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Why Are Most Tennis Writers Asians & Whites People? Is It Just Business Or Covert Racism?

Ravi Ubha and Bud Collins

If you surf the internet and read tennis articles on various websites such as the  FOX Sports, San Francisco Chronicle, ESPN Tennis, Sports Illustrated, you will notice most of the tennis writers are  Asians and white people. The question remains why? Is the media trying to say only Asian and white people are knowledgeable about professional tennis?

Is there a fear that  black tennis writers will be more objective?  Or is it just the marketing and business strategy to make sure the “Mythical Norm” remains in control? It isn’t by “chance” at  major newspapers and internet sites there are a paucity of black tennis writers.

I have visited various tennis websites such as FOX Sports, ESPN Tennis, Talk Tennis Warehouse, WTA Tennis Forum, and the negativity written about the Williams Sisters is racist, misogynist, and abhorrent.

I also notice the Williams Sisters fans of various racial backgrounds rally to defend them. It is obvious there are knowledgeable tennis fans that are black. However, the voices of black tennis critics are silenced in the media due to racism.

The great thing about the internet is the silence is over, black tennis fans can write our views on the internet for the world to see.

The Williams Sisters made tennis popular with all races over the past decade. I am certain there are qualified black tennis writers that can bring more diversity to the tennis coverage. However, it appears the status quo remains supreme.

My perspective is, the reason black tennis writers probably haven’t been hired  is because they would challenge the entrenched “white supremacy”.

Most Black writers would not allow ESPN, FOX Sports, or Sports Illustrated to continue the “covert” racist attacks against the Williams Sisters and other black tennis players such as Donald Young.

The racism in professional tennis more “covert” instead of “overt”.

Tennis writers aren’t going to write  “racial slurs” such as the ” N word” to discriminate against black tennis players.

However, the racism is more subtle and  obvious when the white and Asian writers use coded words such as “arrogant” , ” strong” or “very athletic” to describe black tennis players. I cringe whenever I read articles on Jo Wilfred Tsonga or Gael Monfils because  their “intelligence” is never mentioned.

Why aren’t the tennis writers writing articles about the fact Monfils and Tsonga volley very well, serve well, and use the whole tennis court to beat their opponents?

All the black tennis players currently on the ATP and WTA tours have class, they are always professional on the tennis court.

Where are the articles about white American male  tennis pro Andy Roddick’s petulant attitude? Where are the pieces about the white male British tennis player Andy Murray’s immaturity?

Murray and Roddick consistently use scatological language on the tennis court and they always  look like they are constipated.

Do Roddick and Murray get a free pass just because they are  white heterosexual males? Roddick  and Murray are  belligerent, obnoxious, crude, and very  immature. Murray and Roddick should be fined by the ATP Tour for their unprofessionalism.

Where are the articles blasting Roddick and Murray’s  unprofessionalism? Where are the articles bashing Roddick for only having “one” grand slam singles title? Ot is sexism the real reason the response is muted towards Roddick and Murray’s  persistent disgusting attitudes?

It was no surprise Roddick lost the Wimbledon final against Roger Federer because he doesn’t have the maturity, mental toughness, or temperment. The only way Roddick is ever going to win another slam is if Roger Federer, Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, lose early at a slam.

However, Serena Williams is constantly criticized because she doesn’t kiss her opponents asses. Serena is the greatest female tennis champion of her generation for a reason a champion hates to lose.

Where is the criticism against  Justine Henin the Belgian tennis champion? Henin is a cheater and a liar. Henin cheated Amelie Mauresmo at the 2006 Australian Open women’s final lying about having a stomach problem.

The reason Henin pulled out of the Australian Open final was because she was so embarrassed that she was being destroyed by Mauresmo. Henin also cheated fellow Belgian Kim Clijsters at the 2004 Australian Open women’s final and Serena Williams at the 2003 French Open. Why isn’t Henin crucified for her impudence? Does Henin get a free pass also because she is a white female?

The media have been hyping the comebacks of “great white hopes” Maria Sharapova and Kim Clijsters.  However, Serena Williams owns both Sharapova and Clijsters she has a combined 13-3 record against both of these players. There has been a lot of negativity about how women’s tennis is suddenly so “boring” because Serena is dominating the sport again.

Although, the Russian Dinara Safina is number one the WTA tour, she isn’t dominating. Safina is actually capitulating, she has already lost easily in two grand slam finals this year. Venus Williams also destroyed Safina in the Wimbledon semifinals losing only one game.

I am tired of white male tennis writers such as  Matthew Cronin,  Jon Wertheim, Greg Garber,  or Bud Collins writing sexist and racist garbage about the Williams Sisters. Also notice that when the major media outlets hire people of colour they tend to be Asians.

The question remains is why? At ESPN.COM tennis website there are two Asian writers  Ravi Ubha or Kamakshi Tandon. Ubha and Tandon have consistently written offensive covert racist articles against  the Williams Sisters.

If you notice at ESPN.COM when they attempt to be diverse they hire “Asians” such as Ubha and Tandon. Just because Ubha and Tandon are Asians doesn’t mean they cannot harbour racial prejudices and biases against the Williams Sisters. Everyone knows any race or culture can be racist and people of colour can indeed be prejudiced against each other.

Why is there a paucity of black tennis writers for major sports publications? Please, do not mention that disgusting monster Jason Whitlock the only reason that man has been is hired is because he writes negativity about the Williams Sisters. It is journalism 101 for media publications to hire the token black writer to writer to write racist garbage about other black people. The image presented is that it isn’t “racism” because the writer is also “black” which is false.

Whitlock’s recent article for Fox Sports after Serena Williams won Wimbledon for the third time was misogynist, racist, and offensive. Whitlock complained about Serena Williams weight has this man looked in the mirror? If anyone needs to put down the hamburgers and fries it is Jason Whitlock.

Whitlock should not be throwing stones in glass houses. Serena is very fit she just has a different body type then the white  girls on the WTA Tour.  Anyone that has bothered to take a Woman’s Studies course would know black women and white women’s have different body types.

Serena has a more curvaceous body, Serena says she  “large breasts and a large butt”. Serena is never ever going to look like a bean pole. Serena also has won three out of the last four grand slams she is the best female tennis player of her generation.

I   have a problem when I see white people and Asians writing about the Williams Sisters. I question whether their racial biases will prevent them from understanding the incredible racism and sexism black tennis players experience in a  still predominately white sport.

Zina Garrison is currently in a battle with the United States Tennis Association she has sued them for racism.

Garrison says, she was fired from the Federation Cup team due to racism and sexism.  Zina Garrison is a proud black woman and I believe Zina is telling the truth.

Garrison has been very vocal along with Lori McNeil about the discrimination black women endure in tennis.

It is hard to read articles written by white and Asian writers writing about black tennis players  because they have no reference point they are not black. The system treats Asians differently then black people and this is a fact. Asians are not considered as “threatening” as blacks to the Mythical Norm.

An alternative argument is, James Blake doesn’t get bashed in the tennis media but Blake is also a good loser.

The media don’t care about Blake because he has accomplished absolutely nothing in pro tennis .

Blake is a career quarterfinalist he is also a chronic underachiever. Blake should not be compared to Arthur Ashe because Arthur was a champion and Blake is a chump.

Blake is known captiulating and for his looks and not his talent.

Blake also doesn’t “rock the boat” he’s a good House Negro.

Blake will never become a tennis grand slam singles champion because he has an inferiority complex. Nobody expects Blake to ever win a grand slam. Malivai Washington and Chandra Rubin were better players compared to James Blake but they also did not “rock the boat”.

The Williams Sisters “rock the boat” because they are very outspoken about the racism and sexism in professional tennis. The Williams Sisters always have done things their “own way” and it works for them. The Williams Sisters have also outlasted all their rivals from the late 1990s and they have more slams.

It is time the tennis media become more diverse and allow other perspectives to emerge instead of maintaining the white and Asian racist double standard.


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