I Am Stressed Out. I Need A Break.

I don’t know when I will return but I realize there are important issues I need to resolve in my life that require my attention. I am not sure if or when I will return. I am on hiatus.

About orvillelloyddouglas

I am a gay black Canadian male.

10 responses to “I Am Stressed Out. I Need A Break.”

  1. Kia says :

    I’m not sure if or when you’ll see this but I’m wishing you clarity and peace.

    I hope you return to your blog, you’ll be missed!


  2. MarvalusOne says :

    Oh, O! I’m sorry you are stressed…I will miss you while you are on your sabbatical.

    Be well, and I wish you peace…

  3. aulelia says :

    @Orville, I hope you feel better. Keep the faith and if it gets really hard, keep smiling!!

  4. theblackactor.com says :

    Hiya Orville. Thought I’d drop by. I see you’re on hiatus. Well… do you. Sometimes it’s necessary to take a break. Catch you when you return.

    And try to de-stress. I know you’re in the gym, so that’ll prolly help.

  5. Rachel says :

    Miss you much. *smooch*

  6. deborah says :

    Angry gay black man, why the title? Life is so short. Do what pleases you.

  7. theblackactor.com says :

    I like Orville’s blog title.

  8. Misty says :

    I too would like to know – why the title? “Angry Gay Black Man” sounds really bothered. Why so angry?

  9. theblackactor.com says :

    Isn’t it healthy sometimes to express some forms of anger?

    Aren’t people entitled to be angry sometimes?

    What’s wrong with this?

    Isn’t it okay to be bothered sometimes?

  10. Misty says :


    Innocent question to ask Orville himself. Anywho, Orville I hope everything works out for you. Miss reading YOUR blog. Thinking of you.

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