Completed Poetry Manuscript Any Advice About Poetry Publishers?

I have received  kind  and thoughtful messages from readers that are interested in my poetry.  I am touched that people like my poetry.  I have completed a second poetry manuscript.  All I can say is I am trying really very hard to get another poetry book published. I am also thinking beyond Canada. I don’t care if the publisher is American or Australian  or British or whatever. I am looking across the globe!

I am not Margaret Atwood or Toni Morrison I don’t have the names of famous publishers on speed dial. All I can say is I have a few poetry manuscripts I have already submitted to publishers and I will look for more. Sometimes I wonder if I am doing something wrong? Why does it take editors so long to respond?

I submit poets via snail mail to literary journals and I still haven’t received any responses lately so I submit more poems.

I always make sure when I mail my work that I send self addressed stamped envelopes. The worst part about writing poetry is the waiting game some editors just don’t understand how frustrating it is for poets.

I completed a poetry manuscript and on Monday I plan to travel across  Toronto and buy the 2009 Poet’s Market. The Poet’s Market I have heard it is a good resource for poets that are serious about getting their poems published. I called a few bookstores in Toronto and I know where to find the book. I hope this book can help me. I have also read Poets & Writer’s Magazine and I have a few good leads there. I had no idea how incredibly hard it is to get another poetry book published.

About orvillelloyddouglas

I am a gay black Canadian male.

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