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Lindsay Lohan & Clay Aiken What Is The Difference?

Last week, the second season American Idol runner up Clay Aiken finally admitted he is gay. The news is not exactly earth shattering since everyone knows Aiken is homosexual.I notice after reading various articles the media actually are very sympathetic to Aiken.

However, actress Lindsay Lohan is being treated differently like a  complete joke. There seems to be this negative attitude towards lesbianism that it is not possible for two women to love each other.

I don’t know Lindsay Lohan, so obviously I don’t know if she is a lesbian or bisexual. However, I think it is interesting how society treats lesbianism and male homosexuality differently. It appears to me that society doesn’t really believe that young women can be lesbians unless it is some kind of publicity stunt.

What do you think? Isn’t Clay Aiken coming out also a publicity stunt to garner public sympathy?  What is so special about Clay Aiken anyway? I don’t understand why Aiken is so popular sure he’s a decent singer but he’s not that great a singer. He didn’t even win American Idol.  I read a rumor that he got paid in the  six digits range for coming out to People’s Magazine.

Do people think Aiken is noble now? Aiken danced around “coming out” for years. Lindsay Lohan has  been photographed kissing Samantha Ronson, holding hands, hanging out with her but she has not  declared she is a lesbian.

Maybe Lindsay Lohan doesn’t feel the need to “come out” to make a big “production” and let the media create the hysteria anyway. In showbiz, any publicity is good publicity.  Lindsay didn’t tell the press to write about her personal life she didn’t tell the media to follow her around and take pictures she is just living her life. It appears to me Lindsay Lohan is being smart by saying “nothing” while “not hiding” because she’s letting the public arrive at its own conclusions.

Aiken didn’t come out until he was able to profit from coming out and acquiring some free publicity. Lindsay Lohan hasn’t hidden the fact she is close to the female DJ Samantha Ronson but I don’t see Lindsay selling her story to the media either. Maybe Lindsay is using the press by not saying “anything”. Wasn’t Clay Aiken playing games with the media as well?

So why is Aiken being treated as some kind of hero and Lindsay Lohan is scorned?  Everyone already knows Aiken is a homosexual it is not rocket science even Stevie Wonder knows Aiken is gay LOL!

Could it be because Lindsay Lohan is a woman society doesn’t treat lesbianism as seriously as male homosexuality? Society has a love and hate relationship with lesbianism some people view lesbianism as a form of sexual titillation for heterosexual men. However, I don’t recall Lindsay talking to People’s Magazine about her love life either.

Watch Out For Fair Weather Friends Here Are Some Classic Definitions & Examples

1. fair-weather friend
A friend who is only a friend when circumstances are pleasant or profitable. At the first sign of trouble, these capricious, disloyal friends will drop their relationship with you.
2. fair-weather friend
A friend who is only around when they need you.
3. fair-weather friend
a friend who only sticks by you when things are going well.
“Steve don’t call me since the accident, he’s a fair weather friend”
4. fair-weather friend
A friend who is only nice to you when it’s convenient.
Someone who’s wishy-washy.
Someone who is a “backstabber.”
 Someone who abandons you in certain situations.
Every time you’re with Bob, you won’t hang out with me. You’re such a fair-weather friend.
5. fair-weather friend
A friend who doesn’t help in times of difficulty. Likely nautical in nature, referring to the fact that when weather is good nearly anyone can help on a ship.
When Tom refused to help me move after my divorce I realized that he was a fair-weather friend.
6. fair-weather friend
A person that is a brilliant friend while things are going well, but when the gong gets tough, the person ups and leaves.
when I was rich, Chris was such a great friend. But when I screwed up and lost everything, I never heard from him again. Chris is such a fair-weather friend.
7. fair-weather friend
a psuedo friend. One who pretends to be your friend when things are good. Leaves when things go astray or are not quite like they think they should be.
Lucy was only a fair-weather friend.

Feeling A Bit Better Now

I just talked to my sister she says that I will rise above this and I am already on my way. My sister says this guy wasn’t a good friend  anyway.  Even though I have known this guy for over five years it took me a long time to realize he compartmentalises his life.  

 In fact, he didn’t even call me on my birthday a few days ago. I guess he was “too busy” to send a “text”, “e-mail”, or even to make a “phone call” to wish me “happy birthday”. Of course when it was his birthday in May I was there for him even bought him  some gifts and wished him a happy birthday.

A real friend is someone that is honest and true someone that doesn’t “eschew” by hanging up the phone, not responding to e-mails, or texts and playing immature mind games. I forgot to mention this guy is twenty five years old he is an adult he is a grown ass man.

A real friend is someone that will actually “communicates” how he is feeling regardless of whether the news is good or bad. A real friend is someone that is honest  “instead” of being “dishonest” and “unresponsive”. 

 I realize this guy is just a  “fair weather friend”. When things are going well he is great to be around. When life gets difficult he refuses to talk and acts very immature. I guess because he wasn’t involved in the South Asian group in the summer he decided to spend more time with me.

 However, now he is back at school he has suddenly vanished once again. This is the typical behavior of a “fair weather friend.” At least I know the truth about his deleterious behavior now.

Does Anyone Know Any Publishers Are Accepting Poetry Manuscripts?

Okay, it has been over three years since my first book “You Don’t Know Me” was published and the frustration is only growing. Several new poems have already been published one poem “Dear Langston Hughes” was published in the anthology “Seminal” by Arsenal Pulp Press in 2007. However, I have completed a second poetry manuscript and I want it published. Does anyone knows about any publishers  are accepting poetry manuscripts let me know?

I have already submitted poems to various literary journals and I managed to get a few poems published this year. I have read the Writer’s Market, and the Poets Market.  I already mailed poetry manuscripts  to publishers and I will send out some more next month.

Today Is My Birthday

Another year passes and I continue to age.  I am a libra. I just want today to be a good day for me.  I am getting older  but hopefully wiser LOL!

Sunday Afternoon Hanging Out With Friend

Yesterday  around 2:00pm in the afternoon I got a  phone call from a friend Edward I had not seen him in a while. Edward is from Ghana he is also a writer/poet/playwright. We decided to hang out yesterday. I met Edward  at Wellesley Subway station around  4:00pm in the afternoon.

We walked around Church Street which is the gay village in Toronto for a bit because he had to shop for a few things. Edward told me he is trying to get a play produced and I am excited for him. Edward is also on the committee for Afro Fest which is an African Canadian festival that takes place in Queens Park every summer. Edward is a part of the youth committee  that organizes the event.

Yesterday Edward invited me back to his condo in Toronto. Edward’s Condo is so nice and spacious we chatted had a couple of beers and he also read me some of his wonderful poetry. I remember when I started to write poetry a few years ago Edward really inspired me to continue writing. Edward warned me that the writing business is a tough one.  In fact, he gave me a copy of his poetry book called “Maneno”. Edward’s poetry is absolutely amazing. Edward told me he is leaving for Ghana in a few weeks for a vacation and to see his family.

 It was just so nice hanging out with someone else yesterday and being free  to express myself and not worry about being judged. It felt good talking to Edward again I realize I need to make more friends and try to meet more people and expand my social circle. Edward also gave me some advice and I think his advice is very valid and makes a lot of sense. I don’t need stress in my life and lately I have been dealing with stress. I realize I deserve better. Edward really helped me to think more positively about things I hope I see him soon again when he returns from Ghana.

Does Anyone Care About The Canadian Federal Election?

There will be a federal election in Canada on October 14th 2008 the question is does anyone care? The Canadian media isn’t focusing on  this Federal election and the top issues don’t seem to be rising to the surface. The world media is focusing all of their attention on the historic USA presidential elections. In Canada we have a political crisis right here and that’s apathy. The Canadian media and public are too focused on the USA elections and not about the problems taking place right here in Canada.

Yes Barack Obama and John McCain are important in terms of world politics but I am not an American I am a Canadian I expect more from the Canadian media. Regardless of whether McCain or Obama becomes the next USA president that’s not going to directly affect my life up here in Canada. The Canadian public should be demanding more from the Canadian press and hold them accountable.

The Conservative Party of Canada wants to create a two tier health care system and universal health care is one of the components of Canadian society. Anyone regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, or religion can receive health care in Canada and not worry about breaking their bank account. Universal health care is so important.

 Another important issue in this Federal election should be about unemployment and what the political leaders are going to do about it. In the province of Ontario the automobile sector is in a serious crisis thousands of people have lost their jobs. Again, what are the political leaders going to do about this?

Social housing and education should also be election issues the cost of living is rising in Canada and more people are living below the poverty line. Again, why hasn’t the Canadian media focused on this issue?

 I urge young people to get off their asses and vote next month. It looks like the Conservative Party Of Canada will win a majority government next month and that means Canada is in for chaos.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper is not a man I do not trust. The Conservative Party of Canada is just too “right wing” they recently scrapped a controversial private member’s bill C-484 that would give a “fetus living persons status”.

 A conservative MP Kevin Epp proposed the bill it is basically an attempt by this ludicrous party to make abortion illegal in Canada. I am pro choice and I believe a woman has a right to choose. I also find it interesting that once again “men” are the ones that want to make abortion illegal that makes me want to vomit. No man has a right to tell a woman what she can do with her own body. Men have no say over female reproductive rights!

In Quebec the major party called the Bloc Quebcois is a separatist party they want to separate from the rest of Canada. Does this make sense? Why is this horrible party even allowed to exist? Quebec has so many rights already they got their own legal system, their own immigration system, the French language is protected and yet they still complain. I just don’t believe the Bloc Quebecois should exist at all if Quebec wants to separate from Canada why haven’t they done it already? What are the French waiting for? I don’t care about Quebec anymore it is just annoying hearing them whine and complain.

There is a new political party called the Green Party their leader is a woman Elizabeth May the problem with the Green party is their core demographic is too myopic and narrow. The Green party tends to be in urban areas, with younger people. Also, I find the Green Party a bit pretentious. The Green Party is too “Green” I just don’t feel they address the issues that are imporatnt to me.

 The problem is the Liberal leader Stephane Dion is a weak man he is just not a strong leader. The Liberal party should of chosen Bob Rae as the leader someone that has a lot of political experience. I don’t want to sound prejudiced but it is sometimes hard to understand Dion he is clearly not fluent in English. I am going to vote for the NDP even though they will not win I believe in their principles. The NDP leader Jack Layton is a good leader but unfortunately the country is just too right wing right now. I just hope the Conservative party doesn’t win the election in a landslide or the country is going straight down the drain.

Janet Jackson Is Back On Top!!!



I think Janet Jackson is a perfect example of a strong woman despite all the negativity from the media and low record sales she decided to tour anyway.  It sucks that I won’t be attending Janet’s concert when she performs in Toronto next week. I guess I will buy the concert DVD for Janet’s current tour whenever it is on sale.

Janet proves despite the darkness and negativity  if  you keep on trying you can achieve. Janet loves to perform and she really does love her fans unlike certain artists. Another thing I love about Janet Jackson is the fact she is a very private woman she doesn’t broadcast her dirty laundry like some celebrities. Janet also is not into product placements or endorsements in fact she really doesn’t get involved in that even though she could.


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