Who Is The Worst Tennis Commentator On Television?


Unfortunately, since  the TSN sports network’s Australian Open feed is from the American sports channel ESPN, the commentary sucks. ESPN has the worst tennis commentators in professional sports.

Mary “has been” Carillo, and Patrick “untalented” McEnroe,  talk too much during the points.

Carillo and Patrick McEnroe obtained their jobs at ESPN Television because of their connection to seven time grand slam singles champion John McEnroe.

The nepotism at ESPN Television is hilarious!

Let’s be honest here, what have Carillo and McEnroe accomplished in tennis? Absolutely nothing! Carillo and Patrick McEnroe never reached the top ten in pro tennis.

I think it is disgusting that Carillo and McEnroe are tennis commentators when they were terrible tennis players.

Mary Carillo is a friend of the McEnroe family, she was also a horrible tennis player. Carillo managed to win one grand slam in  mixed doubles with John McEnroe at the 1977 French Open. Carillo was a horrible professional tennis player her highest ranking was number thirty three in the world. Mary Carillo is obsessed with Serena.

Carillo’s bias against the Williams Sisters is so irrational, disgusting, and  racist.  Carillo  never gives Venus and Serena the credit they deserve. Venus and Serena are the only American players that are still winning grand slam events.

For instance, at the 2007 Australian Open all Carillo complained about was Serena’s weight.

However, when  Serena won the Australian Open two years ago Carillo was silent. Carillo has also been vocal critic of the  Williams Sisters  for the past decade.  Venus and Serena are the only American female players of their generation that are still grand slam contenders.

Hingis, Davenport, Clijsters, Henin, Capriati, Seles are all gone they have retired or are not active on the WTA Tour.

I am shocked more people do not complain to ESPN television about her unprofessional commentary.

Carillo has also made some callous comments about Roger Federer. Remember Roger is a European and not American so Carillo is just bitter.

I guess it must really upset Carillo that the current generation of American male tennis players are just not good enough. Since Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi have retired from men’s tennis the American men have been passed by the Europeans.

Carillo also has a propensity to have harsh words for women’s tennis in general she says a lot of negative comments about the women’s game.

When is Carillo going to come out of the closet and declare she is a lesbian? Carillo tries to act like she’s a “jock”, she is just an ugly masculine butch lesbian.

Patrick McEnroe is only a tennis commentator due to nepotism, since his brother John McEnroe is a seven time grand slam champion. What has Patrick ever accomplished on the tennis court?  Patrick is John’s younger brother he is not a champion and he is also a horrible commentator.

McEnroe hypes the American player Andy Roddick even though Roddick has not won a grand slam since September 2003. Does ESPN pay Patrick to exaggerate Roddick’s abilities? Roddick is all serve and that’s it.

It is obvious Roddick is not one the elite players in men’s tennis. Roddick is in the lower half of the top ten because the top players are simply so much better than he is. However, Patrick McEnroe will not acknowledge the obvious that Roddick is just not a factor. ESPN television also hypes up James Blake he has never reached a grand slam semifinal in his entire career.

Link to complain to ESPN Television:


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125 responses to “Who Is The Worst Tennis Commentator On Television?”

  1. Mushfiq Khan says :

    I request any Tennis commentators to please let your commentators, (particularly who covered last nights long game) know the real pronunciation of Rafael Nadal’ name:

    Raf – iyal is not correct – Rafa – el is correct
    Na – doll is not correct – Na – Daal is correct

    Commentators must pronounce the names correctly – it is important. If you do not know who makes this mistake, I will send you the name but I believe you should know.

    Thank you

    • Jim says :

      Dick Enberg! he says “NaDOLL” ALL the time. It’s annoying! He’s be t this for years! You’d think he would take the time to learn the #2 player’s name! Pathetic!

    • John says :

      They don’t just mispronounce Nadal’s name. They murder most foreign player’s name. They got Dementieva’s name wrong for years, Szalay’s name they got so wrong that I couldn’t even figure out who they were referring to. I would think that it would be a basic requirement for them to learn how to pronounce the name of the players whose matches they cover. After all they have at least a day to learn it.

  2. Lamonte G. says :

    Thanks for the article! As I watched the Australian Open I find myself repeating “Oh Shut Up!” Whenever Mary Carillo or Mary Jo Fernandez makes those comments. It really drove me crazy when Mary Carillo said that they need to concentrate only on tennis and how ‘she’ wants them to be #1 in the world. . .I feel like it’s their career not hers. She had her career and only got as far as a 33 ranking. 33??????? That’s bananas!!! Why is she even a commentator? What right does she have to criticize anybody?

    On a lighter note. . . I love Serena’s commerical how she’s planning to stay through Saturday!!!! THAT’S SO HOT!!!!!

    • themisses says :

      Oh I love you all for all the comments on how Dick Enberg and Mary Carrelo need to SHUT UP. Its like shut up already. I have complained about these two for years! His big mouth during tennis and football are sickening. He is always looking for something bad to focus on and she is an a** kissing nobody. I don’t care if you like or hate the Williams sisters, but lets face it, without them, you don’t have a tv audiance, period. I have been watching tennis since before the Billy Jean King VS Bobby Riggs match and she shut his big mouth right up, but all I want is to watch the matches minus the noise. This applies to football too. Dan Deirdorf, Boomer, all the ESPN guys and now Chris Collingsworth on MNF..shut up. I wish someone would allow the tv audience the option to mute the chatterbox commentators and allow us to hear what the people there hear. I remember back in the 70s or early 80s NBC broadcast a football game with just the stadium announcer, IT WAS FABLULOUS! Because its like your there. But add these mouththy opinionated loud mouths and just like Bill Walton cause me to turn off basketball, these people will too ruin the sports. I do, so all of you should bombard their websites with just how you feel and maybe we can get the noise removed and by the way..can somebody get all the graphics off the screen so I can see what is happening? Football scores don’t change often enough to justify why its on the screen all the time? and from what I’ve read, its not because the fans are so stupid they cannot keep track. I’m sorry for ranting, I am just sick of talk talk talk talk talk during a sporting event.

      • orvillelloyddouglas says :

        Hey it’s okay to rant you have a right to speak and your voice has now reached a larger audience.

      • stacy says :

        Thanks for the site. just finished watching Serena win – AGAIN – and had to hear mary gorillo say, and i quote ” watch serena lose this next point.” WTF!!!!! YES, she, a so called professiona,l said this tonight while i was watching tv. i too am SICK of Carillo. she is so prejudiced and jealous it is SICKENING. and to think that this piece of nobody has the gall to criticize two number 1 players is asinine. she is jealous that they make so much money and are so good even if they play fewer tournaments. ESPN is bonkers. carillo commenting on the greatness of the Williams sisters is like a bench player criticizing Kobe or Lebron. No, she is is not even a bench player, she is a playground league pseudo tennis player. I just turn the sound down whenever she is on. and unfortunately, that’s every Williams final. And there are many.
        I sent a note to ESPN too. Maybe we should start a petition.

  3. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    I agree Lamonte, Mary Carillo is the worst tennis commentator ever! Carillo wasn’t even a good tennis player she didn’t even make it to the top 20 or the top 10 yet this lady thinks she is a tennis expert.

  4. Yupyup says :

    I don’t know about the past, but Carillo was all good doing the Aussie final today. Fowler was annoying me. Carillo can’t state her opinion that she wants to see Serena at the top of her tennis game? She’s not telling her what to do. It’s an opinion. Fowler knows even less about tennis and he is sitting there looking all smug and talking like a fool. Go Serena go!! You can rule the tennis world and anywhere else you want too!! Please get rid of Fowler, not Carillo. I’m not saying Carillo is a great commentator or anything. I haven’t watched her that much.

  5. Penelope says :

    I agree. I listened to Mary Carillo during the last Australian Open 2009 women’s final and I found her comments about women and women’s tennis as well Serena Williams to be out of line!
    Her comments had nothing to do with the sport.
    I feel her comments are connected with her pent up anger and frustration which she has toward herself.
    She accused her fellow commentator of trying to get her in “trouble”. He forced her to face her own nasty truth and only at that time did she began to back peddle her comments.
    I can’t stand her bias toward women’s tennis and her nasty comments about the Williams’ sisters.
    These women work very hard and I am proud of all the women who play this sport.
    Carillo is the one lowering the sport by having like a whiny, b*****, back biting female.

  6. Lulu says :

    I agree, Mary Carillo would not let up on complaining about Serena’s commitment level to tennis during the women’s Australian final. Who cares what Serena does with her time, she won didn’t she? I personally can’t stand Carillo and think she is way too critical of the players (especially women). It makes me not want to watch tennis, or any other sports broadcast, if she is commentating.

  7. denny says :

    What’s up with Mary Carillo at the Australian Open???????????? Is she in love with Serena Williams or what??? Chris tried to give her an out but she just kept on going and going about the off court talents of the sisters. Please Mary, they are gifted athletes but it really stops there. No need to go on and on. I turned the TV off because I couldn’t stand it any longer….just stick to the tennis PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE. denny

  8. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    I heard a rumour that Mary Carillo is a butch lesbian. I wouldn’t be surprised if Carillo is a butch because she has a very masculine appearance just look at the way Carillo dresses. It also appears Carillo is obsessed with Serena. Carillo was never a good tennis player and it just seems like she wants to live her own tennis fantasies through Serena Williams. I thought Carillo’s rant during the Australian Open final was weird. I wonder when will ESPN television fire Mary Carillo? If people want to complain about Carillo they should contact ESPN.

    • Fan of Mary Carillo says :


      What a small crass person you must be. Why don’t you put a photo of yourself out for everyone to judge? Are you some kind of supermodel/stud? So perfect that the rest of us are beneath you? It seems that Mary isn’t as obsessed with Serena as you are with Mary. Get a life and some knowledge, people like you are what make the web really gross.

  9. Sharad says :

    “Raf – iyal is not correct – Rafa – el is correct
    Na – doll is not correct – Na – Daal is correct”

    I thought of the same thing and told my wife how DICK ENBERG was pronouncing Rafa’s name, damnit is it so hard to learn a name?

  10. morton says :

    you know what? fuck off. seriously fuck off. carillo is the best one out there and you’re clearly a moron. fucker.

  11. s says :

    Just because Carillo takes a vested interest in seeing the US women do well, she should shut up? What’s wrong with expressing real, honest opinion? Why should she pussyfoot around with her opinions about the condition of women’s tennis today? And what, tell me, does her sexuality have to do at all with anything pertaining to tennis? Shut the hell up.

    • orvillelloyddouglas says :

      Carillo is entitled her opinion but she wasn’t even that good a tennis player. Carillo’s opinions are pathetic because she wasn’t even a champion. I think it’s a joke that this untalented quack Mary Carillo is even a tennis commentator. Carillo’s highest rank was number thirty three in the world. Carillo isn’t a tennis champion and her comments about certain players are toxic and disgusting.

  12. Dave says :

    Here is just one of the definitions of sexism. Equal pay for equal work. When the female tennis players recieve the same pay as the men do while doing, at most, 2/3 of the work, that is sexism. When a womens final takes less than an hour to complete and the paticipants are exhausted, that is a travisty. Mary Carillo couldn’t be more correct.

  13. RaiulBaztepo says :

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language ;)
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  14. HP says :

    I am watching Dent Taylor vs R Federer, I understand Taylor is a turnaround player (probably of the year) coming back from his injury and wish him best. Anyway, can someone tell Mary Carillo to shut the f up? When you try to pitch Dent vs Federer, sure RF has had a poor showing in 2008 and early 2009, but do not forget he is #2 for a reason and he is the BEST TENNIS PLAYER of ALL TIME regardless of what all the American commentators might want to say or believe. RF is playing with Dent (literally) if he wanted to finish off this match, he would probably do it 60 60, the way he is playing he is really practicing in an easy match for him.

    So shut the f up and give credit to Taylor for coming back from his injury but do not take away anything from RF, he is a great player and an even better spokesman Tennis ever had. If I were to look around for who I would like my kids to use a role models that list would be RF, Nadal, Gulbis, Ferrer, Andy Roddick (from the current players), and RF, Nadal, Agassi, Borg, Lendl in the order listed.
    RF – Great player, great human.
    Nadal – Great player, persistent competitor.
    Agassi – Great player, greatest comeback story. Believer.
    Borg – Great player, great human.
    Lendl – Hardest worker, most disciplined, great player.

  15. Stephan says :

    I am shaking my head at this absurd criticism.

    Carillo is a class act, and both Macs are the best commenattors the sport has seen (or heard) in decades. In fact, Cliff Drysdale is pretty damn good too.

    By contrast, the B- players they find to call the matches on TSN leave a lot to be desired.

  16. herb says :

    Who gives a damn what kind of a tennis commentator she is or if she was ever a good player or whether she’s straight or gay? Carillo is a beautiful woman who has Lena Horne’s dark, flashing eyes, and that’s good enough for me!

  17. Vivian says :

    I strongly suggest that Brad Gilbert go back to high school to study grammar. He should also learn how to pronounce foreign names – especially French! He (and others) have massacred names such as Simon and Mathieu. I have watched (not listened) to matches he commentates on because he also TALKS TOO DARNED MUCH!
    Justin Gimblestob (sp?) also TALKS TOO DARNED MUCH!
    Cliff Drysdale’s comments are very often annoying and redundant.

  18. Fritz says :

    I’m watching the first round of the 2009 US Open now, while contemplating all of the remarks above about the various commentators.

    In general, all of them talk too much. Shut up and let us enjoy the matches.

    To the players, especially the women, STOP the grunting/shrieking. It adds nothing to the game and in my opinion, detracts from it. It seems unsportsperson-like to suddenly start shrieking, or start shrieking more loudly during the most critical points of a game or match.

    Regarding the Williams sisters: Where to start. Certainly the best players in the U.S., even when not playing regularly. What does this say about the rest of the American women, or the rest of the top women players in the world?

    Regarding Serena’s weight: Yes, she looks bigger than she did years ago. Yet she’s still a formidable opponent. One would think that if she starts losing on a regular basis, she will either retire or improve her fitness. If this “weight discussion” were about a guy on the men’s tour, the discussion wouldn’t last very long because the guy wouldn’t last very long.

  19. Kate Beach says :

    Mary Carillo should be ashamed! Her snotty comments about Bulgaria are embarassing to all. Pironkova is on the court trying her best. To be making small talk and rude comments about her country and countrymen just shows the lack of depth Carillo has a commentator. Can’t she come up with something positive to say?? Take her off TV. I’m tired of her snide attitude. It’s not as if she were any great shakes on the court.

  20. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Yes I heard Carillo’s comment about Bulgarian sports it was so offensive. Well ESPN TV viewers KNOW what to do. I posted a link to ESPN television for people to complain to the network about Carillo and the other commentators.

    Link to complain to ESPN television.


  21. ak says :

    Why nobody mentioned Brad Gilbert? In my view he is the most obnoxious SOB ever. Why does he try be funny and denigrating at the same time? It is so annoying to hear him coming as a complete dumb-ass. I wonder if there is way to let ESPN or him know that a little respect toward foreign tennis players goes o long way.

  22. louise says :

    patrick and cliff are the best. john and patrick work well together. d. cahill is also one of the bests.

  23. T.J. says :

    I suggest if commentators must speak, they introduce the subject of the sentence at the beginning of the sentence. I wish they would all just be quiet- let us hear the match- let us hear the ball strike- let us hear the chair umpire. WE ARE WATCHING TENNIS HERE!

  24. scott says :

    Her commenting is ok, not great. But that cougar comment during the Oudin-Sharapova match set her back. Very tasteless. Almost worse than McEnroe, except he has a large volume of work.

  25. Marian says :

    Marian Dunn :I wish Mary Carillo would be quiet when tennis is being played. She could take a good lesson from Tracy Austin who is the commentator for the women’s Rogers Cup in Canada. She absolutely does not talk when the game is on, even if she is asked a question. Once the ball is in motion she will not answer until the play has ended.The commentators have to learn we do not tune in to listen to them. We tune in to see the tennis. John McEnroe could also take a few lessons from Tracy.

  26. Jim says :

    I disagree. Mary Jo Fernandez is the worst! Mary Carillo just talked about What Mary Jo needs to ask the Willimas sister during an interview to get an answer. Well the answer is quite simple. Mary Jo needs to stip being so biased.

    She has no business commentating at all, since she come to the air waves with a HUGE conflict of interest.

    Her husband being an agent to so many on the tour and he bias toward the players that he does not represent, is obvious, which is why Venus & Serena give her the deserved cold shoulder.

    Mary Jo Fernandez should be fired.

  27. jan stribolt says :

    Mary Carillo has surpassed Bud Collins as the worst tennis commentator! The reason is simple: SHE TALKS WHILE THE BALL IS IN PLAY! I tune in tennis to watch the players play – not listen to commentators. As such, she does not understand her function, which is ancillary. Perhaps she thinks her comments are more important than the tennis? Wow! Jan

  28. Mihai Popovici says :

    The McEnroe brothers + Mr. Brad Gilbert are the worst commentators. They talk and talk and talk and talk and talk a little bit more and talk again. I watch the games without volume. I press the MUTE button. Can somebody from ESPN apply un bandaid over their mouth especially Mr.Gilbert? The most professional commentator at ESPN-tennis is Darren Cahill. No wonder Agassi kicked Mr. BIG MOUTH out and replaced him with DARREN CAHILL.

  29. fabuluisa says :

    John McEnroe made some comment about Oudin being the only AMERICAN left, hmmmm, I guess African-Americans are not lAmericans. I am tired of the hype, and I am tired of the lop-sided support given to Oudin and Kim. Remember, Serena is and has always been an American. Let Oudin win something first before they compare her to Serena or Venus. I was embarrassed to be an American, especially this week of all weeks, when the crowd rooted against Venus.

  30. Robert Palmer says :

    i agree i think they need to apologise to all americans players, and learn the names of players and to pronounce them , it is their job!!

  31. Andrea says :

    Martina Navratilova is a much better commentator than Carillo. Martina has wonderful insights and a quick wit too. I iked Tracy Austin too, though can’t remember what network she worked for. She didn’t talk over the action and pointed out interesting things.

  32. Allison says :

    Mary Carillo’s obviously does not like the Williams sisters and quite frankly she makes watching any tennis match she is working on almost unbearable to watch. Her reactions to anything that Venus and especially Serena does is personal and always attacking. Ms. Carillo Grown the hell up!!

  33. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Allison, I agree when Carillo said Serena should be “suspended” I was just not surprised. I think Serena should be fined but definitely not suspended. Carillo is a horrible tennis commentator and the number one hater of Venus and Serena. Carillo’s unprofessionalism is so disgusting and just plain pathetic.

  34. Anne Hourigan says :

    This is the same Mary Carillo that sits next to John McEnroe who was slightly combative in his time, and has the nerve to berate Serena Williams. She was also the mouth that suggested that Martina Navratalova was an abomination and would do irreparable harm o the Ladies Tour for coming out. What a phony b…h.

  35. Brooke Armstrong says :

    SO does anyone else think it’s strange that Mary Carillo is a sexist lesbian? It’s seems like a contradiction but ok, whatever Mary. Let’s have tea and watch Ellen together. It will be great. I so want to be a frustrated 1950′s lesbian with you. Sounds super cool.

  36. Yuppez says :

    Mary Carillo should be fired. Don’t want to hear her personal views regarding Serena. It seems TOO personal instead of objective as she should be. It makes me wonder if there’s a racial undertone. Let it go ALREADY!

    • orvillelloyddouglas says :

      I agree Carillo has an axe to grind against Serena so her comments are disingenious. I suggest people complain to ESPN television if they want to complain about Carillo.

      She is such a hateful person and she has a personal vendetta that masculine butch lesbian is just a hater and a racist. I wasn’t surprised when Carillo said Serena should be “suspended”. Of course, Carillo wants Serena out of the game because she doesn’t want Serena to win the SLAMS. Carillo knows Serena is the best player of her generation.

  37. Robert Tarzan says :

    Any one that thinks the William sisters arent hateful, arrogant and selfish can not reason. They should be suspended not fined. A 10 thousand dollar fine to them is like a .50 cent fine to someone making 100 thousand dollars a year and is not even a slap on the wrist. The reason she was calm in the interview is because getting kicked off the court gave her the way out that she needed so that she could could say she didnt get her butt kicked in the match. She contradicted herself 10 time saying she didnt play her best tennis and then saying she did her best and then I could of played better, I didnt play my “A” game, I always do everything 200%. She said she had more errors in that match than the entire tournament. Thats because Clijster ran your butt all over the court. She never gives her opponants credit for beating her its always ” I gave it too her” Justine Hennin beat her when Justine was number one in the world and she said Justine got lucky.

    • orvillelloyddouglas says :

      First off, Venus has NOTHING to do with this. So why are you saying the “Williams Sisters” should be suspended? Your statement makes no sense. Venus has always been classy and professional on the court.
      I agree that Serena’s behaviour on the court was totally unprofessional and unacceptabole. I also agree Serena should be fined and she has been fined. However, I notice you don’t mention ANDY RODDICK? Roddick is far worse then Serena he consistently has been petulant with the chair umpire and lines people cursing up a storm. So Roddick gets’a free pass because he is a white male? Give me a break! Roddick has said WORSE THINGS to lines people but I don’t recall the press wanting to burn him at the stake! The venom the press have against Serena is totally out of line and there are definitely racial undertones to this.

  38. Robert Tarzan says :

    She said if the line judge called a foot fault then she must of seen her foot fault and shes not going to knock her for that because she was only doing her job.
    YOUR NOT GOING TO KNOCK HER FOR THAT!!! you waved your racket over her head and threatened to shove the ball down her thoat and kill her. Serena you were asked in your interview what you said to the girl and you said, you dont think its neccessary and you let it go, and your trying to move on. Well you know what? you would love that wouldnt you, we are not going to forget about it, we want you to pay. And you didnt think the girl should of felt threatened because you have never been in a fight in your life? How would the line judge know that? She hasnt been with you your whole life and your lieing your butt off you know dang well you’ve been in hundreds of fights.

    • reecy says :

      what is this “we want you to pay” isnt that what the fine is for? how else would everyone like her to “pay”? This entire issue is being blown way out of proportion and only because it’s Serena…

  39. ruby says :

    I consider my self a fan of the sport of TENNIS period but it was the William sisters that touch inspired me, through them I’ve come to respect & deeply LOVE the game of Tennis.
    My question to Mary Carillo, Mary Jo Fernandez & to all the other haters Serena Williams’s bashers:
    Mary Carillo, MARY JO & OTHERS THAT IF or when, WE … if you’re Honest with yourselves… LOOK BACK; RESEARCH YOUR HISTORY of YOUR CARREER& FIND… THAT IT’S BLEMISHED WITH THINGS THAT YOU WOULD NOT WANT to be reminded of would’ve or Relived over& over of again. Would you have liked OTHERS TO KNOW OR SPEAK ill- willed of?! CERTAINLY YES INDEED!
    THERE ARE THINGS YOU’VE SAID or have made bad life choices IF YOU HAD A CHANCE YOU’D CORRECT, You seem to forget you have kids who have to grow up as well can you say with certainty my kids would never say or do that…?!, SO TELL ME WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO crucify & condemn a Young Woman whom haven’t lived as long as you, With NO possible chance mercy, of forgiveness? Is this what YOU teach YOUR Kids..?
    OUR great country was founded on higher standard, rights freedom of great values.
    The game of Tennis belongs to us ALL…Mary Carillo you’re wrong it’s Not only yours
    Serena is America…point blank.farthermore, all the great things she’s accomplished you nor I can’t take it away.
    Nor use a person’s shortcomings as a weapon to destroy& willfully tarnish them…
    Who do U think U R “Edgar Hoover????”
    Would you “stop with the mud slinging its NOT cute …get over your self? (I use to put you in such High regard but now on a scale to 1-10
    I rate my respect for you at a -2.
    You’ve verbally cussed & dammed Serena during your commentating I never thought you would be no more than a Stand up fair kinda Gal..ooh boy was I ever wrong. I took pride in listening to YOu about the love of the game of TENNIS, but I saw the real You…Mary Carillo, An aged critical bias monster. Sadly, I have no desire to hear nor view while your spew out venom…sigh.. Get it together guys..!
    A true Fan

  40. Brock says :

    I am so glad to find a forum of people who are as equally outraged by Mary Carillo’s admonishment of Serena. She absolutely has a bias against the Williams sisters and took this opportunity to pounce on Serena. Where was the outrage when Roger Federer said shit on national television while cursing out the chair? Mary chuckled it off to a boys will be boys, while trying to be one of the boys in the booth. I am a man, and believe Mary is a disgrace to women – a sellout and a complete hypocrite. Mary practically led a media lynchmob against Serena interjecting her personal opinion that Serena should be suspended. What a complete and total idiot to bite the hand the feeds her. Without the Williams sisters, American tennis, both male and female would be practically non-existent. Who does Mary think the American viewers have been tuning in over the last 10 years to watch that match Ms. Carillo is covering? Fire this moron, please, and stop subjecting us to her unprofessionalism in the booth.

  41. shirley mcpherson says :

    Mary Carillo, not only are your comments harsh on Serena, they are sexist. McEnroe, consistently used bad language. I can’t believe the line judge feared forher life,in front of thousands of people, come on and SHUT UP!!!! I think you shoudl be fired. I was angry just listening to you. Double standard for men and women in Tennis it appears. I hope Tennis does try to fine Serena stiffer penalties and she files a succussful lawsuit.

  42. david bosch says :

    I like Mary Carillo and think she is insightful. So what if she wasn’t that great a player herself. Most successful coaches weren’t either, which shows that doing and knowing about are two different things. And I’m sure she was vastly more successful on the court than her detractors themselves. Are they jealous of her? As for good Christian girl Serena’s outburst, I noticed she took a long look at the lineswoman before she advanced on her. Nice of her to pick on a minority of small stature. I’m betting she wouldn’t have threatened some big black linesman.

  43. rachel says :

    I agree 100%! After Venus and Serena won the doubles title Patrick McEnroe was interviewing them. Serena started the interview off saying how bad she felt for her actions etc and that she loved her fans and that was no way to act. McEnroe then turned around and asked about the rant. Venus, who had been standing by, leaned in and told McEnroe that it was time to move on as the crowd booed.

    Carillo is so negative she can barely contain her venom most days. When she was calling the double match she went into this long commentary on Black and Huber’s background and what a fine family pedigree etc…she does not like Williams’ sisters and it is very evident, but who do you complain to?

  44. BLACK & PROUD says :

    Ok, I know that this is a very late post, but it’s still within the calendar year.

    I think that some of you are way too critical of Mary, why? Because I watch tennis religiously, and never miss a match, but when I hear compliment’s being given to the Williams sisters, 90% of the time it’s coming from Mary Carillo, and that is a FACT!

    You couldn’t pay the men such as Martin Navratilova, John Macenoe, Daren Cahill, Bud Collins or Brad Gilbert, to give Serena Williams a compliment and mean it from the heart. If you do hear them say anything positive about her, it’s simply because they are paid to BE NICE on television, because we all know that tennis was and somewhat still is one of the sports that was operated by nothing more than common law Nazi’s in a suit! And now they’re trying to clean up their act (JUST A LITTLE BIT) so that they are not taken off the air.

    It’s that tennis rat pack with a bunch of old fossils in it such as, Billy Jean King, Martina’s rough & tough thuggish manly looking ass, and old ass Bud Collins whom I cannot stand, and Bud Collins is so damn old, he has got to be in his damn Late Hundreds!

    They act as if it’s going to end their fkn careers if they give Serena Williams a compliment, but they’ll roll out the fkn red carpet for their darling princess of tennis Maria Sharapova and say wonderful lovely sweet things about her all day, but Serena Williams silenced those fossils at the 2007 Australian open, when she straight up dismantled, spanked, and beat her ass in the pavement pound for pound silly sideways. Maria was so damn tired from getting ass raped on the court, that they had to remove her 6 ft 2 tall Amazon looking ass off the court on a stretcher & a respirator.

    If the 2007 Australian open didn’t silence those old ass closet racist who are commentators at those tennis matches, then the next Williams & sharapova meeting did, when they met at the Sony Ericson tour in Florida that year! And poor Maria Sharapova, she tried to act as if she wasn’t timid & afraid, but even Stevie Wonder could see that she wanted no part of Miss Williams, but when Serena was finished with sharapova on that court, there was bleach bottle blonde hair scattered all over the place, like a dog shedding it’s hair in his kennel, and there was nothing sharapova could do, except take another brutal ass beat down as she did from Miss Williams. Shortly after that, John “the nazi” Macenro started to say nicer things about Serena Williams, but Daren Cahill is still a hater.

    That is also when I started to hear Mary Carrillo giving Serena Williams credit, and to this day, she is by far one of the few tennis commentators who will credit the Williams sisters.

    If I could fire two tennis commentators, I would first start with that fkn nazi John Macenoe, and that hateful thug Martin Navratilova!

    That is how you clean up the place, by crippling them without their leaders.

  45. Laura Wills says :

    I think thàt it is despicable that all this hate is going on. Can’t we all get along and appreciate what we all have to deliver as a talent.

    Love to the Williams sisters!

  46. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Laura, you are right in a way that hate is wrong. However, if you look at the responses to my blog article you will notice people are very upset at the racist biases of ESPN television commentators. Serena Williams is the most talented female tennis player of her generation she has 11 grand slams but she’s not a white woman she is a black woman. Also, Laura notice that ESPN is an American TV network and the Williams Sisters are also American but they are not white. So it seems to be a “real American” in ESPN television’s eyes you have to be white.

  47. Gul Dixon says :

    Mary Carillo mentioned The incident at US Open about Serena Williams’ temper exactly seven times during her 2nd round match against the Czech player. What does Carillo have against Serena? Is she a racist? If so, we don’t need that on TV. She (Carillo) must have been in hybernation during MCEnroe years when he ranted and raved and cussed at the referees profusely. That must be why she called Serena’s incident as “the first” and very damaging to the game. Thanks Mary, we saw the outtakes from that scene at least umpteen times. You can stop now!

  48. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Exactly Gul Dixon you make an excellent argument! The reason why ESPN is repeating the Serena Williams US Open incident is to stereotype Serena as the stereotypical angry black woman. The racism and sexism of ESPN Television must be challenged and we are challenging it! Complain to ESPN and your local media outlets let your voices be heard!

  49. totally agree says :

    Watched it last night and totally agree. Carillo is a closeted lesbian who wants Serena but at the same time hates herself for her own feelings. I wouldn’t be surprised if Carillo made a pass at Serena and was rejected in the past. Carillo was talking about how the fine wasn’t enough. Pam Shriver came back with stats showing the highest men get fined in the NFL is $25K. Carillo said Goodell suspends people, totally ignoring the comment. Carillo’s 52 so ESPN will get rid of her soon enough for a younger, sexier commentator. Then we’ll all see the real Carillo as she goes ballistic, suing ESPN for being sexist of all things. Just a matter of time.

  50. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    I would not be surprised if Mary Carillo is a lesbian although I think she’s a strange lesbian because she seems to have an anti woman attitude. Carillo always criticizes women’s tennis by stereotyping the female players saying they are too emotional. Why doesn’t Carillo stereotype Roger Federer? After all, I don’t see the women crying after losing matches like Federer does.

    Carillo sounds like a sexist anti woman lesbian. I hope you are right Mary Carillo’s attitude towards Serena Williams is irrational it is like Carillo has an vendetta against Serena. Carillo should be fired from ESPN but I doubt ESPN will fire Carillo.

  51. Sally Ann Evans says :

    Serena and Venus have gone their whole careers swallowing the bitter pill of racism, their parents taught them to keep their mouth close and play their game. Serena finally got fed up with the BS. Those of you that is so critial of Venus and Serena, try walking in their shoes.

  52. Kelly exner says :

    Chris mcKendry should stick to what she knows…..which isn’t tennis. I just can’t watch!!
    And I was GM of tennis clubs for 25 years.
    Very unnerving to watch.

  53. jesse says :

    Very uneducated and ignorant tennis crew. If they know for sure facts about geography or history they should shut up. For example: They said Ivanisevic is Serbian player, mentioned at every ocassion how Serbs (meaning Serbian players) suffered during the war, practiced in a swimming pool. They do not know that the Serbs were agresors doing genocide on poor people of Bosnia. America did not bomb them for no reason, etc.
    They should go to a good school, perhaps Europen one.

    • Joe Bassett says :

      America bombed them because the Serbs were tired of the criminal brown Albanians. Who were causing so much crime selling drugs. The Jews won’t allow the Whites to take care of the brown people.
      They were bombed so the heat was off Clinton’s nasty ass.

      • jesse says :

        Joe Bassett get educated on the Serbs issue. They are pain. trust me on this one.
        Go to Espn360 and watch tennis with English comentators. They do not talk to much while point is played, words well chosen, pure gentlmen. Our ESPN commentators should be like that. Shame.

  54. Ruth says :

    Mary Carillo is absolutely bias against the William sisters, especially Serena. She should stick to what she’s being paid to do, commentate, and stop sprewing her very bias and racist driven opinions.

  55. Sue-Ann says :

    It’s scary how true this is. It’s very well written and I agree with every point made here. I really wish they would take her off. Or I’ll probably switch to tennis channel which sounds like a great idea because the commentators there know what they are talking about.

  56. Trish Smith says :

    I am complaining about Mary Carillo. Why does she hate the William women? Especially Serena. If she is not complaining about her weight she is complaining about her commitment. It is her life. She is doing her own thing and doing it well. Mary is jealous of Serena and wishes that she had the talent that Serena has. I had to turn down the volume while watching Serena because she went on and on about the fine. It is all over with. Let us watch her in action and celebrate that she is one of the very few Americans that win. Mary is also jealous of the amount of money that Serena makes. What about all of those blonds that get all of the endorsements for being a little attractive and talentless.

    • COYO says :

      Can’t stand Mary …we really don’t care what you think Mary.. why must you share your opinions on EVERYTHING ? …but in the spirit of equality ..can’t stand Serena either …she DID get a break with the relatively small fine ….and her thuggish behavior …yeccch …an amazing tennis player no doubt….and though she has gotten ( a little ) better …she never gives her opponent credit … no class ! The women’s game is in sad shape …cheers ..Coyo

  57. Joe Bassett says :

    Carillo is biased in favor of the Williams sisters. I don’t like her negative comments about some players.
    But the worst comments come from John McEnroe who said one white girl had very White legs. Her name is Amy Frazier. He made the comkment she had white legs. Then they call that German guy Keifer a freak. Then they praise the Willimas sisters. McEnroe and that Roberts guy are such pussies. I beleive they suck each other off.

  58. Joe Bassett says :

    The thing about Carillo is I bet she’s hot in bed. I bet she is super hot. But she’s probably doing the lesbian thing. Now if that’s the case she sure keeps it hidden. If this lifestyle is so great you would think they would promote it.

  59. Joe Bassett says :

    What I don’t like is when Cliff has to say Rafael Nadal. If he says Nadal we will know who he’s talkigng about. One thing I don’t like is when Patrick and Chris will make fun of Reiner Shutler’s name. Just say Shutler and be done with it.

    Another thing is Cliff always wanting to see slow motion of the serves and talks about them. I’m sick of hearing about how good the Williams sisters could be and what they do off the court and how they should improve. Shriver and Carillo should do a porn scene with them.

    Shriver, Carillo, and Dick “The Dick” Enberg should quit. Shriver won doubles. Big deal. She won with Navratilova. But I think everyone agrees Carillo has to go.

  60. Joe Bassett says :

    Remember how Venus used to raise heck about calls? Have you noticed that since Serena has been making a stink she acts so shy and doesn’t question calls? She acts so sweet and nice. Because both of them cheated by not playing each other at certain times and allowing the other to be fresh for her enxt match. They cheat and if you notice they can’t get Blacks motivated to play. Tennis is a very hard sport. It is work and not like basketball or football. You have to practice. the Blacks have it easier. They are faster anddon’t have to work as hard.

    • MICHAEL E WILEY says :

      Your statement seems pretty bias.The aspect of what you wrote leads people to believe that Black People can’t think for themselves. What gives you the right to judge what or how they plan to deliberately win or lose matches? You are right – Blacks do not have to work as hard to be great athletes – we have to strive for it!

  61. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Joe, have you never been mad about something in your life ever? I am serious? Are you perfect? Venus only got mad once on the tennis court when she was eighteen years old at Wimbledon. You are forgetting Joe professional tennis players are competing for millions of dollars. The incorrect line calls can cost a professional tennis player money.

    Mary Carillo has made a lot of racism and sexist comments against Venus and Serena.

  62. jesse says :

    Joe Bassett get educated on the Serbs issue. They are pain. trust me on this one.
    Go to Espn360 and watch tennis with English comentators. They do not talk to much while point is played, words well chosen, pure gentlmen. Our ESPN commentators should be like that. Shame.

  63. mjones says :

    Most non- professional commentators talk far to much – a good commentator knows when NOT to talk. the worst are Carillo and JOHN mcenroe. Both have booring voices and love to hear themselves talk. Please train them properly – commentating is not just talking your head off about anything and nothing – we only want to watch the game!!!! Another complaint I have – is the grunting. Enough is enough. Tell the grunters to stop it or they don’t play. I’m surprised their opponents don’t object.

  64. laila20 says :

    CLIFF DRYSDALE…I have developed such an aversion i just hit the mute button. I hate his analysis. He doesnt even know tennis. He just knows english and gets paid. he sometimes gets away with just questioning his fellow commentator and letting them make the analysis. And his voice is so old. Please espn remove him. I am not able to enjoy good matches because of him. Never felt so much against anything. I watched Cilc vs Del po tro on mute because of him. Crap..

  65. TheKatalist says :

    THANK GOD!!! I thought I was the only one on earth to realize how biased Mary Carillo is against the Williams sisters. She is always complaining about the fact that have lives outside of tennis and Serena’s incident at the U.S. Open has provided her with enough fodder to last her a lifetime.
    When is someone going to tell her enough is enough and to shut up about Venus and Serena?

  66. Andres says :

    Dick Enberg isn’t a choice, but he’s The Worst. His knowledge of tennis is abysmal, and he’s a broken record. I get so tired of him declaring matches as good as done when the momentum shifts in the slightest. Among also rans, Jeff Tarango. What an ass he is. For the most part, they all need to learn to just keep some of their idiotic comments to themselves and let us watch the points.

  67. brenda sheppard says :

    Most of the time, I mute the comments by the so called tennis experts. With the exception of John McEnroe, who is the most objective, the majority of the commentators have not won more than one major singles title. The are extremely critical of the Williams’ sisters. The most critical person and one I dislike the most is Mary Jo Fernandez. When the Williams’ sisters are playing there opponents are spoken of in a positive light, but they are stingy giving the Williams’ sisters similar comments. Just listen to them. Is that jealously, ignorance or something else?

  68. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    I think there is a mixture of racism, jealousy, and bitterness by some of the commentators because they are not champions.
    I think former champions like John McEnroe are perhaps more veracity to his comments because he was a champion.

    It is hard listening to Mary Carillo and Patrick McEnroe when they never won anything in tennis.

    Mary Joe Fernandez did reach three slam finals but Seles and Graf. Pam Shriver reached one final and lost to Evert in 1978 at the US Open.

  69. Randy says :

    The Australian Open commentating is the worst sports coverage I have ever seen!! Why is it necessary to talk constantly about Serina Williams? Great shots by her opponent go unremarked (the Li match), while the commentators talk about her family or her doubles match due to come up, etc. Rather than replay a shot by an opponent, they constantly show her mother in the crowd– like we care. At one point the commentator went so far as to state that Serina was having problems with her toss because the “sun was bigger on her side of the net”—Huh?
    I find myself turning the sound off all the time rather than listen to the Williams sisters love fest.

    • M. Blitz says :

      I agree with your first statement, that the commentating is the worst! But I think they don’t go crazy over the Williams sisters. They save that type of treatment for Federer. Soooooo annoying. And I am a fan of Federer…..but please, enough.

      I also ended up having to turn the sound down repeatedly in exasperation while watching.

  70. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    I disagree Randy, I don’t think the ESPN commentators like Serena at all. I see the opposite. I feel the ESPN television crew are racist and sexist against black women.

  71. herst says :

    DICK ENBERG is by far the worst!!! Mary Carillo is a close 2nd & Chris Fowler not far behind.
    To be fair – they ALL talk too much but those 3 simply NEVER shut the hell up. They will talk over & through points AND INTO the next point!
    I’ve written CBS & ESPN about them but nothing helps. Do networks think people enjoy all this inane chatter? For the most I don’t watch any match Enberg is on anymore. A shame because I’d really like to SEE the actual matches. If he hasn’t learned by age 74 not to talk during the points he never will. If there’s a god in heaven he’ll retire soon.
    Sadly, I just read he won’t be doing NFL anymore but “still wants to do Wimbledon & US Open. Ugh. Why can nothing be done about these blowhards? Petition anyone????

  72. billy says :

    Any of you people who think Carillo & most of the others don’t GUSH over the Williams sisters are nuts.
    You hardly hear their opponents names mentioned. They always go on & on about how much they’re won & this & that. What other women’s doubles matches do they ever show?? I don’t care if they’re black – I don’t want to hearing one-sided ranbling about the same 2 players constantly.
    As to the Nadal name thing – I’m annoyed that most of the announcers wanna call him “Rafa” – as if they’re close pals w/ him. It’s pathetic. And in general having 3 announcers to commentate on 1 match is too many. There’s only 2 players for christ’s sake!

  73. Vasya Petrov says :

    Amen! I mean, about Carillo and Patrick McEnroe. And I’d like to add to this – why never-accomplished-nothing-lacking-tennis-understanding-ever-arrogant Patrick is the Davis Cup team’s captain? Isn’t it for the same reason – nepotism?

  74. Eve Griffin says :

    I am tired of listening to Mary Carillo down Maria Sharapova for grunting. We all know she grunts. We allknow it’s annoying. As a matter of fact, I am tired of listening to Mary Carillo down everything today at Wimbledon. And to tell the truth, I have not been able to stand her since the first moment I heard her voice. Who is she anyway? And who hired her? She needs to go away. She is annoying to listen to.

  75. Ron Pace says :

    I actually think Carrillo is one the most entertaining tennis commentators. She will say exactly what she thinks. And does not play tennis politics, like most other commentators.

    Also I’d like to add this:
    I have Directv and am a tennis fan. Today, June 28, I watched the NBC coverage of
    the ‘Best Tennis Day of the Year’. The round of 16.

    With so many important games happening, I was amazed that NBC would only cover 3
    hours and more so horrified that ESPN2 was blacked out on my TV (Phoenix).

    After seeing this, I am hoping that NBC has nothing to do with the US Open.

    With this kind of coverage, they obviously have no respect and are not interested in
    the promotion of the game of tennis.

  76. Scott W says :

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who finds Mary Carillo annoying. She’s such a naysayer. All she does is pick apart players. She never gives a player credit for rising to the occasion, especially if that person beats a favored opponent. Instead, she criticizes the person she thinks should have won the match, as though the player deliberately defied a pre-written script. She’ll accuse the star who loses of tanking the match or being lazy or getting old (as in 25), when it was a simple case of the player having a bad day and the lesser-known opponent having a stellar match. And Carillo ALWAYS questions the future of the Willams’ sisters or Federer or Nadael or whoever based on one fluky grand slam loss.
    On the other hand, I disagree with criticism of Patrick McEnroe. I find him one of the more intelligent and even-handed commentators. He’ll give credit where it’s due.

  77. ferry says :

    Interesting commentary…….. The ESPN commentators may rant all they want abt the Willams Sisters but they all know in their hearts that these girls are GIFTED, TALENTED AND HAVE HELPED BOOST THE TENNIS TV RATINGS IN THE US & THE REST OF THE WORLD.

    Their mental toughness puts many sports psychologists to shame. SERENA AND VENUS WILL CONTINUE TO BE POSITIVE ROLE MODELS FOR ALL those people out their who are constantly psychologically beaten down. Parents out there looking for role models for their children who have continued to defy their critics, THINK SERENA AND VENUS.

  78. MICHAEL E WILEY says :

    I remember meeting Mary Carillo back in DC during the early years of the Legg Mason Tournament as a volunteer. We talked for a while and it seemed as though we’ve known each other for years. Lately I have noticed how Mary has become very harsh when conversation(s) are about the Williams Sisters. Since Serena has not played since Wimbledon I wonder how Mary feels about Serena now since she felt that Serena should have been suspended from the WTA for last year’s US Open outburst. Serena is currently at the number 4 postion in world rankings – I guess know Mary will find some way to complain how long Serena has not played since Wimbledon. By the way Serena looked great on HSN last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. David says :

    Why does it have to be ESPN commentators? Generally, as far as the ESPN broadcasts are concerned, Chris Fowler is simply miscast… He should stick with College Football… But, other than the inept Fowler, my worst tennis commentators are (1.) Tracy Austin, Barry MacKay and Jimmy Arias (All pretty equally horrendous!)
    (1a.) Corina Morariu, Chris Evert, Lindsay Davenport, Leif Shiras
    (1b.) Jimmy Connors

    Thank you for providing this forum to vent because I am watching ESPN Classic’s presentation of the 2007 Wimbledon Final between Rafa and Roger and Jimmy Arias is in the team that is, for some reason not explained, providing the commentary!!!! Did ESPN Classic not receive the rights from NBC to show that year’s event? I have been watching all week on the heels of Wimbledon 2011and it has either been an ESPN team or the tape of a “Breakfast at Wimbledon” broadcast. (i.e., Mac and Ted Robinson calling the Fed/Roddick final from ’04!!!!) If this ’07 replay did anything it was to remind me just how god-awful Jimmy Arias was and, hopefully, will not be returning with a microphone while I am watching tennis……I would hate to think that he still continues to supply awful commentary that is simply needs to be muted.

  80. Susan says :

    Justin Gimmelstob has my vote for worst commentator, followed closely by Mary Carillo. Justin is obnoxious and Mary is too gossipy in her commentating. I would rather she focused on the game than the players personal lives.

  81. DaisyDD says :

    Worst commentator is a tie between Mary Carillo and Brad Gilbert. I would prefer to hear from Richard Williams. This man took two little girls and turned them into tennis superstars. Everyone should want to hear what he has to say.

  82. tenssace says :

    Terrible players? Get real both Patrick & Mary would KICK your ass. And since when do you have to be former slam winner to offer valid & in Mary’s case insightful commentary. GROW THE HELL UP.

  83. Anonymous says :

    I am not very fond of Mary Carillo, but next to Justin Gimmelstob and Cliff Drysdale, she is only mildly annoying.
    Most commentators talk too much, especially during play and not always about what is on the screen at the moment. Silence really is golden, especially during play.

  84. PBMD says :

    Chris Evert tonight is excellent! Relaxed, amusing, and trenchant. She raised Patrick and Cliff’s vanilla game.
    Carillo and Martina belabor the obvious even more than Patrick. Nobody is Johnny Mac but I think Evert is
    subtle and easy to listen to. I personally think Brad and Cahill make good points. The worst ever absolutely is the moronic Courier. Even worse sense of humor than Novak. Hannah Storm was a wonderful studio host(ess?).

  85. donald tousseau says :

    so much criticism …these commentators each try to do their job . Not everyone likes or disapproves of the same announcers. All of them could recieve higher ratings in public opinion polls if they could just focus on the match in progress, eliminate their incessant past achievments . Let the viewers enjoy the oohs, ahhs, grunts, *@X!# and uncensored court rantings without the continous, outdated commentaries of their past.

  86. Jay says :

    The only obvious thing about this article is that the person writing has not a shred of knowledge about the game of tennis. It’s like listening to a drunk person at a party. I am sure there are plenty of people out there that see straight through their stupor. Also, what the heck is the lesbian comment. The fact that they wrote that is so very telling.

  87. billie says :

    Bull. Mary finally spoke the truth about that narcissistic Serena. Lets face it,many people agree with Mary and didn’t have the courage to speak out. Serena is not needed in tennis whatsoever. Everything was beautiful with women’s tennis while she was out for a year. Her game is ugly and so is she. Go play football and leave the so-called tennis you play Serena.

  88. The Daily Wit says :

    I love Mary Carillo. Per your logic (she sucks because she was a bad player), Al Michaels is a bad football announcer and Harry Carey sucked at calling baseball. Howard Cosell, who was great at calling all sports, never played a sport.

  89. Mike B says :

    I think Mary is great. She has always been one of my favorites. Being a great player is not a prerequisite to being a great commentator. I will throw Bob Costas into the mix. The guy is widely known as a walking baseball encyclopedia. Never played sports.

  90. Anonymous says :

    Cliff Drysdale is definitely the most annoying. Sometimes he has too much saliva – and you have to listen to him suck his teeth every time he talks. Gross. Can’t stand him.

  91. Stephanie O. says :

    A commentator’s personality, quirks, knowledge (or lack there of) and experience are fair game for judgement – after all, these factors are important in our overall experience while watching a tennis match (and in determining whether or not we would rather sacrifice hearing the court sounds and muting the match or suffering through horrible commentary so that we can still hear the court sounds, or listen joyfully to both the court sounds and the commentary).
    Certainly, there are many out there who have never played tennis (a few that I am quite certain have never even heard of tennis until just before the match!). In one instance, a commentator consistently referred to ‘games’ as ‘sets.’ I wondered what he would do when we moved on to the 2nd set. He just said so-and-so was up by a set and is now leading 3 sets to 2 in the 2nd set. WOW!!
    However, to suggest that someone who has risen to the top 30′s in the rankings is a horrible player is ludicrous. Perhaps your intense disgust with her commentary (and your disgust is with good reason) is clouding your judgement of her ability as a player.
    To attack her sexual orientation is simply disgusting and uncalled for. Who cares what her sexual orientation is…it’s none of our business and doesn’t affect the way she does her job. Please, do not stoop to her level.

  92. Doug says :

    Why is Dick Enberg not on the list?
    He is “the point counter”.
    I am awaiting for him to announce in round #1,
    “1,316 points to match point”.
    He provides essentially no useful commentary.

  93. Hot Tennis Players says :

    Cliff Drysdale. Hands down the most annoying.

  94. ezayi says :

    If Mary has something against the Williams´s sisters, which sometimes could make you think she does, then she souldn´t male comments whenever the Williams´s sister are playing, PERIOD!
    On the other hand, more than Carrillo, Patrick McEnroe is to me the worst of them all. What a case! Besides, what the hell is he doing there when he didn´t accomplished ANYTHING in his poor tennis carrer?
    And last… why don´t you all (commentators) SHUT UP during the game?. I want to watch it without someone making stupid comments that aren´t relevant and precise when they´re playing. Do us a favor and SHUT UP!

  95. Anonymous says :

    This was a silly misguided article. Your premise that you have to be great at something to commentate or coach is just wrong. If you haven’t noticed, great tennis players typically don’t make great commentators (eg, Martina Navratilova). Great pianists don’t make great teachers (long list). Great basketball player don’t make great coaches (very long list). The list goes on and on in nearly every field. A great player is a great player, period!

    Carillo and McEnroe are fine commentators. Are they always right? No, but that’s because they aren’t perfect. Boo hoo, cry me a river, humans are not perfect.

  96. chris says :

    i had a run in with carillo during the men’s final of the australian open this weekend. approaching the end of the 4th set, just before the rain break, i had the pleasure of meeting carillo in the queue to re-enter the stadium (you’re not allowed to take your seat during play).

    her bias towards nadal was staggering. at this point of the match it was clear to most people that novak had the upper hand but she paid him no credit and claimed nadal was just suffering a ‘dip’. she was completely one-eyed and belittled anyone who provided stats that showed nadal was not doing as well as she thought. eg when i pointed out the number of his service games that went to deuce she screamed at me “no that’s not true”.

    i’ll give her credit that nadal did manage to come back in the game just after this incident, but she did let us know that she commentates for espn and all i can say is thank goodness we don’t have to listen to her on australian television.

    she was completely rude, ignorant to the facts, biased in her view and had everyone within earshot laughing at her. i’m glad i don’t have to listen to that!

  97. Bob says :

    Carillo, P. Mac, and Mary Jo are the worst. There’s also some broad on the Tennis channel that’s terrible. Brad Gilbert referring to Isner as “the big man”. P. Mac with crap like “big serve from the Croatian”. And I’m tired of the recent lingo, words like “ball striker” and “weapons”. And I hate “racket head speed” too.

  98. billy says :

    Chris Fowler has taken over as WORST & most rambling announcer since the lucky retirement of Enberg. Followed closely by Ted Macatee (sic). Put him with Carillo + J. McEnroe (whose commentary is fine theres just too mucj of it!) = ALOT of non-stop chatter saying nothing worthwhile. I simply cannot enjoy the anbiance of the match itself because announcers are always talking OVER the crowd, the players, calls, sound of the ball & racket, etc. Surely there MUST be a way to let the producers KNOW people don’t want so much babbling chatter?? Or do viewers WANT everything their watching restated verbally at every moment??

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