Sunday Afternoon Hanging Out With Friend

Yesterday  around 2:00pm in the afternoon I got a  phone call from a friend Edward I had not seen him in a while. Edward is from Ghana he is also a writer/poet/playwright. We decided to hang out yesterday. I met Edward  at Wellesley Subway station around  4:00pm in the afternoon.

We walked around Church Street which is the gay village in Toronto for a bit because he had to shop for a few things. Edward told me he is trying to get a play produced and I am excited for him. Edward is also on the committee for Afro Fest which is an African Canadian festival that takes place in Queens Park every summer. Edward is a part of the youth committee  that organizes the event.

Yesterday Edward invited me back to his condo in Toronto. Edward’s Condo is so nice and spacious we chatted had a couple of beers and he also read me some of his wonderful poetry. I remember when I started to write poetry a few years ago Edward really inspired me to continue writing. Edward warned me that the writing business is a tough one.  In fact, he gave me a copy of his poetry book called “Maneno”. Edward’s poetry is absolutely amazing. Edward told me he is leaving for Ghana in a few weeks for a vacation and to see his family.

 It was just so nice hanging out with someone else yesterday and being free  to express myself and not worry about being judged. It felt good talking to Edward again I realize I need to make more friends and try to meet more people and expand my social circle. Edward also gave me some advice and I think his advice is very valid and makes a lot of sense. I don’t need stress in my life and lately I have been dealing with stress. I realize I deserve better. Edward really helped me to think more positively about things I hope I see him soon again when he returns from Ghana.

About orvillelloyddouglas

I am a gay black Canadian male.

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