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Are The Child Actors In Slumdog Millionaire Being Exploited By The Director Danny Boyle?


A new controversy is emerging that the director of Slumdog Millionaire Danny Boyle has exploited the young Indian actors in the movie. According to news reports the parents of child actors Rubina Ali and Azharuddin Ismail claim their kids were not compensated properly. Maybe Boyle decided to use Hindi speaking child actors from the slums of Mumbai because he knew he could exploit them more easily?

Boyle claims he has set up a “trust fund” for the children and they will only receive the money when they reach age 18 on the condition that they stay in school. However, how is Danny Boyle going to ensure that the children will be able to stay in school? Is Boyle just talking BS? Since the children are still poor they may not be able to stay in school. What is Boyle going to do?

According to the Telepgrah article Ali earned about $1,000, while Ismail was paid about $2,400 for their work. Also, given the fact two of the child actors are from the slums of Mumbai how could Boyle expect them to return to a life of poverty? Boyle claims he has provided basic education and medical care for the children but he can do a lot more.

Some people may say the parents of the child actors are greedy. However, maybe Boyle is the real culprit?

According to the website  the budget for Slumdog Millionaire is only $15 million dollars. Slumdog Millionaire has grossed over $87 million dollars worldwide the movie is a huge hit. The movie will make a profit over $100 million dollars worldwide very soon.  Given the fact the movie provides insight in the dire poverty in Mumbai Boyle has a responsibility to compensate these young actors because they are the heart and soul of the film.

Another controversy brewing in India is  some Indians are offended by to the term “slum dog”. Some Indians feel the movie is exploiting the poor. Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan  calls “Slumdog Millionaire” “poverty porn” he believes the film is taking advantage of the poor Indians.

Link to Telegraph article about the controversy: -Slumdog-millionaire-stars-say-children-were-exploited.html

Black Actors Oscar Winning Performances For Racist & Stereotypical Film Roles


Although, black actors are winning Oscars this decade, there is a  pattern that Hollywood is still promoting racist and sexist stereotypes about black people.

Hattie McDaniel was the first black to win an Oscar for her role in the movie  “Gone With The Wind”. McDaniel’s character was an asexual, nurturing, faithful, black mammy that is subservient to white folks.

Halle Berry won an Academy Award for her performance in the interracial drama “Monster’s Ball”. Berry’s character Leticia Musgrove was a filthy slut and a whore. Leticia sold her body to Hank for shelter in exchange for sex. Leticia and Hank’s relationship was not love but a transaction.

Would Hank “allow” Leticia to move into his house if she wasn’t a young, beautiful, black woman?

Halle Berry’s Oscar victory was also very disappointing because once again Berry had to “strip” in order to obtain mainstream attention.

Berry is typecast as  the black whore of Hollywood she became famous for taking on trashy, slutty, and disgusting roles.

Throughout Halle Berry’s career, she has always been the stereotypical black Jezebel. For instance, in the movie “Swordfish” Berry exposed her breasts and her character Ginger was just a slut.

If you look at Halle Berry’s career you notice the pattern she is  consistently typecast as the  licentious black whore.

The mainstream media praise Halle Berry because she is an attractive woman but isn’t Berry also an actress?

Where is Berry’s sense of pride and integrity? Does Halle Berry have any class?  Halle Berry is promoting these negative stereotypes of black womanhood by accepting these racist and sexist film roles such as Swordfish and Monster’s Ball.

Berry obviously doesn’t care about the bigger picture here. Berry’s Oscar victory was a hollow one, because she hasn’t had a hit movie in several years, except for the” X MEN franchise”.

In a famous interview with “Newsweek Magazine”, Angela Bassett said Halle Berry’s character Leticia Musgrove was a “prostitute”. Bassett is correct, black women in Hollywood are typecast as either maids or whores.

Where are the diverse film roles for black women? Why does a black woman have to take on the role of  a tramp just to win an Oscar?

Angela Bassett refuses to degrade herself in racist and sexist film roles she is extremely fastidious.

Some people say since Bassett turned down certain roles this hurt her career.  At least Angela Bassett sees the bigger picture here, she has her digntity and pride.

Jennifer Hudson won best supporting actress for her role in “Dreamgirls”. Hudson’s character Effie White was the classic stereotypical black female R&B singer. A young black actress can only be a “singer” in order to win an Oscar.

Jamie Foxx won for his performance in the bio pic Ray. Foxx won the Oscar because Ray Charles death was still fresh in the memory of the Academy. A closer examination of Charles life illustrates he was a disgusting, junkie, womanizing soul singer.

Denzel Washington won best supporting actor for his performance in the movie “Glory”. Of course, Denzel’s character in the movie was also a slave.

Denzel won a best actor Oscar for his performance in Training Day. However, Denzel’s character in Training Day was a crooked cop. Denzel should of won for Malcolm X. The Academy gives Denzel an Oscar for a negative film role instead of a positive film role.

Morgan Freeman won a best supporting actor award for the movie ” Million Dollar Baby”. Freeman has been consistently  typecast throughout his career as the classic wise, older, black man.

Forest Whitaker won a best actor Oscar for his performance in the movie “Last King of Scotland”. Whitaker’s character Idi Amin was an evil tyrant. Whitaker’s skin tone was “darkened” in the movie to give the actor a more sinister appearance.

Week Two Australian Open 2009 Tennis Schedule For Canadian Tennis Fans


TimeZone: Pacific Mountain Central Eastern Atlantic Newfoundland
Jan 26th 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Round of 16 3:30 AM
Jan 26th 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Round of 16 2:30 PM
Jan 26th 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Men’s & Women’s Quarterfinals 10:00 PM
Jan 27th 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Men’s & Women’s Quarterfinals 3:30 AM
Jan 27th 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Men’s & Women’s Quarterfinals 2:30 PM
Jan 27th 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Men’s & Women’s Quarterfinals 9:30 PM
Jan 28th 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Men’s & Women’s Quarterfinals 3:30 AM
Jan 28th 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Men’s & Women’s Quarterfinals 2:30 PM
Jan 29th 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Men’s Semifinal #1 3:30 AM
Jan 29th 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Men’s Semifinal #1 2:30 PM
Jan 30th 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Men’s Semifinal #2 3:30 AM
Jan 30th 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Men’s Semifinal #2 2:30 PM
Jan 31st 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Women’s Final Preview 3:00 AM
Jan 31st 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Women’s Final 3:30 AM
Jan 31st 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Women’s Final 8:00 PM
Feb 1st 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Men’s Final Preview 3:00 AM
Feb 1st 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Men’s Final 3:30 AM
Feb 1st 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Men’s Final 7:00 PM

Who Is The Worst Tennis Commentator On Television?


Unfortunately, since  the TSN sports network’s Australian Open feed is from the American sports channel ESPN, the commentary sucks. ESPN has the worst tennis commentators in professional sports.

Mary “has been” Carillo, and Patrick “untalented” McEnroe,  talk too much during the points.

Carillo and Patrick McEnroe obtained their jobs at ESPN Television because of their connection to seven time grand slam singles champion John McEnroe.

The nepotism at ESPN Television is hilarious!

Let’s be honest here, what have Carillo and McEnroe accomplished in tennis? Absolutely nothing! Carillo and Patrick McEnroe never reached the top ten in pro tennis.

I think it is disgusting that Carillo and McEnroe are tennis commentators when they were terrible tennis players.

Mary Carillo is a friend of the McEnroe family, she was also a horrible tennis player. Carillo managed to win one grand slam in  mixed doubles with John McEnroe at the 1977 French Open. Carillo was a horrible professional tennis player her highest ranking was number thirty three in the world. Mary Carillo is obsessed with Serena.

Carillo’s bias against the Williams Sisters is so irrational, disgusting, and  racist.  Carillo  never gives Venus and Serena the credit they deserve. Venus and Serena are the only American players that are still winning grand slam events.

For instance, at the 2007 Australian Open all Carillo complained about was Serena’s weight.

However, when  Serena won the Australian Open two years ago Carillo was silent. Carillo has also been vocal critic of the  Williams Sisters  for the past decade.  Venus and Serena are the only American female players of their generation that are still grand slam contenders.

Hingis, Davenport, Clijsters, Henin, Capriati, Seles are all gone they have retired or are not active on the WTA Tour.

I am shocked more people do not complain to ESPN television about her unprofessional commentary.

Carillo has also made some callous comments about Roger Federer. Remember Roger is a European and not American so Carillo is just bitter.

I guess it must really upset Carillo that the current generation of American male tennis players are just not good enough. Since Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi have retired from men’s tennis the American men have been passed by the Europeans.

Carillo also has a propensity to have harsh words for women’s tennis in general she says a lot of negative comments about the women’s game.

When is Carillo going to come out of the closet and declare she is a lesbian? Carillo tries to act like she’s a “jock”, she is just an ugly masculine butch lesbian.

Patrick McEnroe is only a tennis commentator due to nepotism, since his brother John McEnroe is a seven time grand slam champion. What has Patrick ever accomplished on the tennis court?  Patrick is John’s younger brother he is not a champion and he is also a horrible commentator.

McEnroe hypes the American player Andy Roddick even though Roddick has not won a grand slam since September 2003. Does ESPN pay Patrick to exaggerate Roddick’s abilities? Roddick is all serve and that’s it.

It is obvious Roddick is not one the elite players in men’s tennis. Roddick is in the lower half of the top ten because the top players are simply so much better than he is. However, Patrick McEnroe will not acknowledge the obvious that Roddick is just not a factor. ESPN television also hypes up James Blake he has never reached a grand slam semifinal in his entire career.

Link to complain to ESPN Television:

Shooting At Osgoode Subway Station Today!!!


When is the TTC in the city of Toronto going to hire more security? My goodness today a young man was shot on the platform at Osgoode subwaystation! It is so hard to believe this horrific act of violence is taking place in Canada’s largest city. The TTC needs to do more to protect the public.

Is America The Promise Land For People Of Colour?


When I think about Canada I become numb there are serious social inequities in Canadian society that the media casually ignores important social issues such as institutionalized racism.According to a black professor Joseph Mensah he wrote a book called “Black Canadians“ the racism in Canada is  bubbling ready to explode.

The social constructions of race, class, gender, religion, age, and sexual orientation are left unexamined. Black lesbian feminist Dionne Brand has written a couple of powerful books about Canadian racism “Bread Out of Stone“ and  “A Map To The Door Of No Return“. In these books Brand examines why there is so much hypocrisy in Canada in relation to discussing the issue of race. Race is a taboo word in Canada the Canadian media tends to shy away from discussing race because the ugly truth emerges. Canada is not better then the United States in terms of race relations. Dionne Brand is one of the few black Canadian writers that has the courage to speak out about the racism in Canada and I love her attitude she points out her strong views in her work.

My perspective is in America whites, blacks, Asian Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics have a more open and honesty dialogue about racism.  In Canada there is this “atttiude“ of trying to ignore that racism exists.

The white Canadian press tends to focus on this mythology called multiculturalism which is  such bullshit.  The police chief in Toronto is always a white heterosexual man and the mayor of Toronto is always a white heterosexual person. In the 1990s two white heterosexual women June Rowlands and Barbara Hall managed to become mayor of Toronto but they still followed the status quo.  Wow I think we see a pattern here! It is obvious in Canada when the mythical norm is in control that means everyone else is just supposed to accept it.

I think one of the amazing things about America is the insistence of civil rights activists push for social change even now in the 21st century. In America people realize racism still exists and now toxic and powerful social injustice is against people in relation to class, race, sexual orientation, religion and gender.

In Toronto there are educated immgrants that are taxi car drivers and working in low skilled jobs because they don`t have enough “Canadian experience`according to the racist employers.

What is the federal and provincial governments doing about this social inequality? There is so much hot air up here about social injustice people “say” the right things and nothing changes. There is too much hot air and lip service in the great white north.

Yes America has social problems but in America  a black man can be president and this`s means something!

In Canada we accept whiteness and we don`t even question the status quo. We don`t say anything we remain silent meaning we accept white supremacy.

I remember when I attended York University the vast majority of my professors were white. I also remember a racist white Jewish professor attempted to give me bad grades because I wrote an article about the racism at post secondary institutions.

When I think about President Barack Obama and the inauguration today think America is a place where anything is possible for people of colour. Most of my relatives live in New York City or in New Jersey these areas tend to have a large Jamaican population. The only good thing about Canada is the medical system there is universal health care here meaning it does not matter your class, race, sexual orientation, age, or religion you can access quality health care.

However, in terms of culture Canada is still  basically whitewashed. The hypocrisy about Canada is the fact if people dare to challenge white supremacy or question the power structure in Canada we are told to be “be quiet“ or to “be proud“ to be Canadians. However, let`s get real here in Canada people are a bit pretentious when it relates to race relations.

The supremacy in Canada is more subtle yet also obvious. For example,  on New Years Eve in Quebec on the CBC a recent French Canadian program exposes the issue of Canadian racism. On a French television show called `Bye Bye“ several crude racist comments were broadcast against black people. For instance, on the comedy program one racist joke  compared Barack Obama to a popular black Canadian entertainer Gregory Charles saying they looked the same just because they are black men. In America this nonsense would never take place.

Another racist joke on the French Canadian program on the CBC was the usage of the word “negre“ when translated means “negro“ which is an insult to black people.  The word “negro” would never be broadcast on American television but of course on French Canadian television it was not an issue at all until the black community in Quebec complained to the CRTC.

Thank goodness the blacks in Montreal and Quebec complained to the CRTC.  I never liked Quebec anyway to be honest the racism in Quebec against blacks and other people of colour is so disgusting it makes me want to vomit. I also find the French Canadians to be a bit hypocritical they complain about how English Canada oppresses them yet have no problem promoting racism on the CBC in Quebec. The French Canadians scream and yell about how their French language and culture is being diminished yet they don`t mind discriminating against people of colour.

Have you ever bothered to watch the Canadian television? I swear it is  total bullshit. Have you ever visited the bookstore and wanted to read books on black Canadians or about other people of colour in Canadain history? I guarantee you will find a very small section.

The history of the African American people in the United States is truly incredible they have worked together, created their own colleges and universities. Black Americans have risen from the days of slavery and now a black man and his black wife wil reside in the White House. I never thought this day would come yet this is real. I know a Barack Obama would never exist in Canada for a number of reasons. Although the Canadian media make a big deal about Obama the same Canadian press would never be uplifting if a black man did want to become Prime Minister of Canada. Canadians are more hypocritical and racist then the rest of the world realizes.

My view is black Canadians we aren`t political enough and are a bit apathetic to the covert racism that exists in Canada. The South Asians in Canada are organizing they are getting involved in politics because they understand you can `change` society by getting involved. The South Asian community in Canada are now the largest  visible minority group according to Statistics Canada. Black Canadians we are the third largest visible minority group in Canada.

I think Canada will “change“ when more people speak out about the social injustices taking place against Native Canadians, blacks, women, homosexuals, religious minorities, and about class issues.

The quandary in Canada is that there isn`t enough “fire“ here people are cowards and apathetic to racism. There simply is not “enough“ of a social concern to the detrimental consequences of the institutionalized racism. If we remain silent nothing is going to change. I am proud that south of the border in the United States that social activists of all races realize that people need to keep on fighting for their rights.

2009 Australian Open Contenders & Pretenders


The 2009  Australian Open tennis championships starts tonight due to the sixteen hour time difference between Melbourne Australia and the eastern time zone in North America.

Here is my opinion about the contenders for the women and the men.

The Women: The top contenders in women’s tennis are the usual suspects the Williams Sisters, the Serbs, and the Russians and that’s it. I don’t see any other women actually winning the Australian Open. Maria Sharapova the defending champion will not be competing because she is still convalescing from a shoulder injury that required surgery.

The only woman that may surprise is Amelie Mauresmo she won the Australian Open in 2006 and she has got the weapons to be dangerous. I believe Serena is the favorite because she has already won the Australian Open three times. Jelena Jankovic has an easy draw she could sneak through. Elena Dementieva is on a winning streak she won the events in Auckland New Zealand and Sydney a few days ago. Venus of course can do well if her game holds up. Ana Ivanovic and Svetlana Kuznetsova are grand slam champions they can win the event as well.


The Americans: Serena and Venus

The Serbs: Jelena Jankovic and Ana Ivanovic

The Russians: Svetlana Kuznetsova, Elena Dementieva, and Dinara Safina

Darkhorse: Amelie Mauresmo

The Men:

I believe the top four in men’s tennis are the real contenders for the Australian Open’s men’s title. I don’t see anyone else challenging the top four. I will be surprised if one of these four men do not win the Australian Open. The press have been hyping up Andy Murray but he has to prove he can win seven matches and win a grand slam. My view is until Murray wins a slam he is not a champion. Roger Federer has already won the Australian Open three times he is very serious and determined. Rafael Nadal has an easy draw he can win the event. Novak Djokovic is the defending champion so he should have the self confidence to do well in Melbourne.

Rafael Nadal

Roger Federer

Andy Murray

Novak Djokovic

Dark Horses:

David Nalbandian

Jo Wilfred Tsonga

Gilles Simon

Unfortunately in Canada we sometimes get ESPN tennis feed and this means a lot of coverage of the Americans Andy Roddick and James Blake. I honestly don’t understand why ESPN bothers covering Blake and Roddick at all they are not contenders. The only true contenders are the top four and that’s it.

For Canadian Tennis fans here is the schedule for the first week  of the Australian Open  on the TSN sports network.


TimeZone: Pacific Mountain Central Eastern Atlantic Newfoundland
Jan 18th 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Early Round Coverage Day #1 11:00 PM
Jan 19th 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Early Round Coverage Day #1 12:30 PM
Jan 19th 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Early Round Coverage Day #2 10:30 PM
Jan 20th 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Early Round Coverage Day #2 12:30 PM
Jan 21st 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Early Round Coverage Day #3 12:30 PM
Jan 21st 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Early Round Coverage Day #4 11:00 PM
Jan 22nd 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Early Round Coverage Day #4 12:30 PM
Jan 22nd 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Early Round Coverage Day #5 7:00 PM
Jan 23rd 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Early Round Coverage Day #5 12:30 PM
Jan 23rd 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Early Round Coverage Day #6 11:30 PM
Jan 24th 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Early Round Coverage Day #6 1:00 PM
Jan 24th 2009 Australian Open Tennis: Round of 16 10:00 PM

Do You Believe Bisexuality Exists?


The topic of bisexuality is  a controversial issue because some straight and gay people do not believe bisexuality exists.  I don’t agree with this Kinsey scale that states 1 in 10 people are gay or lesbian.  I believe life is a bit more complicated than that. I don’t know the true number but I believe if society was more accepting of bisexuality perhaps more people would come out as bisexual.

I believe bisexuality does exist. Do I like seeing attractive women make out or have sex? Of course I do. I love the L Word that show is just amazing.  I used to read a lesbian magazine called “On Our Backs” a few years ago before the publication went out of business.

I have only seen two women have sex together once.  I remember when I was in high school it was during Halloween two female friends of mine were having sex and it was late at night.    I recall it was a bachelor apartment and I slept on the couch while the girls were having sex under a blanket and talking to me at the same time.  We were drinking, eating chips, and chatting.  My lesbian friends  didn’t seem to mind that I was there and I was half drunk so I didn’t care anyway.

I have never had sex with a woman before but I have kissed two women before. The first time I kissed a girl was in high school. I remember this  girl invited me to her apartment and her family wasn’t home and we made out. She invited me back to her bedroom and she wanted to get more intimate but I declined.  The second time I kissed a woman was at a bar and I was drunk . I have thought about having sex with a woman though.

Although I am bicurious, I can tell if a member of the opposite sex is attractive or not. I will admit if I see an attractive woman on the bus or subway I will check her out.

I think sexuality is fluid. My cousin is bisexual, she doesn’t believe in labels. She says people shouldn’t be so attached to the whole “gay” and “straight” label. She says people should just explore their sexuality and go with the flow.

I notice that female bisexuality is more palatable then male bisexuality. I think if a woman can be bisexual then a man can also be bisexual. If a man says he is bisexual most people will say the man is in denial about being gay which isn’t always the case. I am sure there are men out there that are truly bisexual.

It appears bisexual men are treated rather unfairly by society as though they are lying about being sexually attracted to both genders. I wonder if male bisexuality will ever considered palatable by society?  Also, some heterosexual men like the fantasy of  having a bisexual girlfriend they don’t view it as a threat. However, some women would never want to date a bisexual man because they few this as a form of weakness or just not socially acceptable.

Where Do You Live?


I notice that I receive a lot of comments from all over the world. I am wondering if you are interested let me know where you are located?

Israel & Zimbabwe Is Race The Real Reason For The Disparity In News Coverage?


If you bother to pay attention to the the North American news media over the holidays the only foreign news being broadcast on television is about Israel. CNN, ABC, NBC, CBC, are broadcasting more stories about the never ending conflict between the Jews and the Palestinians. Doesn’t anyone question “why” the North American press are focusing on Israel and not other countries around the planet? What about the health crisis in India and Asia isn’t this news? Why is the Occident only paying attention to Israel?

What is so special about Israel anyway? Is it about the issue of “race” or just geographical politics?  Does Israel receive more press due to politics or the fact it is in the sphere of influence of the Occident?

The BBC is the only broadcast news organization that is paying special attention to the on going conflict in Zimbabwe. The Occident only cared about Zimbabwe when the dictator Robert Mugabe was ordering the removal of white farmers a few years ago. Only when “white people” were involved in the crisis of the southern African nation did the western media pay attention to the economic and social crisis in Zimbabwe.

However, when poor Africans are dying and fleeing to South Africa to save their lives this isn’t “important”  news for the Occident. After all, Zimbabwe doesn’t have the natural resources or the wealth to interest the Occident. Who cares about a bunch of poor black people dying right?

I am cognizant of the fact Robert Mugabe has not allowed foreign media to enter into Zimbabwe. Mugabe and his ZANU PF party have restricted the foreign media because they view information as a form of propaganda.  Why hasn’t the world decided to rise up against Mr. Mugabe? My theory is the delicate issue of race relations, African politics, and also apathy is to blame. If the Occident did enter Zimbabwe and remove Mugabe he will state this is just another example of the colonizers trying to control Africans. However, the silence of the Western world during this crisis is that innocent people are getting more sick and are dying.

 Why doesn’t the world care? Why doesn’t other African nations speak out against Mr. Mugabe? I believe if the African leaders shunned Mr. Mugabe he can be removed rather quickly and order can be restored in Zimbabawe.  The quandary is the silence of the African leaders presents the image to the rest of the world that they “agree” with Mr. Mugabe. Mugabe has always presented the illusion that he is about African liberation against the Europeans and yet here is Mr. Mugabe treating his own people as though their lives mean nothing.

Where are the humanitarian organizations? Why doesn’t the United Nations do something? Doesn’t anyone give a damn?  At least this is the attitude of the Western media that I sense is taking place.

The dictator Robert Mugabe refuses to help his own people they are dying of diseases such as cholera. The inflation rate has sky rocketed in Zimbabwe. The people of Zimbabwe are hungry, desperate, depressed yet the world community only is apathetic. African leaders don’t care they continue to support Zimbabwe. The solution to the problems in Zimbabwe will be internal within the African continent not from Europe or North America. Why isn’t Robert Mugbae on trial for crimes against humanity? Shouldn’t Mugabe be behind bars?


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