Who Should Gain Custody Of Michael Jackson’s Children?


According to news reports Katherine Jackson the mother of Michael Jackson has filed to gain custody of Michael’s three children.

However, I feel Katherine is not a good choice to raise the kids because she is seventy nine years old.

I don’t mean to sound rude but let’s say Katherine Jackson dies?

The children don’t need anymore trauma in their lives, they need someone that can provide stability.

I believe one of Michael Jackson’s younger siblings should be the guardian of the children.

It is clear Janet is the best choice to raise Michael’s three children. Janet is a multi millionaire, she has the resources, she is intelligent, and young enough to raise the children.

Debbie Rowe also has a case  to gain custody because she is the biological mother of Paris and Prince Michael.

Michael’s youngest child blanket’s biological mother is still unknown.

In the best interest of the children I believe they should stay together because they love and need each other.

About orvillelloyddouglas

I am a gay black Canadian male.

One response to “Who Should Gain Custody Of Michael Jackson’s Children?”

  1. mj fan says :

    did you notice how at the memorial latoya kept tryin to draw blanket close to her – like she was a caring aunt – but he didn’t want to be near her

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