Archive | Friday , February 6 , 2009

What Happened To Vivica A Fox’s Career?


I love Vivica A Fox she is a good actress she was excellent in “Set it Off”, “Soul Food”, “1-800 Missing”, and “Kill Bill”. The last couple of years Vivica seems to be making questionable choices. I just learned this week that Vivica is a promoting a psychic friends network. Now Vivica claims this is not true.

Now Vivica is set to host a new reality television show called “The Cougar”. It appears to me that Vivica is doing “anything” to stay in the spotlight. Last year, Vivica hosted a reality TV show. I don’t know who Vivica’s manager, is but what is girlfriend doing with her career? I notice Vivica has starred in a couple of straight to DVD movies.

Last year, Vivica was making a comeback, she guest starred  on the HBO  television show “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. Vivica received solid reviews from television critics for her performance.  I sincerely hope Vivica will get a good acting role to demonstrate her acting talents again.


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