superb. But…, it was bit of a downer movie. Have you watched anything lately?
Peace and chat later!


I thought “this is interesting Rahi saw a movie about a gay man losing his partner. ” Maybe Rahi isn’t straight after all or maybe Rahi is open minded? The point is I will NEVER go through this situation again. If I am interested in a man I got to know for sure he is gay or at least bisexual. I don’t like this wondering or second guessing myself. I admit I think I jumped to conclusions and I guess I was wrong about Rahi.
Here is Rahi’s message from this morning December 17th 2009:
Cool! Enjoy Precious. A couple people I know watched it and they actually liked it.
I’m not too much into Disney 2D cartoons. The Princess and the Frog looks interesting, but I’ll pass on it.
Okay Orville, have a good one. Talk to you later,


I am not responding to Rahi’s message I think the line “but I’ll pass on it” is very rude. After all, I saw Ninja Assassin and yet he refuses to see a movie I want to see.

I just feel Rahi is not being very nice at all. I don’t want to get to know Rahi now because he does come across as being selfish he ONLY wants things to go his way or it’s the highway. I don’t like this at all. I believe a nice person WOULD see a movie they really don’t want to see if someone WANTED to see the film. I just decided to delete Rahi’s e-mail messages and I have deleted his phone number from my phone.

Roger Federer Is The Athlete Of The Decade Not Tiger Woods!!!

According to the Associated Press,  Tiger Woods is the male athlete of the decade! How is this possible? Is this xenophobia? Woods won twelve majors this decade but Roger Federer won fifteen majors! It is obvious the American editors are biased since Woods is also American! Federer won more slams than Woods he also completed the grand slam this year. Federer finally won the French Open this year! Federer clearly deserves to be the male athlete of the decade. Also, Federer doesn’t cheat on his wife he is a respectable man he’s not Tiger Woods!

Woods is a dirty dog, he cheated on his innocent wife Elin with prostitutes, strippers, pancake waitresses, and club hostesses. Roger Federer is a clean man and he lives a very clean life.

If you look at the statistics it is clear Federer had the superior decade. Federer has reached been number one for 237 weeks, he once won 24 finals in a row, he also has reached 22 consecutive grand slam semifinal or better. Federer has been in 17 of the last 18 grand slam finals. Federer has won an Olympic gold medal. Federer wasn’t even in second place that was reserved for another American cyclist Lance Armstrong! Armstrong has been accused by the French media of being a steroid cheat!

My Feature Article On The Writer Mariatu Kamara Is In Fall Issue 2009 Amoi Magazine!!! Go To The Chapters & Indigo Bookstore & Purchase A Copy!!

Today  I went to the  Chapters bookstore in downtown Toronto. I saw the fall 2009 issue of Amoi Magazine in the magazine section. I noticed that the acclaimed African Canadian author Lawrence Hill  on the cover. I decided to picked up Amoi Magazine, my article on the writer Mariatu Kamara  is published on page 102!

In August 2009, I wrote an article about the Sierra Leone writer Mariatu Kamara she wrote the book “The Bite Of The Mango.” Kamara’s hands were severed during the brutal civil war in Sierra Leone when she was only a child. I decided to purchase the fall issue of Amoi Magazine since my story is published. I think I might buy Lawrence Hill’s bestselling novel The Book Of Negroes.

Disney’s The Princess & The Frog Debuts At Number One At The Box Office This Weekend!

The Disney cartoon the Princess & The Frog earned $25 million at the box office today. According to media reports, the movie gross of $25 million was at the low end of Disney’s expectations for the film. The film budget for The Princess & the Frog was $105 million.

The  Princess & The Frog is the first Disney movie to have a black female character in the lead role  of  a Disney cartoon.  However, some critics are not impressed that Princess Tiana’s love interest Prince Naveen is not African-American.

The critics say the reason Disney chose a  South Asian prince was  to  be palatable to white heterosexual audiences. Disney claims this film is about racial progress yet it is clear this movie was not meant for  just an African American audience but a mainstream audience.

Prince Naveen could be South Asian, Latino, or Middle Eastern.  Naveen is an Indian name, but in the film Naveen has a Spanish accent. Some critics question whether it is right to have a  male lead that is not African American? I think the reason Disney chose to make Prince Naveen’s race ambigious is because they want to reach a wider audience. I guess romantic relationship between two black characters would be branded a black film. Disney only cares about profit not racial progress.

Another complaint, I read online are about the historical inaccuracies in the film. For instance, the movie is set in the 1920s in New Orleans. The truth is a black woman in the 1920s  would  have been  a maid, factory worker, or a domestic not a Princess. Why was the movie set in the 1920s anyway? Why wasn’t the movie sent in the present?

The Princess & the Frog does not appear to be a feminist movie this movie panders to heterosexist ideologies about gender roles. For instance, feminist critic Janice Radway wrote  “Reading The Romance” in 1984.  “Reading The Romance” was groundbreaking because Radway conducted ethnographic studies to understand why women obtain pleasure from romance. Radway’s viewpoint is  some heterosexual women still believe in fairy tale fantasies about romance.

Radway believes the reason romance is so popular with women is because some heterosexual women want to live vicariously through the heroine. Princess Tiana is dependant on Prince Naveen isn’t this against feminist politics and ideologies? Do heterosexual women really need men anymore anyway?  Aren’t those “fairytale ideas” misogynist?

Princess Tiana also has a perfect figure just like all the female cartoon characters in Disney cartoons. Is this right? Will this film damage the self esteem of young black girls?

The few African-American women that were able to move through race and cultural barriers during the 1920s did so due to   determination and hard work. For instance, the jazz singers Ma Rainey, Besse Smith, and Gladys Bentley were able to break down barriers for black women in the 1920s due to their musical talents. Zora Neale Hurston the African-American writer became  successful during the Harlem Renaissance. Josephine Baker was a superstar in France in the 1920s after her success in the New York City broadway play “Shuffle Along.”

Of course, I am cognizant of the fact The Princess & The Frog is a cartoon. However, shouldn’t Disney have made the cartoon a bit more accurate? Shouldn’t children learn about racial and social injustice?

In Princess & the Frog Princess, Tiana wants to become a restaurant owner. The truth is in the 1920s in America due to racism and sexism it would have been extremely difficult for a black woman to own a business.  It is true in the early 20th century  Madam C.J. Walker became the first African American female millionaire.

I want to see the movie despite the complaints I have read on the internet. I think it is important for young black girls to see characters in cartoons that are also black. It is also nice that Princess Tiana is the lead and not a supporting character.

Christmas Party At Swiss Chalet

Last night, I went to the Christmas dinner party at Swiss Chalet at 1590 Yonge Street which is close to St. Clair subway station. I saw Eileen, Patricia, Ron, Valerie it was really good. I bought the festive dinner meal it consists of french fries, a bun, chicken. The festive deal is only $10.99! The great part of the meal was some guy I don’t know he works at Swiss Chalet he was so nice he gave us a 20% discount! I also got a box of chocolate. Eileen, Patricia, and I talked for two hours.

After the meal, we walked from St. Clair Subway station all the way down to the Bay & Indigo Chapters bookstore. I went to the poetry section and I was shocked there is one copy of my book “You Don’t Know Me” on the shelf! I showed Patricia and Eileen “You Don’t Know Me” and they said “wow that’s really nice!” We were going to have a coffee at Starbucks but the place was packed. Close to 10:00 we left the Bay & Indigo bookstore and went home.

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Today Rahi & I Saw Watched The Movie Ninja Assassin. Unfortunately Rahi Is Straight!

One of the goals this year is to  get out of the house and meet new people. I feel I am becoming more confident in myself.

Does anyone remember the cute Indian guy I met at a  movie event last month? Well I decided to throw caution to the wind and I e-mailed Rahi on Wednesday evening. I asked Rahi via e-mail if he wanted to see a movie this weekend. Rahi responded back on Thursday and he said he was free Saturday. We talked on the phone Friday night about the movie.

I wanted to see Precious but he wanted to see Ninja Assassin. I should of known right there that Rahi is straight. Eileen and I joked on the phone after I talked to Rahi . Eileen and I agreed that “Ninja Assassin, that’s definitely a movie a straight guy would like!”

I will be honest, I tend not to like martial arts movies because I don’t like the violence. I prefer seeing depressing dramas, romantic comedies, and thought provoking documentaries.

According to Rahi, he felt that Precious was a bit too heavy and intense he said he wanted to see “mindless entertainment”. Rahi wanted to see Ninja Assassin at  Yonge and Eglinton but that’s kind of far from where I live. Rahi offered to drive to my area of the GTA and pick me up.  I told  Rahi I don’t mind taking the TTC to see him in  downtown Toronto but he insisted he wanted to pick me up.

Rahi  called me  at 3:00pm today  and he did  exactly what he said he was going to do.  Rahi told me it would take him about an hour to meet me. I arrive at  the local mall close to where I live but Rahi’s car is parked on the opposite side of the mall.

Next, it was kind of funny, Rahi and I are were talking on our cell phones trying to figure out where we are supposed to meet. I finally told Rahi to just stay where he is and I located his car. Rahi and I caught the 4:30 pm show of Ninja Assassin and we were surprised how cheap it was for a Saturday afternoon only $8 dollars each! Rahi bought a huge bag of popcorn and a drink. I bought a small bag of popcorn and a medium drink. The movie Ninja Assassin wasn’ t that great to be honest. Rahi admitted he did not know why he chose the movie he gave it a three out of ten. The violence in the movie was extreme. I thought Naomie Harris wasted her talent in this film the movie just wasn’t that good.

Last night, I was talking to my friend Eileen on the phone and she was suggesting ways to figure out if Rahi is gay or not. Eileen said to “just bring the topic up in a casual way.”  Finally, after the movie Rahi asked “what do you want to do now Orville?” I suggested “we can go to  Tim Hortons?”  Rahi was nice even though I offered to pay he bought me a donut and he had a coffee at Tim Hortons. We talked and I surreptitiously brought up the topic of  sexual orienation. Since Rahi is Muslim I asked ” in the Muslim culture homosexuality is not acceptable right?”  Rahi said “this is true.” He replied.

Next, I continued, I asked “have you heard about Irshad Manji? Irshad is a gay Muslim writer.” Rahi said “yes I have heard about Irshad, but she does not  have a strong understanding of Islam, she is not a scholar.” Rahi next explained that Irshad’s interpretation of Islam ” is incorrect”.

Rahi also said ” conservative Muslims have a strict interpretation of the Koran and the hadith. However, for instance, in the hadith there is a section about attractive young males and heaven.” I was surprised I did not know this.

Rahi told me that he lived in  India for about a year and visited his father.  He decided to move back to Canada. Rahi says he is looking for a relationship on that’s a straight dating website.

He said he is a “the  kind man that is  not promiscuous.”  Well, Rahi said he doesn’t “go clubbing” and he is “looking for a girlfriend.” So I struck out but Rahi is a nice guy. I did have a good time seeing him today although he is not gay.

I guess when I received the message from Rahi on I was just jumping to conclusions. Rahi sent me a message because he is just a nice guy. There are nice straight guys out there.

Rahi said that we could “see each other again”  if I wanted to.

Of course, for me it sucks that he is straight, but maybe I can make a new friend? I haven’t told Rahi I am gay I don’t think he knows? Although if Rahi did check out my page he would know I am gay. I signed up to a gay male group. I am proud of myself that I took a chance, I wanted to get to know Rahi better and although he is straight maybe I can make a new friend? I thought Rahi is a gentleman and I had a good time although I would be lying if I was said I wish he was gay. However, Rahi is not gay and I accept this fact. Maybe, I can become friends with a straight man?


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