I Am Praying For Jennifer Hudson

I just heard last night the sad news that Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother have been murdered in their own home in Chicago yesterday. I think this is just tragic and just so sad. I hope Jennifer has support from friends and family to help her get through this painful time in her life. One thing I know for sure Jennifer loved her family so much she always talked about her family supporting her  entertainment career. I am praying for Jennifer Hudson.

Jennifer Hudson must be going through hell right now and I just hope she has the strength to carry on she loved her mother and her brother so much.  I remember when Jennifer won the Oscar for “Dreamgirls” she made sure to thank her family for supporting her.

 I just hope Jennifer doesn’t blame herself for this tragedy it wasn’t her fault. Is this the price of fame? Why did this have to happen to such a nice sweet young woman? Jennifer Hudson seems so humble unlike some other young stars. I am a fan of Jennifer’s music  and I love Dreamgirls. I  went to IMDB.COM and I cannot believe some people are actually trying to blame Jennifer for this tragedy. How can people be so callous and pernicious? 

 My goodness, Jennifer’s seven year old nephew is also missing. It appears this is a domestic dispute and that the killer is Jennifer Hudson’s brother in law. Jennifer’s older sister Julia married a criminal and this guy is just a dirt bag that I hope rots in prison. Why did Julia marry a criminal? I sense there may be resentment between the sisters because of this tragedy.

Some people have said why didn’t Jennifer move her mother from Chicago’s South Side? Maybe Jennifer’s mother didn’t want to move and regardless crime can take place anywhere it doesn’t matter where a person lives. Of course, I know nothing about Chicago but I heard not all the South Side has a bad reputation. In fact, I read that Barack Obama only lives five miles away from Jennifer Hudson in a well to do neighborhood called Hyde Park and it is also in the South Side of the city.

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I am a gay black Canadian male.

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