Are Conservative People Of Colour Being Exploited By The Republican Party & Desperate For White Acceptance?


Michelle Malkin is a Fillipino American, her husband is a white Jewish man, and she is also very conservative.

For instance, Malkin defended the United States government despite the incredible racism treatment Japanese Americans experienced during


She currently has the number one best selling book on the New York Times best sellers list “Culture of Corruption”.

Doesn’t anyone think it is “odd” that Malkin already has a book out about President Obama?  Obama hasn’t even completed one year in the White House?

One of the pathetic tidbits from Malkin’s book is she goes after Obama for hiring Vivek Kundra.

Kundra shop lifted in the year 1997 at JC Penny and  completed eighty hours of community service.

Of course, Malkin does not write about the fact Laura Bush was involved in  fatal car accident in the year 1963 and her friend died.

I believe a fatal car accident is a lot more serious then shop lifting.

Wow, my goodness, is this the best Malkin can do? I guess all Republicans are perfect people that never make “minor” mistakes in their lives?

Can’t Malkin come up with anything better then that?

Malkin also has an axe to grind against President Obama’s wife Michelle.

Last year, Malkin caused an uproar with the racist incendiary statement that Mrs. Obama is a “baby mama”.

Anyone that knows hip hop slang knows a “baby mama” is a woman that has a child out of wedlock.

Mr and Mrs. Obama have been married for over seventeen years.

The reason Malkin made the racist comment is because Mrs. Obama is a black woman.

In chapter two of Malkin’s book, she calls Mrs. Obama “Bitter Half: First Crony Michelle Obama”. She criticizes Michelle Obama for the thesis she

wrote  when she was a student at Princeton University.

Mrs. Obama was being honest she was a young black woman in the early 1980s and she described the racist treatment she experienced.

Malkin was born in the year 1970, she was just a child in the early 1980s.

Michelle Obama was a young adult at Princeton in the year 1983 when Malkin was only thirteen years old.

Since Malkin is so young, it’s problematic for her to “understand” the racial climate of the United States in the early 1980s.

Also, what right does Michelle Malkin have to tell Michelle Obama about whether or not her experiences as a black woman are valid?

Malkin tries to “ignore” race that’s part of her strategy but it’s disingenuous. Malkin wants to “pretend” racism doesn’t exist,

and that race doesn’t matter anymore.

The fact is as black feminist bell hooks points out “race” always matters.

Malkin lies and creates fabrications that Michelle Obama’s salary “increased” after her husband made Senate.

According to Malkin, she says Ms. Obama’s salary tripled to $317,00 from 2005 to 2008.

However, the truth is Ms. Obama received $317,000 because she was promoted to Vice President at the University of Chicago Medical Center in 2005.

Since Ms. Obama was promoted to a higher position as Vice President due to the higher responsibility she received a larger salary.

Is the Republican Party so desperate to try to discredit President Obama that they will do anything to try to get him out of office?

It appears the new strategy of the Republican Party is to “use” people of colour such as Malkin to spread their message instead of the Mythical Norm.

Or is the republican party simply upset that the United States “has” it’s first president of colour?

Malkin is a frequent contributor to the conservative network FOX NEWS. Malkin has also made some controversial comments about Asian Americans and other minority groups in America.

Michael Steele is an African American, he married a white woman, and he is also a Black Republican.

In fact, Steele he is the chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Some people believe the only reason Steele was elected RNC chairman was to broaden the Republican party’s base to be more “inclusive” of

people of colour.

Steele has been criticized by African Americans for his strong conservative beliefs.

What do people think about conservative people of colour?

Are conservative people of colour such as Michael Steele and Michelle Malkin “desperate” for white Republican acceptance?

Or are Asian and Black conservatives simply being “used” by the Republican Party to appear to be  “not racist”?

Another point to consider, are conservative people of colour just people of colour with very strong conservative beliefs?

About orvillelloyddouglas

I am a gay black Canadian male.

2 responses to “Are Conservative People Of Colour Being Exploited By The Republican Party & Desperate For White Acceptance?”

  1. martyfink says :

    Why are the Repuglicans running so many Muslim candidates this year? Repuglicans are all Catholics, Muslims and Baptists, bookburning, jew-hating fascist bigots all. The Jews, Greeks and Hindus are better served by the Democrats. Even amongst blacks, the Presbyterians are supereducated, but the Catholics fare worst!

  2. JessiJay says :

    Such a bad article. The poll is an insult to polls, and your opinions portray an incredibly narrow understanding of politics and race. Stop embarrassing yourself.

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