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CD Review Brandy “Human”


On December 30th  2006 Brandy Norwood’s life changed forever she was involved in a car accident on the Los Angeles highway and a woman died. The press immediately pounced on Brandy blaming her for the woman’s death but Brandy was cleared of all criminal charges. 

 Brandy became a recluse she rarely left her house for months in fear of being photographed by the media. The car accident was tragic but it was an accident. However, Brandy still has to deal with a $50 million dollar civil lawsuit.

“Human” is Brandy’s first album with  Epic Records since she was released from Atlantic records after her 2004 album “Afrodisiac” flopped on the charts.  Brandy has a solid track record she is a Grammy award winner and she has sold over 25 million records worldwide.

On Brandy’s first album release in four years “Human” she is clearly trying to reach an older audience. “Human” has a more softer sound Brandy is more emotional and fragile on this album then any of her previous records. The album has a more adult contemporary sound that is a mixture of R&B and pop. Although Brandy does not address the life altering incident of the car accident she does plead for understanding and forgiveness.

 The intro to the album is simply Brandy talking about her life in the past four years how she has grown as a woman and as a young mother. The song “warm it up” (with love) is a nice sounding up tempo song about being in love in a relationship.  The ballad “Right Here (Departed)” is such an emotional song it deals with losing someone you love and care for in life whether it is a lover, a best friend, or a family member.

The songs “True” & “Shattered Heart” are both beautiful songs they showcase Brandy’s improved vocal skills.The songs deal with moving on from  losing someone you love and rising above the feelings of despair and moving on with life.  Brandy sings from her heart on these songs.

“Human” is Brandy’s most mature album to date she is more introspective on this album.  “Human” is a departure for Brandy because she is singing about depressing subjects such as lost love, self doubt, death, and unhappiness. Some Brandy fans may be surprised at the mellow sound of the album.

The only downside to “Human” is that there are not enough up tempo songs on the album. The song “Piano Man” is a very nice uptempo song. Brandy is known for making club bangers and on this album most of the songs are ballads and mid tempo songs.

The song “Human” is  the best song on the album Brandy sings  so passionately she is so vulnerable you can hear the pain in her voice .  “Human” should of been the first single released but that’s just my opinion. I think “Human” can be a huge hit for Brandy.

I believe the general theme of “Human” is that we are all flawed individuals. We all make mistakes, we all have regrets in life but we can rise above the pain. I still believe Brandy’s second album “Never Say Never” is her best album but “Human” is a solid album.

Is The Greater Toronto Area becoming more dangerous?

Two weeks ago my brother’s car was stolen but he was lucky the police found his car. Yesterday my sister went to the mall to workout and her car was stolen. I can’t believe it! It is so shocking and surprising. My sister has insurance so everything will be okay. I am just shocked that someone would be so brazen as to steal a car during daylight in a packed parking lot at a mall.


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