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I Need Some Advice I Was Not Invited To A Christmas Party. How Should I Respond?

Today, Eileen called,  we talked on the phone for about an hour. Eileen says on Christmas  dinner party at her her house but I wasn’t invited.

Of course, I am surprised Eileen had a Christmas party because I have known Eileen for almost a year.  Eileen and I have attended parties together, gone to movies together, talked on the phone a lot. I thought Eileen and I were becoming friends. Eileen said the reason she did not invite me to the Christmas Party is because she figured I was with my family. Eileen is correct I did have Christmas Dinner with my family but of course I would of tried to attend her dinner event if I was invited.

Eileen invited people to her Christmas Party they are acquaintances of mine but she did not invite me. During our one hour conversation, Eileen was complaining about a friend she has known for twenty years. Eileen  said her  female friend is rude to her, disrespectful, and the woman constantly puts her down.

I suggested to Eileen that she should talk to her friend and let the woman that she has hurt her feelings. However, Eileen says she is afraid of her so-called friend getting upset.  “Eileen how can you be friends with someone who makes you feel so uncomfortable?” Eileen did not have an answer.

I am wondering why didn’t Eileen even ask or invite me to the Christmas Party? Why did Eileen make assumptions?  I don’t want to fight with Eileen, I think she is a nice lady.   I am wondering why didn’t she invite me? I just feel I have to talk to Eileen about this I don’t hide my feelings. I understand that I can ask Eileen in a non conforntational manner and just let her know my concerns. I guess, I am just afraid of Eileen’s reaction? I don’t want to upset her, but I feel I must talk about this because I am so confused and a bit disappointed. Eileen says she would like to see a movie Tuesday night but I think I have to talk about this issue with her.

Update: I called Eileen and we talked about the Christmas Party. I am glad we had a good conversation.


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