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Tennis Player Ashley Harkleroad Is Posing For Playboy. Why Are There Different Standards For Male And Female Athletes?

Since I am gay, I am probably the wrong person to ask if it is right or wrong for Ashley Harkleroad to pose nude in Playboy Magazine. Harkleroad is a lightweight in women’s tennis, she has never been ranked in the top thirty. Ashley is a solid player and maybe she could be top thirty one day but I don’t see Ashley ever reaching the top ten in women’s tennis. Ashley just doesn’t have the mental toughness, the serve, or the ability to be a champion.

Maybe, Ashley realizes since she’s not that great a tennis player she needs to find a way to stay in the spotlight and make some money? After all, there is no such thing as bad publicity. If girlfriend needs the money then more power to her!

However, I also understand pop culture tends to be very harsh on female athletes if they express their sexuality. Remember Anna Kournikova? Kournikova was bashed by the media for focusing on her looks and not on her tennis.

Ana Ivanovic and Maria Sharapova are smart to make money off of their beauty but at least they have the grand slam results to back up the media attention. Both Ana and Maria have been ranked number one in the world. Ivanovic and Sharapova of course don’t mind the media attention but they want the world to focus on their tennis and not just their stunning looks.

I just heard tennis commentators Mary Carillo and Mary Joe Fernandez say on ESPN 2 that Ashley is getting paid in the middle range of six digits. Fernandez and Carillo obviously are not pleased at all about Ashley’s decision.

Last year, Spanish tennis player Tommy Robredo posed nude in Cosmo magazine. Look at Robredo’s body this guy is just gorgeous! Also, I have heard from sources that Robredo is possibly gay or bisexual. Now of course I can’t verify this information but this is the gossip I have heard.

Nobody made a big deal that Robredo posed nude in Cosmo so why is it a big deal if Ashley poses nude? Although, I will say Roberdo is a solid tennis player and he was in the top ten last year. Robredo has also reached the Australian Open quarterfinals last year and the French Open quarterfinals twice in his career. I kind of wish the Cosmo photos revealed a bit more of Robredo’s body LOL! I mean come on I deserve to see at least one crotch shot right LOL!

Just a few weeks ago another Spanish tennis star Fernando Verdasco he took his clothes off for Cosmo magazine too! I have also been informed that Fernando is gay but of course again I can’t verify this information I am just going on what I have been told. In fact, according to my sources his lover is in the video link at the end of this article.

Oh my goodness I almost fainted when I saw Fernando on television for the first time this guy has a body to die for!!! Fernando is just gorgeous I enjoyed looking at the photos LOL! Fernando has a nice ass and great legs LOL!

Ashley just lost to Amelie Mauresmo in the first round of Wimbledon today 6-4 6-3 in straight sets. A few years ago the media thought Ashley was a promising player but she simply doesn’t have the power game of the Williams Sisters or Lindsay Davenport. In women’s tennis you need the atomic serves, the huge groundstrokes, and the speed. Ashley is quick but she doesn’t have the power. I guess Ashley really needed the money.

Here is the video link if you want to see Fernando’s interview and of course seeing him nude and in all of his glory LOL!

PS. Some nice photo shots of Fernando’s juicy ass too on the video link!…sp?videoid=541

Canadian Frank Dancevic Shocks Number Seven Seed David Nalbandian At Wimbledon!!!!

WOW Canadian Frank Dancevic just defeated the number seven seed David Nalbandian  of Argentina today at Wimbledon! My goodness I am so happy for Frank this is an incredible first round upset victory. Dancevic won 6-4 6-2 6-4. Well done Frank!

Roger Federer Cruises Easily Into Second Round At Wimbledon

Roger Federer made a dazzling sparkling display of tennis, beauty, and fashion on the Center Court at Wimbledon today. Look at Roger’s strong, muscular, hairy legs! I just love hairy men! Wow Roger is such a sexy man! Oh and for all the people that love crotch shots the second photo will make your day! LOL!

Roger looked absolutely smashing today he has brought glamour to men’s tennis with his amazing fashion sense. Roger destroyed Dominic Hrbaty of Slovakia 6-3 6-2 6-2 in straight sets today at Wimbledon.


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