I Am No Longer A Poet I Give Up!!

I have decided I am no longer a poet. I can’t stand rejection this rejection is killing me! In the past few months I have recieved two rejection letters. I am taking a break from writing the rejection is just too much!  I can’t blog anymore I am too emotional right now.

I just can’t take this anymore. I try to have a positive attitude but I just have to accept it  just seems impossible to get another book published. Why do I bother mailing out poetry manuscripts only to get rejected? I wonder are my poems too “gay or too black”? Maybe I should I stop writing any poetry that deals with homosexuality or race issues? Maybe my poems need to be more safe more neutral?

Maybe that’s the problem? Maybe my poems need to be more uplifting and less confessional? Maybe I am the problem? Maybe my poetry just sucks? Maybe I am no good? Maybe that’s it?

Here is a sample of what the editors have said:

One poetry editor says ” dear Orville Lloyd Douglas I’m very sorry to say we are declining your manuscript. There’s a raw emotional quality and directness in these poems that is very appealing. The subject matter is timely and the pieces are well executed. I apologize for keeping your work for so long. As you know we receive many fine manuscripts, and are receiving more all the time, but as we can only publish, at most, four a year, we have to turn down many worthy volumes.”

Another poetry editor says “dear Orville Lloyd Douglas thanks so much for submitting your work. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to say no. We receive many great manuscripts every year and have to be very selective. We did, however enjoy reading your poems. Your writing has a keen intensity in both language and spirit.”

I don’t understand if these editors “like” my poetry why do I continue to receive these rejection letters?  I can’t take this anymore!!! I am giving up!!!

I do not write poetry for money nobody makes money from writing poetry anyway unless you are Margaret Atwood. I just want another poetry book published. I don’t know I don’t think I have the strength anymore to deal with these rejections!

About orvillelloyddouglas

I am a gay black Canadian male.

4 responses to “I Am No Longer A Poet I Give Up!!”

  1. LC says :

    I think given the economic climate (i presume Canada has been affected somewhat, but maybe i am wrong), that publishers are being extremely selective, and you should not let that deter you. Many successful black writers in the states like Zane (poor example I know, sorry) actually have self-published, so maybe that is something you could look into?

    If you are true to your word on not writing for profit, then you shouldn’t let these issues deter you from your art. Stay true to what you love and the opportunities will come forth. Don’t reject your gift because others have. Think about all the great writers who neither achieved fame or even published in their lifetimes. They didn’t let that stop them, so don’t let it stop you either!

  2. Kia says :

    You can’t stop being a poet anymore than you can stop breathing.

    Yo *can* stop submitting manuscripts but I think that would be a mistake. As the pp mentioned this economy is going to test 99% of the population in one way or the other. But like audrey lorde said poetry is not a luxury.

    Take Care,


  3. me. says :

    Please don’t give up. I know you can write Orville. Your poetry is fresh. Like the visual artist Issac Julien, you are the gay black voice in literature. We need contemporary queer writers like you for the 21st century. We need your voice to be heard loud and clear because without artists, especially ones that represent the voice of the unheard, we will continue to be marganilized and pushed to the side.
    If you lose inspiration, go back to the ones that inspired you in the first place. Read Evelyn Lau, Toni Morrison, Langston Hughes and Virginia Woolf. They were all once unheard voices, but because they had an important story to tell, they kept trying until finally they were recognized for their unique stories. Your disadvantage in life is your biggest advantage. You have experienced things that only a minority of people have. You have the opportunity to be the voice for those people. You have already inspired so many with your first book of poems. I know you can do it again. It is not about simply just being positive. Take the feed back from those rejection letters as constructive criticism. Just don’t give up on life so easily. You are so much better than that.

  4. Monie says :


    Have you considered self-publishing? There are a whole lot of successful writers that self-published in the beginning.

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