Archive | Friday , September 26 , 2008

Does Anyone Know Any Publishers Are Accepting Poetry Manuscripts?

Okay, it has been over three years since my first book “You Don’t Know Me” was published and the frustration is only growing. Several new poems have already been published one poem “Dear Langston Hughes” was published in the anthology “Seminal” by Arsenal Pulp Press in 2007. However, I have completed a second poetry manuscript and I want it published. Does anyone knows about any publishers  are accepting poetry manuscripts let me know?

I have already submitted poems to various literary journals and I managed to get a few poems published this year. I have read the Writer’s Market, and the Poets Market.  I already mailed poetry manuscripts  to publishers and I will send out some more next month.

Today Is My Birthday

Another year passes and I continue to age.  I am a libra. I just want today to be a good day for me.  I am getting older  but hopefully wiser LOL!


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