Nina Arsenault Is An Obnoxious, Racist, Transsexual, Media Whore!!!

Today in my Critical Sexualities course, the guest lecturer was the obnoxious, racist, transsexual,  media whore, Nina Arsenault.

Nina walks into the lecture with a haughty, self righteous, crude, expression on her face. Next, Nina yells at two black girls she says  “you two better stop talking about me or I won’t start the lecture!” Everyone was surprised and shocked because the two black girls were engaged in a conversation with each other. I sat  right behind the  two girls and I know for a fact they were not talking about Nina at all! Nina has a serious attitude problem and she needs to chill and check herself!

The girls say “we weren’t talking about you!” The girls were stunned and I think Nina is a racist. Why did Nina automatically pick on the black girls? Everyone in the lecture hall were talking when this drama queen entered the lecture hall. There was a sea of white faces in the lecture hall yet Nina immediately attacks the two black girls. The question is why?

Nina is obviously a very angry person she has a chip on her shoulder. Nina made the racist  assumption that black people are going to judge her because she is a transsexual.

I am very disappointed in Professor Latchford she is a good professor but she is obviously Nina’s friend. Professor Latchford was silent as Nina berated two of her students that is totally unacceptable!

I am so angry and disgusted! First, nobody cares that this media whore Nina Arsenault is a transsexual, that’s her issue.  It seems to me that Nina is insecure she thinks people are going to judge her because she is a transsexual. Maybe she needs to see a therapist?

Nina next lists her  writing and acting credentials as if anyone gives a fuck!   Nina was on the Canwest Global TV show train 48 and on Showcase’s Kink program big deal! The producers of Showcase and Train 48 allowed Nina on their programs because they see her as a freak of nature! The producers of Train 48 and Showcase want their shows to be controversial and edgy so a bitchy transsexual fulfills the freak quota!

Nina wrote some articles for Fab Magazine, which is a racist publication. Fab Magazine depicts gay men of colour as simply sex objects for white gay male desire.

The lecture was boring since Nina talked about her escapades in the sex trade industry yet she criticizes the heterosexual male johns that paid her for sex.

However, I believe Nina is hypocritical because it  is obvious she is attracted to heterosexual men and she desires them. Next, the media whore puts a gay student on the spot and the guy has to come out to the entire lecture hall.

I walked out of the lecture at 4:20 pm because the lecture was almost over. I just refused to sit through the racist bullshit any longer. I feel sorry for  Toronto’s  transsexual community to have that bitch as a spokesperson for transgender rights.

About orvillelloyddouglas

I am a gay black Canadian male.

20 responses to “Nina Arsenault Is An Obnoxious, Racist, Transsexual, Media Whore!!!”

  1. jettt says :

    I remember watching her on TV On showcase and they showed what she looked before her first of many surgeries. WOW! Very unattractive guy. Like she bought a new face and body her mother wouldn’t recognize her. Maybe a lot of insecurity comes from that. Pretty little whore on the outside still an Ugly boy on the inside. When she gets old and and is no longer the cute little tart, heterosexual men are throwing there money at anymore. She could find herself alone….Very alone. What Straight man is going to want to share there golden years with an old Ugly Whore……. who is not even a real woman.

  2. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    I can just imagine when Nina was a male she probably was a very ugly gay guy. Nina’s bitchy attitude was on full display yesterday! Nina Arsenault is ugly on the inside and out! She was so pretentious and rude during the lecture. I am really angry that professor Latchford did nothing! Professor Latchford just allowed her friend to treat the black girls like crap!

    Nina is very hypocritical she criticizes heterosexual men that she claims desire her YET she wants them to desire her. However, Nina’s straight male clients don’t respect her. Also, when Nina gets old the straight men won’t give a damn about her that’s for sure. The straight men will move on to younger transsexuals to spend their money on when this sea hag gets old!

  3. Julian says :

    Why do gay men have to use such misogynistic language in expressing disappointment and anger at a woman or a trans person… or at other gay men? Or at lesbians?

    It’s fucked up. It’s misogyny, pure and simple. If that’s part of the world you want to create, go for it. But it’s messed up.

    And we gay men ought to check ourselves around our misogyny and sexism. Because it can get really ugly really fast. What words would y’all use if a white het man was rude to two Black women students? Probably not the ones used here.

  4. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Julian why are you ignoring Nina Arsenault’s racist attittude towards the two black girls? Nina was so rude and disgusting at the lecture she walked around the lecture hall with a haughty attitude. I was at lecture she walked into the room and immediately picked on the two black females that’s racism.

  5. Skater says :

    There’s a lot of inaccurate and untrue information in this post. I was at the lecture. Nina centered out those two girls BECAUSE THEY WERE TALKING DURING LECTURE when no one else was!! What she did is what ANY academic or professor would have done. Those two girls have been a problem ALL SEMESTER. Finally someone told them to shut up! There’s nothing racist about that. Stop being a victim!

  6. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Why don’t you stop lying Skater? According to your IP address you are located in Ottawa at the CBC so I doubt you were at the lecture on Friday. I was at the lecture and Nina PICKED ON the two black girls she claimed they were talking about her. I was sititng right behind the two girls they were NOT talking about Nina! I disagree with you. Also EVERYONE was talking in the lecutre hall when Nina walked into the room. I was there at the lecture on Friday! Nina walked into the room and she IMMEDIATELY picked on the black girls because she is a RACIST!!!

  7. blackqueerfemme says :

    Orville you are consistent in your – eh-hem – “journalism”.

    A) I have known Nina for more than 10 years and can assure you that she is not racist. I find it troubling that you are going to distort peoples perceptions of what actual racism is by suggesting that because the two black girls were singled out that that constitutes an overtly racist act. It is that kind of gross mis-characterization that enables right-wingnuts to suggest that racism is merely a matter of individual perception.

    Poignantly though, you clearly have no concept of queer signifying practices. Nina is first and foremost an actress and performance artist. When she uttered that “you are talking about me aren’t you” she was signalling that trans-bodies navigate social landscapes under intense scrutiny, up to including chatter. Judging by the immediate response of students in the lecture hall – the tactic worked.

    I have read articles written by you before and used to think that you were just simply green in regards to black and queer politics. I am know realizing you just simply do not get it, ethically or politically.

    The article above is riddled with misogyny and transphobia, which signals to me that you are not only lacking maturity in your journalistic skills, but clearly have no clue as to what ethical politics are about. The rants of other posters feeling licensed to express their similar views makes clear you are a reprehensible journalist as well. Lest you check your politics you will find yourself continually writing a plethora of articles lamenting why black and/or queer folks don’t do what you desire them to in your quite conservative and ill-informed world view. And subsequently mourning your lack of substantivequeer community ties.

    Next time you might start by actually listening to queer voices unlike your own, rather than dismissing them outright. Further by presuming its liberal to say that you “don’t care” about trans realities as if they are incidental shows you have some ethical challenges ahead of you as black gay man.

    The shit is tired, Ms. Thang

  8. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    @blackqueerfemme if anyone is tired it’s you girlfirend. First, you claim to be a black woman YET you are not upset that a white person has treated black women in a racist manner! You say you are black yet you IMMEDIATELY SUPPORT your white friend! Also, you were not at the lecture.

    I am a gay black man and my focus has always been fightng racial and sexual oppression against black people that’s my focus.
    You don’t know me so your generalizations are based on your biases. Second, you were not at the lecture last week Friday and I was there. You did not hear the coldness and how callous Nina was, her attitude stinks! When Nina walked into the lecture hall EVERYONE was talking yet Nina immediately picked on the black girls that’s racism! Nina is insecure but that’s her problem she has no right to take her frustrations and unloaded it on two innocent students. The black girls were stunned and so was everyone else. She had no right to pick on black students!

  9. Julian says :

    Hi Orville,

    To be clearer, I am not in any way challenging your experience of what is and isn’t racist. You were there, I was not. I am white too. So I’ll take any person of color’s view on “what’s racist” any day of the week over what any white person has to say on the subject.

    What I take issue with, and all the sisters of color I know take huge issue with, is gay men using fucked up misogynist/racist language to describe women: women who are our best friends and women we despise or take great issue with, for whatever reasons. “Wh*re” doesn’t have to be spelled with two letters to be an assault on all Black women. And the b word and all the other misogynistic “lingo” that is so damned common among men of all ethnic groups and classes… it’s about time we called each other out on it, no? As gay men who purport to respect women? And “media wh*re” IS a misogynistic term, according to EVERY Black woman I know.

    So that’s where I’m coming from. I hope you can hear and respect that.

  10. Julian says :

    So I am in get to no way challenging your experience and perspective in calling out racism. And if those two young women experienced what the speaker said as racist, then I hope their views are fully respected and honored.

    But what kind of support is it to them for you to use a term like “wh*re”? Why do gay men have to resort to using misogynistic language when we are upset with what a woman does? Can’t she be disliked as “a person”? Can’t we call women who do fucked up stuff “jerks”? Why does our disdain take specifically gendered forms in our speech? THAT’S the issue.

  11. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Okay Julian I could of said Nina is a “star fucker” would that have been better? I agree the term “whore” is a strong term I was just trying to get across that view. My perception is she seems more interested in media attention boosting her “fame” than in political causes for transsexuals.

  12. Julian says :

    No, Orville, it wouldn’t be any better at all. How about saying that what you experienced was RACIST and that she comes across to you as being overly interested in boosting her fame? What about “fame-seeker”? What about “fame-chaser”? What about any term that doesn’t refer to any person as a thing that can and ought to be fucked, exploited, and abused? Is that REALLY so difficult? To keep your misogyny in check?

    Or you can go on as you are, with your (imo) unnecessarily defensive posturing in place, clutching tight to your entitlements to be a misogynist in your speech and displaying other forms of disrespect for women, trans and not trans. (You do that also by not calling out folks who use misogynistic language.) You seem more interested in being defensive than being open to figuring out what you’re doing that’s woman-hating. And since women = women of color (and, yes, also white women), I wonder how you rationalise to yourself THAT level of racism.

  13. blackqueerfemme says :


    Nina is a multi-faceted being, but professionally she is an artist and she has never claimed herself as an activist in the formal sense of the word. You have contructed her as such and perpetuated a misrepresentation, once again your lack of journalistic integrity.

    Clearly something about trans bodies that don’t perpetuate or perform victimhood unsettles you.

    I am curious why you presume the black female students who were involved in this incident (presuming it was that of racism) require you to be their veritable saviour. You wouldn’t be the first black man to presume that’s your role, and subsequently discover that was a false assumption.

    Are you not disempowering them by co-opting their voice? The article pretty much appropriates their experience to justify your misogynist and trans-phobic rantings.

    Introspection is needed as to how you think you are being political. You imagine you are well intentioned, but your politics are eschew. If Nina singled out two white students would it cause such a fervor for you? My guess is probably not.

    What would remain is the fact that you encountered an empowered trans person and just could not deal.

    FYI – the scene is a university classroom – students yacking – did it ever occur to you that the women were simply among many in her field of vision? And like most students no one wants to be “singled out”.

    Oh that’s right in your vision black women are immune from the same protocol that their fellow students must adhere to.

    How noble of you…

  14. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    First, Nina may not call herself a transsexual activist but she certainly exploits her position in the media of being a transsexual “expert” that’s for sure. Nina has written a lot about transsexual issues and uses her status as a transsexual media whore to obtain television and film roles. Your friend Nina certainly acts as though she is an “expert” on transsexual issues. After all, professor Latchford brought her friend to the lecture because obviously your friend is a transsexual and knows about transsexual issues that’s why Nina gets called an expert on this issue.

    I never said black women are perfect and it is interesting that you immediately support your white friend while dismissing my comments about the anti black woman racism at the lecture. You claim you are a black woman for all I know you could be Nina Arsenault using the name “black femme” on the “internet”. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are Nina Arsenault.

    You ignore the fact that Nina humilated the two black girls by picking on them during the lecture.

    You can try to make excuses for your friend but I made my observations based on what I saw at the lecture. I saw a very angry white person walk into the lecture with a haughty, obnoxious, callous, attitude. Also, Nina’s body language spoke volumes as well.

    You talk about Nina focusing on the black girls and that’s my point your friend is a racist. Nina made an assumption that because the black girls are black they are automatically transphobic. Next, there are less than ten black people in the class yet Nina did not tell the vast majority who are WHITE STUDENTS to be quiet. NO your friend immediately picked on the BLACK GIRLS while letting the white kids get a pass and that’s racism!

    You also ignore the fact the white female professor Latchford also let Nina’s bad attitude slide. I thought it was wrong for professor Latchford to allow Nina to address her students in such a crude manner.

    I never said the black female students “required” me to stand up for them. However, I am a black person that was actually AT the lecture and I was also in close proximity of the black girls. I heard the two girls talking and I KNOW for a fact they were not talking about Nina. When I see injustice against black people yes I will speak up about it! Too many black people at York University are cowards they just accept white racism and let it slide. Well I am a black man that does not!

    I was in close proximity I was sitting RIGHT BEHIND THEM. Also, you were NOT at the lecture so you don’t know WHAT you are talking about. You also did not hear the COLDNESS and how CALLOUS your friend sounded!

    Everyone was shocked at how rude Nina was! The class is a majority of white students that were talking yet Nina picked on the black female students that is racism. You can try to defend your friend all you want but I was at the lecture and everyone at the back row we were disgusted!

  15. Julian says :

    I gotta say that I support Orville calling out the racism he saw directed at two Black women. And I agree, Orville, this shit isn’t called out nearly enough, and there’s no room for it anywhere, and no excuses should be made for it particularly in an academic setting which has a requirement to create “non-hostile” environments for oppressed people. Any expression of racism IS hostility. Including a stupid racist joke.

    And I know PLENTY of Black women who would applaud Orville for speaking up on their behalf and not see it as sexist or being their savior; he was being a responsible brother! Radical feminist Black women over at my blog are tired of always having to name this shit themselves–both the racism AND the misogyny AND the heterosexism AND the classism. If any white person comes to my blog with racist bullshit, I call it out immediately, whether or not it is directed at a Black woman commenter, and the only thing I ever hear back from the Black women present is “Thank you.” Why should the burden of calling out the racism fall on those two women? And if they experienced it as racism, it was racist. The oppressor doesn’t get to name the experience, or well, then no whites would ever be doing anything racist, would we? (Right.)

    So I don’t think there ought to be presumptions and accusations made here on this man’s blog about how those two young women would feel about Orville naming what he also experienced (um, he is Black too!). So the racism experienced by those two young women was ALSO experienced by him. There’s no such thing as “selective racism” in a room with white folks. If something racist is done, it’s done against every person of color in the room, no matter if it is aimed at two people, as in this case. And if Nina is also appearing in magazines that objectify Black men… well that says something all by itself.

    So I applaud you speaking out, Orville. My only issue with the heading and some other comments here was that it was becoming a free-for-all in tossing around the misogynistic terms, which believe me, hurts the Black women I know as do the racist terms.

    If a heterosexual man of color was angry at a white gay man–pissed off at him for doing something racist, retaliating by calling the gay men a “fucking f*ggot” is not cool. There’s no excuse or situation that makes hurling those kind of terms around ok to do. Just like a white lesbian, who is pissed at a Black straight man for his misogyny doesn’t get to call him the n word. I’m asking people to critique what people do. I’m asking people here not to let derogatory terms for any oppressed person fly because we know how ugly that is, and how damaging.

    From what women tell me directly, women want more men, to whom the men are accountable, to call out sexism and misogyny, just like lesbians and gay men need more heterosexuals (who are accountable to queer folks) to call out heterosexism and homophobia, and whites to call out other whites’ racism.

    I appreciate you standing up for the young women, Orville, and I have to imagine it was validating for them to know it “wasn’t just in their heads”, if you got the chance to speak with them. What you describe happening sure sounds blatantly racist to me, but it is, at the very least, effectively racist, regardless of intent. And any guest speaker ought to know better. And any non-Black person doesn’t get to say “I wasn’t being racist!” after targeting two young Black women disrespectfully. And the teacher totally fucked up, and should have immediately stepped in.

    To Jettt and Orville: “wh*re”, “b*tchy, and “h*g” are meant to degrade and put down women, trans or not trans. And even if we’re all a bunch of gay men together, tossing around those terms is not cool. Not if we supposedly care about justice for all, and an end to all oppressions. So that’s what I’m calling you two out on. I don’t in any way want to tell you, Orville, that you aren’t entitled to be outraged by what you saw. Or that you shouldn’t express that outrage. But can we please steer clear of using woman-hating terms when we express rage at something a transperson or a woman raised-as-a-girl–or anyone else–has done? And insulting people’s looks, is pretty low down. How would you feel if someone was mad at you and used your race and appearance as things “to target” when criticising you?

  16. blackqueerfemme says :

    Let’s break this down. Textual analysis… Orville your recent post makes alot of presumptions, once again. Constructing Nina as an “expert” (your quotes) again returns me to the way in which you are articulating your position. In your classroom she was an individual sharing experiential knowledge. You chose to interpolate her as an expert.

    @ Julian, you are accurate for calling Orville on the explicit misogyny in this article, but its not just a matter of word choice – like whore. The context that is produced by his actions is what Orville needs to address and account for. You are correct that the “oppressor” should not define the experience, but there is an equal and ethical responsibility of those making particular claims of grievance to ensure that the experience is articulated with a genuine desire for resolution.

    @ Orville – first – I am not Nina (though that was fun to read). I am assuming somewhere in the disparaging remarks of another human being (specifically Nina) you were attempting to articulate some analysis of priviledge, be it white, or otherwise, possibly institutional.

    You are speaking about a university institution. It is foolhardy to think that power dynamics are not in place between Prof./guest lecturer and student – prior to any dialogue about what a student anticipates they are going to acquire from the engagement. In that power dynamic YOU and your fellow collegues are students first and foremost with a different power position. That was ultimately the power play that is articulated by your narration of the events despite an attempt to racialize it. Profusely stating “HUMILIATION” in caps does nothing to suggest that this was a racist incident. Humiliation is often an experience that results when any student doesn’t conform to the model of intellectual exchange preferred by the Prof/lecturer. Though problematic, still not a grandiose scene of racism. It is an institutional, and pedagogic one.

  17. Hisako Hanenkrat says :

    Excellent post about trannies! I ll be back later for more!

  18. pleasurevictim79 says :

    I agree to a certain extent. I added Nina as a FB friend. A few months went by and I think once she realized she had another gorgeous trans woman as a FB friend she gave me the axe. I found that to be real shallow because I’m the type of girl that will give props to another gorgeous trans girl and that’s what I was doing by joining up as one of her fans for the I Love Nina Arsenault profile. Much love to her anyway’s.

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