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Movie Review: Humpday One Of The Best Comedies Of The Year!!!!


Tonight, I went downtown to the Cumberland Theatre with a friend to see the movie “Humpday”.

The comedy, “Humpday”, takes “bromance” ,to the ultimate level.

Ben and Andrew are old college pals, they have drifted apart for ten years.

Andrew is a free spirit, although  he feels he hasn’t gotten his life together.

Ben is more stable he has a job, beautiful wife, and a home in the suburbs.

When Andrew suddenly resurfaces in Ben’s life, he starts to question if it  is the right time to start a family?

Ben feels like he has missed out on his youth.

Anna starts to feel left out when Ben begins to hang out with Andrew again.

Andrew takes Ben to a party where they get drunk and  high.

Ben and Andrew propose the idea of making a gay porno and entering a Seattle alternative newspaper’s porn festival contest.

Humpday is not homophobic, the central theme is about the “boundaries” between friends.

Would you have sex with a friend just to prove a point?

Andrew and Ben are basically trying to prove they are both macho.

Ben wants to prove to Andrew  he is not a complete square.

Andrew presents the image that he loves having a “carefree” life, but he secretly wants more structure.

The film also questions “masculinity” and male “vulnerability”.

The catch is Ben and Andrew are straight men.

Eventually, Anna finds out about the porn idea she is  mortified and angry at Ben.

However, Anna tells Ben he has her blessing to make the gay porno movie with Andrew.

Ben confesses to Andrew he once had a same sex attraction when he was a teenager.

Ben and Andrew rent a hotel room together to make the gay porn movie.

You will have to see the movie to find out the ending.

However, I will say “Humpday” is one of the best, quirky, intelligent, movies I have seen this year.

NFL Superstar Ben Roethisberger Accused Of Rape. So Why Is His Alleged Victim Being Burned The By USA Media?


NFL superstar Ben Roethisberger, has been accused of raping a woman last year at a hotel resort in July 2008.

The alleged victim, she is suing Roethisberger, and her fellow employees at the Hotel for defamation.

The American media, have already released the name of the victim.

However, I will not disclose the name of the victim on my blog.

According to the alleged victim, she says she went to Roethisberger’s hotel room to fix the  television set.

The victim says Roethisberger would not allow her to leave the room after she fixed the  television.

Next, the victim says that since Roethisberger is six foot five, she was very afraid of him.

The victim told Roethisberger she was had no birth control, but she alleges he  lifted her dress, and penerated her against her will.

I believe it is gross misjustice and misogyny by the USA media to release the name of the  alleged victim.

The alleged victim’s rights have been violated. It is true the alleged victim is taking Roethisberger to “civil court” and not “criminal court”.

However, the public has no right to know this young woman’s name.

I also find it interesting that  ESPN did not “immediately” report the Roethisberger case.

It appears ESPN is protecting Roethisberger, they waited over an entire “day” to report this.

ESPN is owned by ABC, which is owned by Disney, in the United States.

Is Roethisberger being treated differently by the USA press because he is the mythical norm?

A couple years ago, NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, was accused of raping a woman.

Every single media out immediately pounched on the story. The radio shows were caught on fire for months.

I sense with the Roethisberger case there is only a “muted” response.  I wonder why?

The alleged victim’s “mental health”, has been already challenged, immediately by the USA media.

The victim is taking Roethisberger  to “civil court” and not “criminal court”.

Is ESPN operating under “different” standards? What do you think?


Do You Believe In Arranged Marriages?

Arranged Marriage

Is the South Asian community in Toronto uncivilized ?

South Asian writer Jumpha Lahiri wrote about the pressures South Asian parents place on their children in her novel “The Namesake”.

Lahiri’s novel is a real eye opener, it is so sad that the views of the South Asian community are more important than an individual’s happiness.

In fact, the South Asian community is concerned about “family honour” and being gay is considered “shameful” and totally unacceptable.

However,  I believe some South Asian parents in Toronto must be progressive and are open minded about homosexuality?

What is the purpose of bringing the arranged marriage custom to North America?

Is it about “preserving” culture or promoting and maintaining patriarchy?

I know a South Asian gay man he is being pressured by his parents to enter an arranged marriage.

He claims he will “resist” his parents and not marry a woman.

However, he also said he may move to South Korea and teach for a year to get away from his family.

I have to be honest, I doubt he will stand up to his parents.

Isn’t it sad that someone would “ruin” another person’s life just for the sake of maintaining a “secret”?

It is even more horrifying that this closeted Indian gay man may have children with a woman just to present a false image.

He is living a double life.

I feel so sorry for his future bride,   her future husband will be a  closeted Indian homosexual.

Interview With Outwords Magazine

Here  is the link to my interview with the Manitoba gay publication Outwords Magazine:


Thank You!!!

I am thrilled that people from all over the  world are reading my blog. Thank you so much!!!

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Are Transgender People Mentally Ill?

Chasity Bono

I watched Larry King Friday night, and the transgender actress Alexis Arquette was on the program promoting her documentary “She’s My

Brother”. Arquette’s documentary chronicles her transition from male to female.

During the discussion, the host and Alexis started to talk briefly about Chasity Bono.

Everyone already knows Chasity Bono has undergone hormone therapy.

Chasity has decided to transition from female to male.

“Chasity” is now  called” Chaz”.  I  was shocked when I heard the news that Chasity wants to become a man.

I wondered why? Why would Chasity want to become a man? Is Chasity mentally ill or does she just want the media’s attention?

I feel Chasity Bono is veryt unhappy about her life.

Chasity never  became successful  like her famous, beautiful, extraordinary, talented, mother Cher.

I think Chasity has had a  hard time living under the spotlight and glare of the media and public.

Just look at Chasity, she is so obese, she clearly isn’t taking care of herself.

Of course it is Chasity’s choice to transition. I am not questioning that.

However, the hormone therapy is irreversible,  and this is a decision Chasity must live with for the rest of her life.

According, to the American Psychiatric Association, “gender identity disorder”,  is still considered a “mental disorder”.

The term “gender identity disorder”, also known as “gender dysphoria”, is the “clincial term” that  transgender activists are upset about.

Transgender activists disagree,  the term “disorder” is a loaded word, and a form of discrimination.

Here are the criteria for gender identity disorder from Wikipedia:

In the United States, the American Psychiatric Association permits a diagnosis of gender identity disorder if four diagnostic criteria in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4thEdition, Text-Revised (DSM-IV-TR) are met. These criteria are:

  • Strong and persistent cross-gender identification [...]
  • Persistent discomfort about one’s assigned sex or a sense of inappropriateness in the gender-role of that sex [...]
  • The diagnosis is not made if the individual has a concurrent physical intersex condition.
  • Clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.

If the four criteria are met under the DSM-IV-TR, a diagnosis is made under ICD-9 code 302.85. See the classification and external resources sidebar at right for other diagnostic codes for gender identity disorder.

Since I am not transgender, I don’t understand why some transgender people want to mutilate their genitals?

Isn’t that just a bit drastic to mutilate the body because do to “how” they feel in their “mind”?

The understanding I have is that transgender people feel the body they were born with is not in sync with their mind.

I admit, I am ignorant about transgender issues. I only wrote about this issue because I am trying to understand this issue better.

I understand some transgender people do not want to have the gender reassignment surgery.

Some transgender people prefer to just live their lives as the opposite gender.

For some transsexuals, the hormone therapy  is the farthest they will go when transitioning. Also, gender reassignment surgery is not cheap.

Another issue, I find interesting is why are “transgender people” linked with gays and lesbians?

I don’t understand?

Homosexuality and transgenderism are two completely unrelated and  different issues.

Why are trangender people lumped together with gays and lesbians?

Homosexuality relates to being sexually attracted to a person of the same sex.

To be transgender means to want to  “change” the “physical body” so it appears like the opposite sex.

R.I.P. E Lynn Harris Died Last Night In Los Angeles

E Lynn HarrisInvisible Life

The  African American gay author E Lynn Harris,  passed away, last night, in Los Angeles.

I am shocked, sadden, and stunned. Harris was so young, he was only fifty four years old.

I remember, when I was a teenager in the 1990s, I read Harris first book “Invisible Life”.

“Invisible Life” was Harris first novel,  and in my opinion his best work.

Harris was bashed by critics for writing predictable romance novels from a black queer perspective.

Harris was very tenacious, he self published “Invisible Life” in 1991 by selling the books at African American beauty salons.

Since “Invisible Life” was such a huge success Harris was able to acquire a major book publisher.

E Lynn Harris has sold over four million books.

I admire E Lynn Harris  because although his novels were fictional, he still brought the lives of black gay men to the masses.

Harris  proved an openly gay black male writer “can” sell millions of copies, and be marketable .

“Invisible Life” helped me to understand that I wasn’t alone as I was coming to terms with my sexual orientation.

In the mid 1990s, the LGBT community was overwhelmingly Eurocentric, there was no reference point for me.

Harris work gave a voice to the life and experiences of gay and bisexual black men.

Harris was so successful he wrote ten books that reached the New York Times best sellers list.

I believe Harris incredible accomplishments opened the door for other gay black male writers to get publishing deals from major publishing


Harris proved there was a market for novels about the lives and experiences of gay black men.

Gay black men we are no longer invisible. It is very empowering and refreshing  to be able to visit a bookstore or a library and read about

experiences I can relate to.

Harris writing is also very important because his novels deal with black gay men loving each other.

I remember a few years ago I searched E Lynn Harris on google.

I e-mailed Harris once, asking him for some writing advice,  and he responded back to me.

Harris was so kind and generous to me I really appreciated that he listened to me.

I think it is a shame that  Harris wonderful books weren’t  produced into feature films.

The quandary is although Harris was very successful in the literary world, he still dealt with homophobia and racism.

I sometimes call Harris the “gay” Terry McMillan. Terry McMillan she is the very successful black heterosexual female writer.

McMillan’s books have become successful major films such as “Waiting To Exhale”, and “Stella Got Her Groove Back”.

I would love to see one of Harris novels turned into a movie.

Three of Harris novels had been optioned by the studios to be made into feature films.

If you are interested in learning more about E Lynn Harris, I suggest checking out his books at your local public library or bookstore.

I am praying for E Lynn Harris’ family as they grieve during this difficult time.


Three Sisters & Female Relative Murdered In Montreal! Father, Mother, Brother Charged With First Degree Murder!


According to the Montreal Gazette there is a shocking development in the drowing deaths of three sisters and a female relative.

The Shafia family are  Afghan immigrants.

Zainab Shafia, 19,  Sahar Shafia, 17, Geeti Shafia, 13, and  Rona Amir Mohammed, 50, were found dead in the family car when the vehicle was

discovered under water in the Rideau Canal on June 3oth.

Police have charged the father, Mohammad Shafia, wife Tooba Mohammad Yehya, the brother Hamid Mohammad Shafia, 18,  with four

counts of first-degree murder and four counts of conspiracy to murder.

I am stunned, sadden, and shocked. I can’t believe it!

It is not a surprise the Canadian media have called the murders “honour killings”.  However, the term “honour killings” is a loaded word.

Why do women have to maintain the “honour” of the family?

I just think this is horrible and just absolutely evil. If the alleged crimes are true, how can a father, mother and brother kill their own flesh and

blood? It doesn’t make any sense? I suppose an argument is I am being ethnocentric? Maybe I am? I don’t know?

Something needs to be done about this! The Canadian government has to do something but what?


You Go Girl!!!!


Congratulations to Kelis,  she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Knight on Tuesday in New York City!

Kelis will also receive spousal support, from her soon to be ex husband, the rapper Nas.

Kelis only wanted $20,000 a month for support, but the judge gave her  $55,000!!!!

The judge also ordered Nas to pay Kelis attorney fees!!!

Nas cheated on Kelis  and she filed for divorce earlier this year.

I am so proud of Kelis, she is really holding it down. You go girl!!!


DVD Review: New Best Friend One Of the Hottest Lesbian Movies Of The 21st century!!!

New Best Friend

Before Toronto native Mia Kirshner, became a superstar on the L Word, she starred in the indie film New Best Friend.

In the movie, Kirshner’s character Alicia is a new girl at private college. Mia’s performance was strong she depicted Alicia’s insecurities

and a wide range of emotions. Alicia is unpopular, and she is deperate to fit in with the other girls.

The beautiful rich girls don’t like Alicia and  she pays a price for being so desperate.

Alicia  overdoes  at a party and Taye Digg’s character, the local cop is attempting to put to solve the case.

I will admit, Diggs performance is probably the weakest link  in the movie. Diggs was listless, his facial expressions were just muted.

He was was out of his element.

I know this will sound sexist, but why was a male character in the movie at all?

The movie is about young women so there really is no need  for a male to even be in this movie.

1990s teen queens Dominique Swain and  Rachel True are also a part of the cast.

The movie is a camp classic!!!

New Best Friend also explores serious issues such as bulimia.

In one shocking scene, Rachel True’s character Julianne Livingston, vomits in plastic containers, and she saves the vomit.

The acting isn’t the best, but I got to admit it was pretty hot seeing  Rachel True and Dominique Swain make out on the movie.

Another sexy scene is told in a flashback sequence. Swain’s character starts hitting on Krishner’s character.

Swain and Krishner go all the way to give the audience exactly what we want to see.

I was a bit shocked at the very erotic lesbian scene it very pretty steamy.

Let’s just say the sex scene between Kishner and Swain definitely got my attention!!

Swain and Kirshner really went for it in the sex scene.

I don’t think the movie is homophobic at all.

I am sure in colleges across the world tons of  young women have lesbian sex.

Yes the actresses in this movie are very attractive, but this Hollywood and the movies are all about fantasy anyway.

Does Alicia’s  almost fatal overdose get solved?  Check out “New Best Friend” and find out for yourself.


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