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Black Gay Professor Don Belton Murdered In His Own Residence. His Death Exposes Hypocrisy & Gay Racism Of America’s LGBT Community!

Don Belton, a 53-year-old  black gay English professor at Indiana University, was  allegedly murdered by a  25-year-old white male  Michael J. Griffin. According to court documents, Griffin admitted to stabbing Belton during an argument on Sunday. Belton was stabbed several times in the back with a 10 inch knife.

Griffin was a Marine and he  served in Iraq. According to media reports, Griffin  told the police that Belton was the aggressor.

His  ex girlfriend called the police to let them know she believes he probably killed professor Belton.

Professor Belton was a writer, he wrote the novel “Almost Midnight” he also edited an anthology on black male masculinity.

Bloomington police believe the murder was a “crime of passion.”

In fact, according to media reports, professor Belton left a detailed diary and he  mentions Griffin in his diary recently. According to one diary entry, professor Belton said he was “very happy” that Griffin entered his life. Meanwhile, Griffin claims he was sexually assaulted twice by professor Belton. The two men obviously knew each other. The question is, what kind of relationship did they have?

I suspect Griffin is a classic closet case. Griffin probably had sex with professor Belton  freaked out  due to his internalized homophobia  by murdering the professor.

On  the gay websites Queerty and Towleroad there isn’t any  “outrage” that professor Belton was murdered due the fact he was black. Some gay  bloggers are actually siding with Griffin of course because he is white.  I  have  also read some racist and offensive comments about professor Belton.

Since Belton was African-American, the paucity of  humanity and respect is due to gay racism. Some bloggers are criticizing Belton about his sex life and age. The consensus of the cruel comments are that professor Belton was a desperate middle age man. What right do bloggers have to criticize a man who cannot defend himself since he is deceased?

Since professor Belton was a black gay man,  he’s not a member of America’s LGBT community. Professor Belton was viewed as “the other” he was ” just a black man” and not a “black gay man”.

Whenever white gays want support from  black  people they talk our similarities in relation to civil rights. The reason some blacks don’t support the white gay community is because some are suspicious of white gays and their motives. However, professor Belton’s death is a tragedy and he is  viewed as an outsider by some white gays due to race.

Wow, can I just say yuck! Some gay bloggers are calling the alleged murderer “cute” and “hot”. Where is the sensitivity? Where is the humanity?

Some gay men are  racists the comments on Queerty and Towelroad are just disgusting and disappointing! A gay man was murdered but since the gay man was black and not white  some of these white queer bloggers  could care less. The queers on the blog Towelroad & queerty are saying the killer is good-looking that’s abhorrent!  There is so much apathy for professor’s Belton’s tragic death the comments on the web underscore how racist the LGBT community is!

Here is an offensive superfluous comment the  white gay Village Voice writer Michael Musto wrote about professor Belton’s death on December 30th 2009.

“In any case, an entry in Belton’s journal was found and it expressed delight that someone named Michael had entered his life.

Don’t ever write an entry like that!”

Musto’s comment is pernicious for criticizing professor Belton and blaming professor Belton for his own death! Michael Musto comment is callous and  disrespectful!

I can honestly say, no wonder some  black gays are very critical of the  mainstream LGBT community. I doubt professor Belton’s death will be a big news story in the gay media this tragedy  will probably be buried in the back pages. However, if a racial reverse occurred you better believe the mainstream white gay media would be “outraged.”  The apathy, hypocrisy, and gay racism is deleterious. I am glad the mainstream media are treating professor Belton’s murder seriously because this is a heinous crime!

Link to Queerty Blog & Apathetic Racist Comments  About  Professor Belton’s Murder:

Link: Affidavit To The Murder Case:

Link: To Article Discussing Professor Belton’s Murder

Movie Review: The Princess & The Frog Is A Wonderful Movie!!!

Yesterday, Eileen and I saw the Disney film “The Princess & The Frog” in downtown Toronto at the AMC theatre. I arrived at the theatre a bit late. We were supposed to see the film at 4:00pm but we caught the next screening at 5:00pm.

Of course, everyone knows “The Princess & The Frog” is Disney’s first film with a black princess. I am so impressed with the storytelling, the subtle ways Disney discussed the issues of race & class.

I also like the  romance between Prince Naveen and Princess Tiana. I admit I was wrong, it doesn’t matter that Naveen is not black the point is Naveen loved Tiana. The idea that love should have no colour barrier. I think I allowed the controversy to cloud my judgment.

The movie is set in the 1920s, in New Orleans. The  Disney animators did an an excellent job of discussing the underling social issues of the 1920s.

For instance, Tiana’s good friend Charlotte is a rich, spoiled, white girl she lives in a mansion. However, Tiana lives with her family in a modest house in a segregated neighborhood. Tiana’s works two jobs because she wants to open her own restaurant. Tiana is turned down for a mortgage due to racism.

Meanwhile, Prince Naveen arrives in New Orleans and he is a playboy, his family has cut him off of his inheritance. Prince Naveen is tricked by the villain Dr. Facilier also known as the “Shadow Man”. Naveen is tricked by Dr. Facilier and he is  turned into a frog. Prince Naveen convinces Tiana to kiss him but she’s turns into a frog too. Naveen and Tiana travel to the bayou  in search of a mysterious old voodoo priestess her name is  Mama Odie.

Mama Odie she  is a wise old woman  Naveen & Tiana seek her help because they want to become human again. Mama Odie tells Tiana and Naveen that the secret is within themselves. Along the way, Naveen and Tiana meet Louis the Alligator and Raymond the firefly. The movie is predictable, but I love the music, the storyline, romance, and the comedy.

Prominent African Americans Politicians Are Angry At President Obama!

I just read a couple of articles on the internet. I agree strongly with the political group the black caucus, President Obama has ignored the concerns of the African-American community. Some people don’t understand that Obama was groomed and put together by prominent black politicians. Barack Obama needed the connections from the black elite in order to enter American politics.

The black American elite such as Oprah, Maxine Waters,  academics such as Henry Louis Gates Jr., Cornell West, Dr. Julianne Malveaux, helped Obama reach the White House.  Obama did not just fall out of the sky and become politically savvy. African-American critic Earl Hutchinson, points out, Barack Obama needed African-American votes in ” Ohio, Florida,  North Carolina, and Pennsylvania” in order to win the election.

African-American voters turned out in record numbers to support Obama so he should be doing more for them. If Obama can provide assistance to homosexuals, big business, pharmaceutical companies, then he can form a task force to help African-Americans.

African-Americans are unemployed at a higher rate than white Americans.  I resent the fact that Obama is playing politics and ignoring the systematic racism that blacks still endure in America.

Just because Obama is America’s first black President,  does not mean institutionalized racism has vanished. African-Americans encounter discrimination in terms of education, housing, employment, health care and the list goes on. Since Obama is cognizant of the concerns within the African-American community, he should be doing more. It is disingenuous of President Obama to just say “I can’t make a law just for black folks.” President Obama should be careful, he also should not take the African-American vote for granted.

Yes, President Obama is the president for all Americans. However, Obama can’t just help various communities and ignore his own community that’s disgraceful and abhorrent.

Obama is playing politics, he is fearful that the Republicans will criticize him if he did help the African-American community. Of course, African-Americans expect more from Obama and he would be very naive to think they not paying close attention to his political decisions.


I Need Some Advice I Was Not Invited To A Christmas Party. How Should I Respond?

Today, Eileen called,  we talked on the phone for about an hour. Eileen says on Christmas  dinner party at her her house but I wasn’t invited.

Of course, I am surprised Eileen had a Christmas party because I have known Eileen for almost a year.  Eileen and I have attended parties together, gone to movies together, talked on the phone a lot. I thought Eileen and I were becoming friends. Eileen said the reason she did not invite me to the Christmas Party is because she figured I was with my family. Eileen is correct I did have Christmas Dinner with my family but of course I would of tried to attend her dinner event if I was invited.

Eileen invited people to her Christmas Party they are acquaintances of mine but she did not invite me. During our one hour conversation, Eileen was complaining about a friend she has known for twenty years. Eileen  said her  female friend is rude to her, disrespectful, and the woman constantly puts her down.

I suggested to Eileen that she should talk to her friend and let the woman that she has hurt her feelings. However, Eileen says she is afraid of her so-called friend getting upset.  “Eileen how can you be friends with someone who makes you feel so uncomfortable?” Eileen did not have an answer.

I am wondering why didn’t Eileen even ask or invite me to the Christmas Party? Why did Eileen make assumptions?  I don’t want to fight with Eileen, I think she is a nice lady.   I am wondering why didn’t she invite me? I just feel I have to talk to Eileen about this I don’t hide my feelings. I understand that I can ask Eileen in a non conforntational manner and just let her know my concerns. I guess, I am just afraid of Eileen’s reaction? I don’t want to upset her, but I feel I must talk about this because I am so confused and a bit disappointed. Eileen says she would like to see a movie Tuesday night but I think I have to talk about this issue with her.

Update: I called Eileen and we talked about the Christmas Party. I am glad we had a good conversation.

Uganda’s Anti Gay Legislation Is Homophobic. Where Are The African Gay Activists?

Recently, the Ugandan government,  introduced an incendiary anti gay bill. The original Ugandan anti gay bill would make it legal for the government to kill  homosexuals.

Due to the outcry from the western media, the Ugandan government has revised the legislation. Now the  anti gay bill states that instead of the death penalty homosexuals can still face life in prison.

Of course, the Ugandan anti gay law is still very oppressive and extremely homophobic against Ugandan gay and lesbians.   My perspective is, although the western media is alarmed that the Uganda government legislation is anti gay their analysis also reeks of white supremacy.

The main reason the occidental media are focusing on Uganda now is to present the image that black people are  homophobic. I know homophobia is a very serious issue in African countries.

I am angered that most of the articles published about the anti gay legislation are written from a Eurocentric context. Why are the articles about Uganda’s anti gay legislation  written by mostly white heterosexuals and homosexuals?  Since when are whites the voices for black gays?

Why do some white gay activists suddenly think an issue that relates to the African LGBT experience means they can interject their perspective which sometimes is fraught with racism and othering?

Where are the voices of  African gay activists? African LGBT activist organizations are growing in Africa and I prefer to read essays written specifically by African LGBT activists on this issue . African gay and lesbian activists have the racial and cultural experience that the European and North American writers lack. Also, there is a subliminal message of white cultural domination in the articles that  white culture is more civilized and evolved in relation to homosexuality than African cultures.

Many countries across the globe condemn homosexuality not just Uganda. The United States is a perfect example of a developed country that discriminates against homosexuals.  Of course, any gay person that travels to Russia, Croatia,  Serbia, or other Eastern bloc countries will learn that homosexuality is condemned also in Eastern European countries.


RIP 2002-2009 My Relationship Ended This Year.

The year 2009, has been a real roller coaster ride there have been some highs and lows.  I lost my best friend, my boyfriend, my  man, he is gone. However,  I found  myself.

I have more self-confidence and belief in myself than ever before.  I knew him for seven years and now he is gone. He was my safety blanket, my knight in shining

armour. I got involved with  a Punjabi Sikh man. I don’t know why we crossed the line from a friendship to relationship?

I remember five years ago in his York University Ponds residence he made a sexual pass at me and I turned him down.

I guess the sexual attraction was building and finally we crossed the line multiple times.

Anyway, in the end,  the situation  was just very difficult and awkward.   Homosexuality is still taboo in the Punjabi culture. It took me a while to understand that he is still deep in the closet.

Even though, he is out to his sisters, friends, coworkers, he still has anxieties about his sexual orientation.

I don’t know where my head was? When I think about it, this man is going to be forced into an arranged marriage with a woman by his family!

Of course, he can stand up to his family and decide to live his life on his own terms but I am sure this would be a very hard decision. I wasn’t thinking.  Yes,

the sex was good, but the cold hard facts are his family controls his life and I think I resented this.

I resented the fact that we just did not have enough time together because of his family. He says that I “wanted more and more and I just can’t give you


I was wrong to expect more from him I understand this now.

In the end, we were just so cruel to each other tearing each other apart. It was becoming toxic because we were both psychologically and emotionally abusive to one another. I accept full responsiblity for my actions.  It was impossible to turn back the clock.  However,  I realize it is not the end of the world. I will find love again one day I guess?

I have learned important lessons from this painful experience. One of the lessons I have learned is, I must never ever get involved again with a closeted gay man. A closeted gay man is  not true to himself. How can someone  be true to someone when he isn’t even true to himself?  I understand now being out and proud is very important.

Although he protected me, whenever we were in social situations, I was too emotionally attached to him. I lost myself into his world, his problems, his family issues,  his friends, his life. I  realize I have my own life and my own concerns to focus on.

I never ever want to  lose myself into another man’s world. I have to have my own space, my own dreams, my own goals.

One of the most important lessons, I learned in 2009 is, that my happiness is my own responsibility. The choices I make are up to me and no one else. I can only control my own behaviour I cannot control another person’s behaviour.

It took me a long time to realize that my happiness is up to me not someone else. Why did it take me so long to realize this? Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life” was a real breakthrough for me. I recommend Louise Hay’s international best selling book to everyone.

I think for a very long time that I based  my happiness on another person and that’s dangerous. If a person bases his happiness on another individual this gives

another person incredible power.

The cognitive behavioral therapy sessions at the Centre For Addiction & Mental Health in downtown Toronto  is finally over.

The group therapy sessions started September 14th and ended December 7th 2009 and the therapy was very intense. I remember feeling embarassed that I was involved in a social phobia group at the Centre For Addiciton & Mental Health.

I was prejudiced, I thought “isn’t this the mental hospital and why am I here?” I learned a lot, I am proud that I completed the  group therapy.

I admit, I am still a work in progress, but I do have hope for the future.  I do want to continue being social outside of the bar and club scene. I feel the gay bar scene in Toronto is really about sex and not about building meaningful relationships with people. Of course, I am not a prude, I am not against sex, I go to bars, I visit the bathhouses.

I got to know two new people this year and although they are not gay, I am realizing having straight friends is  okay.

For a long time, I lived in this gay bubble, this alternative universe where gay means everything. Of course, my sexual orientation is an important component of my life. However, my sexuality is not my entire existence.

Mexico City Is The First Major City In Latin America To Legalize Gay Marriages!

Mexico City is the first major city in Latin America to legalize gay marriage! I am very surprised and happy for the Mexican gay and lesbian community this is progress!

Wow this is a huge breakthrough for Mexican gays and lesbians. In Argentina, the capital city  Buenos Aries has  legalized civil unions but not gay marriage.

Mexico City has emerged as a leader in Latin America for gay rights!  However, gay marriage is still not legal across the country  just in Mexico City.

Mexico City is a liberal city,  but across Mexico homophobia is still a serious problem for gay and lesbian Mexicans. Of course, the Catholic Church and homophobic politicians in the conservative Mexico are furious.

Are The Racialicious Editors Latoya Peterson & Carmen Van Kerkchove Hypocritical,Heterosexist, Misandrist,Racist?

Latoya Peterson and the founder of Racialicious Carmen Van Kerkchove have changed the blog’s  commenting policy.  One reader Dana, she was banned because she posted a comment the moderators did not agree with. I believe Dana has a right to express herself and her views about the Tiger Woods sex scandal. Even though, Dana did not use scatological language in her post she was banned. Dana basically argued her opinion and Peterson banned her. Is Racialicious a blog that wants to deal with the issue of race seriously or not? Or is Racialicious a blog that only wants readers to post comments about race that the moderators agree with?

Here is Dana’s comment:

Self-identification for mixed race African Americans is an absolute fantasy.

If Barack Obama had pronounced that he identifies as a white man, would he have been able to run for president? Would anyone have taken him seriously?

I am sorry, but people who are mixed with black genes (dominant black genes) do not have this luxury and it’s ridiculous to even entertain the thought.

I am offended by Tiger Woods and mixed race people like him ( who do not identify as black and proud to be black) is that they act as though my black skin is something that is less than desirable. It’s not about denying the otherness of their racial identity, it’s about looking at your black (or brown or high yellow) skin and rejecting it.

I look at people like Tiger Woods (and Henry Louis Gates Jr. whose series African American Lives made me physically ill after more than an hour of him preening over the white ancestors) and I see self-hating blacks. We, as a people, have a long way to go and loving ourselves is the first step.

It’s a shame that Tiger Woods and his ilk remain in denial. I do feel sorry for Tiger, he has got to be reeling from the treatment he’s been receiving in the media and all I have to say about it is that he’s finally being forced to confront the fact that he is and will always be perceived as a black man. He has certainly not been on the receiving end of the protection that is afforded to whites when one of their own is attacked.

I can understand both sides of the argument about Dana’s incendiary comment. It is obvious that Latoya and Carmen feel that Dana is denying mixed race people the right to self identify. However, I think it is ludicrous for Latoya and Carmen to ignore the fact there is some veracity to Dana’s statement. Dana argument is although mixed race people view themselves one way society may see them differently. I don’t understand how this statement is racist? In fact, Dana’s statement does make sense. Now could Dana have been a little bit less direct? Maybe, Dana’s blunt viewpoint upset Latoya and Carmen.

However, I resent the fact the editors at Racialicious act as though they are arbiters around race. Everyone has racial biases and prejudices. I know I’m not supposed to say this because I should be politically correct right? Since Carmen Van Kerkchove  owns the blog Racialicious she has her own racial prejudices  she views mixed race people as superior to people of other races.   Carmen isn’t black, she is  part Asian and white but she also has racial  prejudices. Since Carmen owns the blog she probably instructed Latoya to ban Dana.

I think Dana has a strong argument, society will view a mixed race person with black heritage as black regardless of how they view themselves. Barack Obama would never be taken seriously in America if he denied his black heritage. Dana’s argument is Woods has a lot of self hated against his black roots and she is correct. I think only mixed race people that can “pass” as white can be viewed as “white”. Adam Clayton Powell was an extremely light skinned black man yet he campaigned for black rights.  The white race in America created the “one drop rule” not black people. Tiger Woods does look foolish  since he is denying his black heritage. Tiger Woods has made racist anti black comments to Esquire & GQ Magazine about black men.

Peterson and Van Kerkchove may disagree with Dana’s opinion but I believe the censorship at Racialicious is racism. Peterson and Van Kerkchove attempt to present the image that they are open-minded about race issues and this is false. The focus on Racialicious is a binary system, a divide between people of colour and white folks. However, the Tiger Woods sex scandal presents another important issue the racial divide between people of colour. On Racialicious this blog does not discuss the racial hierarchies between people of colour that often.

I also want to point out, I think Racialicious is misandrist and heterosexist. I notice on Racialicious most of the writers are female and  heterosexual. Now of course, since the editors of Racialicious are female they are entitled for the blog to have a female point of view. However, the women of colour feminists on Racialicious rally against misogyny yet don’t challenge misandry enough. So sexual discrimination against women is wrong but  sexism against men is palatable?

Also, where is the sexual diversity? There are a paucity of male writers of colour at Racialicious but no surprise these men are  also  heterosexual. Racialicious claims to be a blog that challenges homophobia, sexism, and racism that exists in a heterosexist paradigm.  However,  Dumi Lewis, a black heterosexual man,  wrote  a piece about the LGBT community. However, Lewis piece was clearly from an outsider’s perspective. Since Lewis is a  straight black man he is not a member of the LGBT community. Lewis knows nothing about the black LGBT community.

I have a serious problem with straight black people commenting on black LGBT issues when the voices of black LBGT people are displaced. At Racialicious, the heterosexist and  racist message is presented that BLACK = HETEROSEXUAL and  HOMOSEXUAL=WHITE. Black LGBT people we have it hard in a society that is anti black and anti gay.  Black gays and lesbians we are racial and sexual minorities in a  racist, capitalist, heterosexist, society.

Anyway, I will return my focus to the Tiger Woods controversy. According to the editor LaToya Peterson, she says that some mixed race readers feel “threatened” by some people’s comments about Tiger Woods. However, on a blog that deals with racial issues, Racialicious should be prepared for controversy.

Are Carmen Van Kerkchove and  LaToya Peterson saying the views of mixed race people are more important than black, Asian, Native American, or  the white readers points of view?

Peterson and Van Kerkchove are illustrating they are “racists” since they are biased towards  mixed race people over other races.

The controversy is about the Tiger Woods sex scandal and some readers blasted the deputy editor Thea Lim for a piece she wrote recently. I agree with some of the comments from the readers on Racialicious that  Thea Lim’s first article about Tiger Woods was full of inaccuracies. The consensus was that in America, Tiger Woods is viewed as a black man not as a mixed race man. How is this racist when this is a fact? The readers at Racialicious were not denying Woods Asian heritage they were commenting on the white supremacy. Everyone knows Tiger Woods is part Asian, the fact remains his Asian roots was not the focus of the racist media.

Everyone knows Tiger Woods is part Asian he can call  himself whatever he wants but in the United States he is interpreted as a black man. W.E.B. Du Bois wrote about “double consciousness” in his groundbreaking book “The Souls of Black Folk.”

Du Bois said that black people are aware of how white people view us. Du Bois also  said that some blacks internalize racism and this destroys our self-esteem. Obviously, Tiger Woods did not get the memo that in America no matter how hard he tries he will never be white.

One of the reasons Woods married his blonde, European, wife, is  he believed since he is rich he can have access to white  privilege. However, the sex scandal has proven that despite Woods self-hatred of his African-American roots, he will never be seen as white in America.

Now where does Woods Asian heritage fit into the sex scandal controversy? Asian men are not viewed as a threat to white society as African-American men. The reason the white media are not focusing on Woods Asian heritage is because Asian male sexuality does not conjure up the racist stereotypes of being a sexual predator.

My viewpoint is, in America, the white press don’t care that Woods is part Asian.Woods also appears more black than Asian that’s my opinion. Woods has extremely dark skin, broad nose, big lips,  kinky curly hair, all African-American features.

However, in America there is a racial hierarchy and Asians are not viewed as a threat to white society as African-Americans. The reason the white press were outraged at Woods wasn’t just because he cheated on his white wife it was because he has a predilection for white women.

In the mainstream white media, Woods is constructed as a black male sexual predator that has an insatiable appetite for white women. The Tiger Woods sex scandal is about the fact Woods cheated on his blonde wife with white women. Would the press care if Woods had affairs with black or Asian women? I seriously doubt this would be considered news. Would the press care if Woods wife was African-American or Asian American and he cheated on her? Of course not! The reason the press are focusing on Tiger Woods  is because he cheated on his white, blonde, Swedish,  waif, wife. Tiger Woods white wife is constructed into the  image of true white womanhood she is the chaste, white woman.

According to Thea Lim, she believes that viewing Woods as just black erases his Asian heritage. Thea Lim does not discuss in detail Woods hatred for his African American roots.  Lim did not discuss the “one drop rule” in her  rebuttal essay nor did she talk about the fact in America Woods also exploited his blackness for financial gain.

Let’s be honest, does anyone honestly believe Nike marketed Woods as a mixed race man? My perspective is, Tiger is marketed as an African-American man who broke the  barrier and is dominating  golf, which is still a white upper class sport. Woods made $1 billion dollars off the fact he was an anomaly, a black man succeeding in a white sport.

However, the readers pointed out to Thea Lim they are cognizant that Woods is mixed race.  Meanwhile, Thea Lim wrote a rebuttal today that does address some of the concerns of the folks at Racialicious. Meanwhile, now reader Dana she was banned. My viewpoint is , banning someone just because the individual has a divergent point of view is dangerous because this relates to fear. My perspective is, on a blog people are going to criticize a writer. My view is, if a writer cannot handle criticism this person is not a writer. A writer writes and understands he or she will encounter criticism. Also, wouldn’t  life be  boring if we always  agree all the time?

R.I.P. Brittany Murphy 1977-2009

According to TMZ.COM, American  actress Brittany Murphy has died  of  cardiac arrest at the Cedars Sinai Medical Center in  Los Angeles. Murphy was only 32. TMZ reports that Murphy’s mother found her unconscious in the shower. I remember Murphy when  she appeared on the 1992 NBC sitcom the Torkelsons.  Murphy’s first hit film was the 1995 teen comedy Clueless after that she worked steadily in Hollywood in films 8 mile and Just Married.

She was a comedic actress  but she did appear in dramatic films such as Girl Interrupted, Don’t Say A Word,  Sin City, &  The Dead Girl. It is very sad when a young person dies.

Recently, Murphy’s career was on a downward spiral, she was  fired from a film “the Caller”. Canadian actress  Rachelle Lefevre replaced her in the film. According to media reports ,Murphy was difficult on the set and her husband Simon Monjack was hospitalized.

Murphy wasn’t one of the best actresses of her generation such as  Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie,  or Maggie Gyllenhaal but  she certainly will be missed.


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