Do You Think It is Time For Roger Federer To See A Sports Psychologist?


Roger Federer broke down in tears today at the Australian Open awards trophy ceremony. Roger once again  lost to Rafael Nadal in a grand slam final. I believe it is time for Roger to see a sports psychologist he clearly needs some help with his confidence.

Roger had a breakdown today he was so inconsolable after this loss to Rafael Nadal.  I feel since Roger is strong enough to cry he should be strong enough to get the  professional help he desperately needs.

I think Roger should take a break from the game he needs to maybe return for the clay court season this year. I think he needs to think why does he put so much pressure on himself to win?

It is time for Roger to reach out for support he needs it. Roger is heartbroken he was unable to hide his true emotions today. It is hard for a tennis champion to admit another player is dominating him. I feel Roger’s breakdown today is proof it is killing him inside that he is unable to beat Nadal. Roger hasn’t beaten Rafael Nadal since November 2007 he has lost to Nadal five times in a row.

My heart breaks for Roger but this was Rafael’s moment to shine. Rafael was so kind to console Roger by hugging him despite the fact it was supposed to be his moment.

I have read some comments on the internet today and some people say Roger is a sore loser. I disagree I don’t feel Roger is a sore loser but I do believe he could of handled his emotions better.

Roger is a rare male athlete he shows his emotions all the time he cries when he wins and he cries when he loses. Some people say Roger is not masculine enough or man enough but I disagree. I believe it takes a strong man to admit the pressure of winning was too much. I feel Roger puts too much pressure on himself to break Pete Sampras record.

I am not a Nadal fan but even I must admit the attention of the awards ceremony should be on Rafael and not Roger since Rafael won the Australian Open.

I will admit Nadal is a lot better then I originally thought. Nadal is not just a clay court specialist he has proven he can win grand slam singles titles on all surfaces. Roger Federer has a real problem here and he needs to address what is he going to do about it?

Nadal is a solid talent and he is the number one player in the world. I still believe Roger will break Pete Sampras 14 grand slam singles title record. However, I also believe now that Rafael Nadal has the potential to also break Sampras record. Roger appears to have a mental block against Nadal.

Roger has an 11-0 record against all the other men in grand slam finals. However, Roger has a 2-5 record against Nadal in grand slam finals. I feel Roger needs to perhaps take a break from the game. Roger also needs a coach he needs to find someone that can help restore his confidence.

The interesting fact about Roger is that he is capable of beating Nadal he should of won this match but once again found a way to lose. Also, I feel the press are hyping up this rivalry a bit too much. Nadal has a 13-6 record against Roger how is this a rivalry? Nadal is clearly dominating Roger because he is mentally stronger then Roger.

I think Roger has to dig deep and look within himself he has to ask himself why he is so intimidated by Nadal? Roger has a superior serve then Nadal, he has a strong forehand, and he volleys better then Nadal. Roger is not utilizing his strengths enough. I also feel Roger is not attacking Rafael’s serve enough. The difference is Roger is so afraid of Nadal he won’t admit this but it is obvious.

It is time for Roger to seek a sports psychologist and get the professional help he needs to overcome Nadal. Maybe a sports psychologist can help him to deal with his emotions better as well.

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6 responses to “Do You Think It is Time For Roger Federer To See A Sports Psychologist?”

  1. Window Replacements says :

    Wow, another fantastic match. I watched the whole match as I did with both semi finals. Although I was going for Federer I think Nadal totally deserves that victory and he is a true champion. To back a 5 set, 5 hour semi final up with another 5 set, 4 hour + final in less than 48 hours was a true show of Rafa’s strength and endurance. You could also see by the body language of the players and shot selection that Rafa had the edge on Federer mentally. To have won 6 grandslams on 3 different surfaces at Rafa’s age is a truely remarkable feat. I was hoping Federer would equal Sampras’ record of 14 grand slams but Rafa was truely deserving having played another great match. Rafa truely is an entertainer as he is involved in all three of the greatest matches I have now seen – the Wimbledon final against Federer last year, the semi final against Verdasco the other day and this final against Federer. It will be very tough for Federer to recover from the mental scarring that has occurred in this loss and the Wimbledon loss last year along with all the French Open losses to Nadal. Especially as the next Grand Slam event is the French Open which will most likely mean Federer copping another hiding to Nadal. It was however very sad to see Federer break down in tears at the presentation, it was a horrible feeling to watch. I imagine it was because of the Legends awaiting to congratulate Federer if he got the 14 grand slams that he got so emotional.

  2. send flowers says :

    Yet another Match winning performance for nadal Best of luck for future.

  3. Moley Willows says :

    Yes another one.
    Mr Federer probably just needed a shoulder to lean on while the emotions/thoughts got too much. Sometimes its easier to talk to strangers or people you don’t know than explain to people that do know you.

  4. Kia says :

    I’m on the fence about the sports psych but think a coach would be a good idea. I think that Mirka has acted as a de facto coach for a long time but a new pair of eyes is sorely needed. Have your read Peter Bodo’s latest column on Fed?

  5. Bruce says :

    I think he does need to see a psychologist about playing Nadal. He’s blocked. I saw it from the very beginning. Roger was nervous. He couldn’t get a first serve in to save his life. And that was true for most of the match! If he had served against Rafa like he did against Roddick in the semis, he would have won. Rafa’s in Roger’s head before Roger even steps onto the court. He needs to learn how to free himself once again. Yes, Rafa is extraordinary and can get return balls no one else can possibly get. He hits more impossible winners than anyone. But Roger could beat Nadal in some of these match-ups. He needs to un-block.

  6. Flowers says :

    One thing Roger is a rare male athlete, he shows his emotions all the time he cries when he wins and he cries when he loses.

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